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Tino Gonzales


Tino Gonzales - Babes, Bikes "N" Blues - 2003 - Dragon Records/Watershed Arts

Tino Gonzales is to Blues what Carlos Santana is to Rock: a fabulous and uniquely gifted guitar player. The great Latin Blues showman grew up in Chicago and gained fame as a sideman playing for a wide array of people including BB King, Etta James, Willie Nelson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Charlie Musselwhite and Robert Cray. © http://www.watershed-arts.com/tino.html

"A Latin Gem!" - B.B. King

"One of my favorite guitar players!" - Carlos Santana

"...(His) musicianship is unreal. Fast, fluent and a phrasing ability that is just unbelievable! The only way I can explain it is, it's a cross between Miles Davis and B.B. King." - Western Kansas Blues Society

The Chicago born Tino Gonzales, a bluesman with a conscience, plays the blues with guts, attitude, and a dynamic force. Some music critics have labelled Tino Gonzales "the Latin-American Stevie Ray Vaughan", and the man plays a mean guitar. Many of Tino's songs are about social and political themes. Tino Gonzales is well known for his strong socio-political conscience, and his views on "Governmental policies". This may have deterred some blues rock fans from listening to more of his music, which is never dull or boring. On this live album, recorded at Doug Lalone's Legends club in Syracuse, NY, Tino and his band, including Dave Maxwell on piano, play a more apolitical blues rock sound. Fundamentally the album is American blues roots music in the Chicago style, with jazz, funk and Latin influences. The songs are full of melodic, agressive, punchy blues/rock grooves, and sound great. This "live" album is lacking in audience noise. Has the recording been edited? It is an official release. Buy Tino's great "Double Feature" album. Tino's "A Heart Full of Blues" album is @ TINOGONZ/AHFOB and his "Nuke the World" album @ TINOGONZ/NTW Some of Tino's albums may be available to buy @ http://www.watershed-arts.com/tinocd1.html


1. Have a Good Time (5:50)
2. Scratch Jam (4:21)
3. Catch Me When I Fall (10:32)
4. Walking (15:14)
5. Texas - Michael Bloomfield/Buddy Miles (8:40)
6. Freddy's Funk (7:28)
7. Come Baby - Tino Gonzales (5:45)
8. Solo Blues (5:43)


Tino Gonzales - Guitars, vocals
Dave Alberto - Bass
Dave Maxwell - Piano
Ross Moe - Drums
Paul Cerra - Sax
Tom Townsley - Harmonica


Born in the Bluestown of Chicago in 1951, Tino Gonzales, grew up with the soul sounds of Black music ­ Blues, R & B, Jazz, and Soul all have contributed to his musical foundations. Having served his apprenticeship with a wide range of blues and jazz greats he eventually set off on his solo Blues career in 1985. But as a Mexican American with a streak of Arabic heritage, the Latin blood flows equally in his veins. His music encompasses all of these varied cultural influences resulting in a unique sound that can not easily be labelled in terms of conventional categories ­ but if one had to sum it up in one word it would have to be passion! Gonzales’ incredible virtuoso style is so fluid one gets the impression he pours his soul right into his guitar as he floats up and down its neck, coaxing from it sounds and vibrations hitherto unknown ­ even to the most ardent blues connoisseurs. He changes styles more often than many blues musicians know how to change keys and any direction he chooses, whether latin, jazz or soul, he plays with the same passionate fire and fluidity. As top US westcoast DJ Steve Pringle from KMHD radio in Portland, Oregon recently put it, “I have no frikken idea why you aren’t better known. Not for lack of talent, sound, writing…it’s all good!” One of the reasons undoubtedly is Gonzales free-spirited and independent way of thinking, which has earned him the reputation of a maverick in the business. He resisted the temptation of signing with major labels on more than one occasion, because he refused to let himself be exploited, run down and spat out by the industry as he has seen happening to so many of his friends and peers. Instead, he decided to go his own way, often a rough and tumble road, but free at least. After years of touring the US and Canada Gonzales grew tired of the same old Club and Festival scene, packed his Hobo bag and decided to sail east. Since his arrival on European shores two years ago Gonzales has certainly made some big waves over here. Having finally found a label he could work with he decided to sign with Dixiefrog, a French Blues label with a human touch. So far he has recorded three albums for them, each one a masterpiece in its own right with the unique Tino Gonzales touch. The last one, “Modern Day Hobo” was recorded in Germany and received rave reviews in thei nternational press. It reflects the beginnings of a process of transformation and artistic growth that is becoming even more apparent in his new album, “A World of Blues”. Travelling throughout Europe, from France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and Germany, to Spain, Italy and even Slovenia, Gonzales has become deeply influenced by the Old World roots of the same soulful music he grew up on in the States. Spanish, Gypsy, Arabic and African influences, which originally contributed to both, Latin and Black American music, have all found their way into his repertoire. His new Album, “A The World Of Blues”, the 4th for Dixiefrog, pays tribute to these Old World roots of the blues as he masterfully manages to weave gypsy accordion, African kora and world percussion sounds into his unique blend of Latin Jazz/Blues fusion. The result is a phenomenal melange of musical influences all of which speak the same language – passion. Passion for music, passion for love, passion for life ­ and compassion for the blues of the world. Gonzales’ passion is not just show. He deeply cares about humanity and planet earth. To him the essence of blues is not only about the sense of desperation rooted in slavery or variations on the theme of personal misery, but instead conveys a message that applies to the human condition everywhere, and throughout all of time. He sings the blues of the American Indians, the Blues of drug addicts, and the blues of the world. One of the songs on the new album, an exquisite slow blues tune ­it gives a message of peace to the blues of the world, appealing to each and everyone of us not to add “No More Misery”. © www.metisse-music.com


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