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Usonic - Evolution - 2011 - Groove4dayz

Nominated in the Best Jazz Act category of the 2011 MOBO Awards, ‘Evolution’ by Usonic showcases both the quality and vitality of British jazz. Usonic’s Miles Bould and Scott Firth are joined by the world renowned guitarist Scott Henderson and keyboardist Scott Kinsey from Tribal Tech as well as some of Europe's finest talent, including Robet Mitchell on keyboards and saxophonist Nigel Hitchcock. With its main focus on strong melody, inspired soloing and most important of all groove, ‘Evolution’ fuses the dynamic and vibrant sounds of modern jazz with African groove and influences from around the world. The result is an expressive and cohesive album that will please even the most ardent admirer of jazz fusion. © 2013 MDT. All Rights Reserved. http://www.mdt.co.uk/usonic-evolution-groove4dayz-records.html

U-SoniC is an all out world fusion band founded by Percussionist/Drummer Miles Bould and Bass/Guitarist Scott Firth. Prior to this project, both Miles and Scott were in a fusion band called Peoplespeak. This band wrote and played a track on the Steps Ahead album “Yin Yang”. Their track “Agitate The Gravel“ was described as “Best cut on the album“. Miles and Scott have also toured, worked in the studio or written with : Steps Ahead, Sting, Robert Palmer, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Joan Armatrading, Level 42, Billy Ocean. The Spice Girls, Melanie C, Morcheeba, Steve Winwood among others. Both Miles and Scott have worked passionately for the last 3 yrs putting the U-SoniC album “Evolution” “together”. They have also brought into the project Scott Kinsey (Keyboards), Scott Henderson (Guitars), Nigel Hitchcock (Saxes), Robert Mitchell (Keyboards), Marc Guillermont (Guitars / Keyboards / Samples) Spencer Cozens (Keyboards) Luke Smith (Rhodes) Simon Edwards (Sintir) Yolanda Charles (Bass) Tim Stone (Guitar) - by & © Sharms Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:24 pm © http://www.incognito.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7168

Usonic . Nominated for a best Jazz act in this years’ MOBOs. These guys seem to be a best kept secret I admit to not having heard of them until I caught the MOBO coverage on late night TV, and a snatch of their music played over the nominations announcement hit me right between the ears. I was gob-smacked that stunning sound came from these shores. World class stuff. British? Tipping their hat towards the finest jazz fusionists who ever dug deep to find their groove, but very much their own sound. A glorious sound. The opener “Kinsey Report,” gives you a bit of a clue as to where they sit. From the start of that crisp side stick and sexy (see what I did there, ref Dr Kinsey?) funky bass line, the ethereal Jeff Lorber style synth sounds, and of course the nod heavily towards the wonderful reporters of weather. We just know we are in very classy company here.The band is centred around Miles Bould and Scott Firth, two super talented multi - instrumentalists who have worked with some mega names, such as Michael Jackson, Sting, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Level 42, Stevie Winwood and Morcheeba. Their earlier incarnation as “Peoplespeak” won high praise. They worked for three years to produce this baby, “Evolution.” Guests include world acclaimed guitarist Scott Henderson, Scott Kinsey from Tribaltech on keys, Yolande Charles on bass, Nigel Hitchcock on tenor and soprano saxes. His solos are magnificent on everything he touches here. Sensational in fact. Top end session guy and here we hear why. He really lets fly. Bravo that man.The individual playing is exemplary, Bould and Firth mainly on drums and bass here, are musicians musicians for sure. But it is very much an ensemble work, a cohesive album and like these chaps play together day in, day out. But it doesn’t venture into musical masturbation, as so many fusion and modern jazz pieces can. The pieces of the puzzle all fit together so nicely, and the picture on the lid is a versatile and creative force to be reckoned with. All 11 songs are well crafted and feature complex layers, always focus on melody and without the guys disappearing up their own multi-track in self-indulgence. There is a big emphasis on melody and most definitely light, shade and textures that you perhaps only associate with mega name US players. Not one duff track. This album and material is very special.Solid and perfect production, nothing sticking out or overbearing in the mix. Lorber, Zawinul (we get to hear Joe speaking on “Legacy,”) Shorter, Vitous, Alphonso, Miroslav, Pastorious, Larry Carlton, even traces of the wonderful David Sancious and Tone spring to my mind. But this is all about Usonic, first and foremost. The playing is here. The songs are here. The melody. But the groove is to die for. Truly. The melting pot of styles takes us to hot, steamy Africa and melds world music with the very best of jazz fusion. It has soul. It has heart. It has funk. It has pride. It has passion. It has me hooked. More………P.S. Re: the MOBO nomination…..”they woz robbed!” - WORDS SIMON REDLEY & © SIMON REDLEY © http://www.bluesandsoul.com/review/1619/usonic_evolution_groove4dayz_records/

An exceptional jazz fusion album with strong melody, inspired soloing and terrific grooves in the tradition of artists like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Art Blakely, Tony Williams, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Yellow Jackets, Steps Ahead, Michael Brecker, John Scofield and so many other great artists who have devoted so much of their careers in keeping great jazz improvisational music alive. The album features among others, legendary fusion stars Scott Kinsey and Scott Henderson along with band founders Miles Bould and Scott Firth. Scott Henderson only plays on track 1, but it is not a guitar based album, and the other musicians more than make up for this [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 161 Mb]


1 Kinsey Report - Bould, Firth 6:12
2 Bala - Guillermont, Bould, Firth 5:28
3 The Intention - Bould, Firth 6:21
4 Who Feels It - Bould 2:01
5 Touch - Bould, Firth 9:11
6 Calm - Bould, Firth 6:01
7 Evolution - Bould, Firth 6:40
8 Shona - Firth 2:52
9 Quest - Guillermont, Bould, Firth 8:39
10 Legacy - Bould, Firth, Charles 10:13
11 Ava - Bould, Firth 4:49


Scott Henderson - Guitar, Guitar FX
Scott Firth - Guitar, Upright Bass, Rhodes Piano, Keyboards, Additional Keyboards, Vocal
Tim Stone - Guitar
Miles Bould - Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Vocoder, Random Noises
Mark Guillermont - Guitar, Keyboards
Yolanda Charles - Bass Guitar
Scott Kinsey - Keyboards
Spencer Cozens - Keyboards, Piano
Luke Smith - Rhodes Piano
Mike Westergaard - Additional Keyboards, Triangle, Chimes
Nigel Hitchcock - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax
Simon Edwards - Sintir

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