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Jeff Chaz


Jeff Chaz - Tired of Being Lonely - 2001 - Jeff Chaz Prod.

Operating from the New Orleans's French Quarter, "Bourbon St. Bluesman" Jeff Chaz creates some truly nice guitar playing and vocalizing on his CD Tired of Being Lonely. Right out of the gate, Chaz sizzles with "I Can't Wait No More," laying down the spirit of what's to follow. Highlights include "Bourbon St. Bluesman," where we get a hefty helping of horns coupled with Chaz's pile-driving guitar play, the slow blues of "Child Support," and the grungy gutbucket blues of "Everybody Knows." Nicely rendered soul is the feature of "A Chill in the Air." Chaz's creative outlet as a songwriter (all songs are written by him) is his strong suit. The only fault with this recording are the New Orleans references in songs like "Seafood Dept. Blues" that will probably not appeal to anyone outside the "Crescent City." For interested blues aficionados check out Chaz's website: www.jeffchaz.com to find out more info on his current CD and his own indie label Jeff Chaz Productions (JCP). © Bruce Coen Copyright © 2001, Blue Night Productions. All rights reserved http://www.bluenight.com/BluesBytes/wn0401.html

He burns on the Albert King-ish “Everybody Knows” and admits, “Working with Albert greatly influenced my style, especially my string bending. He was the wildest at that I’ve seen and terrific vocalist.” About Jerry Lee Lewis, he says, “Jerry Lee taught me not to be afraid to do anything!” That attitude shines throughout on this CD. Chaz’s ability to find the humor and pathos in his day-to-day dealings and build his experience into sturdy works of blues through strong storytelling and playing takes this CD several notches above the norm. [ from review of “Tired Of Being Lonely” © Kathleen A. Rippey © offBEAT Magazine

Jeff Chaz blends Memphis soul with New Orleans rhythms, and creates a very different sound. Jeff has said his music is "Memphis barbecue meeting up with New Orleans gumbo." All of the songs on "Tired of Being Lonely" are Jeff Chaz originals. Even though these songs are not classic songs, the music and lyrics is good, and every track is enjoyable. Jeff is a fine vocalist and guitarist , and this kind of music will always be a crowd pleaser. Listen to Jeff's "In Exile" album


1 I Can't Wait No More 3:34
2 Don't Shave Your Legs Tonight 2:35
3 Bourbon St. Blues Man 3:09
4 Child Support 6:34
5 Tired of Being Lonely 3:52
6 A Chill in the Air 5:05
7 Breaktime 4:19
8 Seafood Dept. Blues 5:36
9 Lie to Me Baby 4:01
10 Talk to Me Baby 4:01
11 Ain't Smellin' Too Good 3:55
12 Sounds Like the Blues to Me 3:25
13 Everybody Knows 7:13

All songs composed by Jeff Chaz


Jeff Chaz - Guitar, Vocals (Background),Handclapping, Vocals
Doug Potter, Doug Therrien - Bass
John Autin - Keyboards
A.J. Pittman - Trumpet


Jeff Chaz is an electrifying blues guitarist based in New Orleans. Ironically, at one time the guitar bored him and he turned to other instruments like the trombone. Before he discovered that his true talent lay in the blues, he even made an attempt to play country music and found the genre to be a challenge for him. A native of Lake Charles, LA, Chaz was raised in Creole, LA. His father was a practicing physician who sometimes visited his patients by a type of canoe called a pirogue rather than by car, and they paid his fees with ducks and other foodstuffs. Despite this simple way of life, there was nothing provincial about the backwoods healer's taste in music. Thanks to him, Chaz grew up surrounded by the sounds of Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Jack Teagarden, and Duke Ellington. As a youngster, Chaz played the jazz trombone and later moved over to the trumpet. He also played in the school band and spent his high school years in California with his family. His grades suffered due to the extensive amount of time he devoted to playing local dances and weddings. Upon graduation, he played trombone with a traveling band and when the band's guitar-playing vocalist unexpectedly dropped out, the other group members tapped Chaz to take his place. When he went home to California, he enrolled as a music student in San Bernardino College. After an attempt to play country music, he realized that his desire rested with the blues and he took off for Memphis. There he played back road blues joints and even played some gospel. Since then, he has played guitar with Cab Calloway, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Albert King. He has taken home a Beale Street Blues Award during the awards' inaugural year, and has sung at the National Civil Rights Museum. By 1996, he was back in New Orleans and working at the Famous Door on Bourbon Street. © Linda Seida © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:3bftxqrkldse~T1


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