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Michael Monarch

Michael Monarch - Guitar Bazaar - 2000 - MSR Records

Drivin' Rhythm and Dynamic Guitar... Man, what an impressive instrumental release from this consummate rock guitar pro! Outstanding talent, production values and hot charts. Range of musical emotions is top-flight on this recording. Buy this CD!........the SpinDoctor@cdstreet.com

Many "guitar-oriented" albums are released each year. Some are wimpy new-age efforts, others bluesy romps, recycling old licks 'til the cows come home. This is none of these - just a straight-ahead rock and roll whirlwind, moving effortlessly one tune to another, with major influences Jeff Beck and Albert King echoing throughout. Monarch, former lead guitarist for Steppenwolf, is an accomplished fret man, and he plays the majority of instruments on this outing. The tunes range from the subtle, moody "Black Satin Sheets" to "Technical Meltdown," which begins tongue-in-cheek, pastiching the faux-jazz that passes for music on our local station - very tasty, and quite aggressive. Monarch has an attack and control over tone seasoned by years of playing, and he's a joy to hear, whether playing forceful, crunchy rock ("Toastin' Jam") or something more playful and thoughtful ("Little Dreamer"). All in all, this outing is a delight for guitar lovers. - Stephan Patt, Vintage Guitar Magazine, May 2001

Michael Monarch (born on July 5, 1950 in Los Angeles, California) was just 17 years old when he joined Steppenwolf in 1967 as their lead guitarist. He played on all their hits, including "Born to Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride", and "Rock Me" while still in high school. He played on Janis Joplin's "I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!" album and with many other great artists including Denny Laine, Spencer Davis, Roger Glover of "Deep Purple" and Andy Fraser of "Free". He is a hugely experienced multi-instrumentalist and has never truly got the credit he deserves. Speaking about “Guitar Bazaar” Michael said that “I opted for an instrumental CD because my singing sucks! It really started as just some fun in my studio; a collection of eclectic instrumentals from balls-to-the-wall rock to modern funky R&B, with elements of jazz and Latin mixed in, and plenty of “ear candy.” It’s gotten some really good reviews”. Some of Michaels favourite guitarists include Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Hendrix, Albert King, Albert Lee, Ry Cooder, Danny Gatton, Eric Johnson, Brent Mason, Junior Brown, and Steve Cropper. There’s a definite Jeff Beck flavour to the album but this guy is copying nobody. He has been around the rock scene for around 50 years and has actually set his own musical standards. This album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Mike’s the “The Other Side of the Tracks” album and support real music [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 119 Mb]


1. Technical Meltdown (0:17)
2. Funk Attack (3:30)
3. Latin Manhattan (3:44)
4. Satisfied (4:10)
5. Bits & Pieces (3:59)
6. Fender Bender (4:41)
7. Bahama Mama (4:38)
8. Black Satin Sheets (4:48)
9. Happy Feet (3:42)
10. Little Dreamer (3:06)
11. East Turn (4:03)
12. Showdown (6:27)
13. Whistler (3:57)
14. Toastin' Jam (3:21)

All instrumentation by Michael Monarch including guitar, bass, synth & sampled basses, keys, drums, and horns. All music composed by Michael Monarch


Michael Monarch's guitar playing perhaps helped best to capture the spirit of the 1960's. His work with the iconoclastic "Steppenwolf" remains a hallmark of the unique mixture of psychedelic and rock. As the original guitarist for "Steppenwolf", he played on all the hits including "Born To Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Rock Me Baby" and "The Pusher". With over 35 years of stage and studio experience as a musician and composer, Michael has worked with such all-time legends as "Steppenwolf", Janis Joplin (The Kozmic Blues Band), SwanSong/Atlantic recording group "Detective", as well as with Roger Glover of "Deep Purple" and Andy Fraser of "Free". Some of his film soundtrack and television credits include: Easy Rider, Coming Home, Star 80, Candy, WKRP In Cincinnati, Miami Vice, A Current Affair, Saturday Night Live, Geraldo, Kathy & Regis, Alley McBeal, Cold Case, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Contact, Sex And The City, ER, Star Trek: First Contact, Sahara, The Wonder Years, Disney's It's A Bugs Life, Herbie: Fully Loaded & Racing Stripes, Penny Dreadful, The Simpsons, My Name Is Earl, Borat and Tropic Thunder. For the last decade Michael has been writing and producing music as well as performing with Randy Meisner (Eagles), Denny Laine (Moody Blues/Wings), Spencer Davis, Aynsley Dunbar (Journey) and musicians from Toto (Fergie Frederiksen), Steppenwolf (Nick St.Nicholas), Foreigner (Ron Wikso), Santana (Alex Ligertwood & Greg Walker), Boston (Fran Cosmo) and Lynyrd Skynyrd (Randall Hall) as the World Classic Rockers. Michael is a guitarist extraordinaire as well as a highly accomplished keyboardist with many gold and platinum records to his credit. © 2000 - M.Monarch - All rights reserved http://michaelmonarch.com/biography.htm

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