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Mickey Finn's T-Rex ( T-Rex Related)


Mickey Finn's T-Rex - Renaissance - 2002 - Angel Air Records

This album may be regarded by many Marc Bolan/T.Rex purists as a "cash-in" job. Rob Benson sings uncannily like Marc Bolan and again, this may be resented by fans. However the late Mickey Finn and drummer Paul Fenton (drums on "Zinc Alloy & the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow", and "Dandy in the Underworld" and toured with Marc Bolan and T-Rex) were an integral part of T.Rex's unique English boogie/hard rock sound, and the popular T.Rex songs here are covered very well. Even with Mickey and Paul playing on the album, the album should be regarded as an album of T-Rex songs played by a cover band. There are many cover bands out there who can really play and do justice to the original band's songs. There will never be a replacement for Marc Bolan or the original great T-Rex band, but sometimes it's good to hear old songs reinterpreted.


1. Ride A White Swan
2. New York City
3. I Love To Boogie
4. Telegram Sam
5. Solid Gold Easy Action
6. Children Of The Revolution
7. Groover
8. Cosmic Dancer
9. Born To Boogie
10. Hot Love
11. Jeepster
12. Get It On
13. 20th Century Boy

All songs composed by Marc/Mark Bolan except "Hot Love" by Mark Bolan & Rick Nielsen


Alan Silson (Guitar), (Vocals)
Tony Allday (Bass)
Paul Fenton (Drums), (Vocals)
Mickey Finn (Percussion)
Rob Benson (Lead Vocals)


Mickey Finn, percussionist in T. Rex, appeared with ex-T. Rex drummer Paul Fenton in autumn 1997 at a Cambridge show commemorating the 20th anniversary of Marc Bolan's death. This led to a decision to re-form T. Rex, with a lineup including Finn, Fenton, and four other musicians, the most well-known of whom was Alan Silson (formerly of Smokie). That really couldn't be called a re-formed T. Rex, though, as Marc Bolan was always the featured attraction of the act that went under that name prior to his death. So the group toured as Mickey Finn's T-Rex, and in 2002 released a studio album, Renaissance. That record was heavy on remakes of vintage T. Rex hits like "Ride a White Swan," "Get It On," "20th Century Boy," "Born to Boogie," "Solid Gold Easy Action," "Hot Love," and "Jeepster," with lead singer Rob Benson approximating the sound of Bolan's vocals. Mickey Finn's T-Rex continued to tour until Finn's untimely death on January 11, 2003 at the age of 55. It was suspected that the percussionist died of kidney and liver problems, wich had plagued him in his later years, but no official cause of death was reported. © Richie Unterberger, © 2010 Answers Corporation http://www.answers.com/topic/mickey-finn-musician


Mickey Finn's T-Rex is a T.Rex tribute band formed in 1997 by former T. Rex member Mickey Finn. The band was originally known as Mickey Finn's T-Rex but changed their name to T.Rex (A Celebration of Marc and Mickey) in 2003 after the death of founding member Mickey Finn. In July 2008, after some British fans made a petition for them to stop using this name, the band decided to revert their name back to Mickey Finn's T-Rex, with the blessing from Mickey's family for using his name. In September 1997, former T.Rex members Mickey Finn, Jack Green and Paul Fenton were invited by Mick Gray (ex T. Rex Road Manager and Manager at the Cambridge Corn Exchange) to a 20th/50th Anniversary celebration of the life of Marc Bolan at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Prior to this Mick Gray and Mick O'Halloran had visited Mickey Finn at his home to persuade him to attend the Cambridge bash. This idea was the brainchild of Mick Gray to celebrate Marc's 50th birthday. Other artistes appearing included John's Children and Rolan Bolan the houseband was T.Rextasy with Danielz acting as Musical Director for the event. Bill Legend was invited to appear but didn't show up. While Fenton was never an official member of T.Rex during the 1970s he did contribute additional drumming on some of their albums (end of 73 till 77) and as the second drummer to then T.Rex drummer Davey Lutton for the six venues of the 1974 UK tour. Finn, Fenton and Green were overwhelmed with the support for the rock band at that gig, so they decided to form "T.Rex - The Band" . (In fact, already two weeks before, 15 September Mickey discussed the possibilities of re-form T.Rex at a party given by the P.R.S at Olympic Studios in London). In earlier years Danielz tried to persuade Mickey to work with him as special guest for some of their shows, same time telling promoters, they should book Finn separately cause Danielz & T.Rextasy don't wanted to be in charge if Mickey don't turn up... Afterward Mickey reportedly wanted nothing to do with Danielz saying that he was rude to him and that Danielz acted as if he thought he was Marc Bolan. Right after the Cambridge gig Danielz was asked by Paul Fenton to split up T.Rextasy to join his new band to lead as the vocalist & guitarist. This was absolutely no option for Danielz, so the original line-up of the band was Mickey Finn (congas), Paul Fenton (drums) Jack Green (guitar and vocals), Dave Major (keyboards), Tony Allday (bass). One year later Rob Benson, a lifelong Fan of T.Rex, went to see the reformed band in Northampton's Chicago Rock cafe in 1998. He met the band afterward and was asked to send an audition tape after claiming to be able to sing like Marc Bolan. The band decided that 'the voice' was essential to the T.Rex sound and, after hearing Rob's tape, invited him to a further audition. He was then asked to be lead vocalist. The band renamed from "T.Rex - The Band" to "Mickey Finn's T-Rex". Now Fenton and Finn were able to get the legal rights for "T-Rex" (with a dash as they couldn't get "T.Rex"). Guitarist Jack Green (who played with Bolan 1973/4) left and was replaced in 1999 by the founding member of Smokie, Alan Silson. The current guitarist is the founding member of Saxon, Graham Oliver, which again, makes their sound one more step away from Bolan's. With a more complete sound the band started a tour of Germany in 1999. Shortly afterwards they embarked on a full scale tour of Japan. In 2002, the band released an album called Renaissance and a live DVD titled Back In Business. In January 2008 the band released Classic Hits on Spectra Records which they recently signed with. Also in 2008 www.myspace.com/mickeyfinnstrex was launched with speculation to a U.S. tour, the first for any incarnation of T-Rex in over 30 years. Mickey Finn died in January, 2003. The future of the band was then unsure but they decided to continue on without him partly as it was Mickey's family's wish, so they said. Again, they changed their name to "T-Rex (A Celebration of Marc and Mickey)". They also hired Graham Oliver founder of Saxon as a second guitarist. Paul Fenton is the drummer best known for his work with Marc Bolan's T. Rex. After leaving his band Christie he started playing drums with the original version of T.Rex in 1973, after being recommended to Marc Bolan by his producer Tony Visconti. Paul Fenton played drums on the album Zinc Alloy & the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (a creamed cage in August) released as 'Marc Bolan & T.Rex'. He features on the gate-fold album inner sleeve in a number of the 'polaroid' photographs which decorate the inside. He also toured with Marc Bolan & T.Rex & plays on tracks on a number of the 'extended' reissues of albums including Dandy in the Underworld. Robert Benson, the lead singer of the band, had never sung professionally and had only ever performed in front of small pub audiences. His first gig with Mickey Finn's T. Rex was in front of 30 thousand German fans. He has been a fan of Marc Bolan since he was 10 years old and is said to be honoured to be able to sing his favourite song's to audiences. The band did not want a Marc Bolan look-alike and Rob was not interested in becoming a copy of Bolan on or off stage, like some other tribute band singers. Visually Rob is purely himself if somewhat 'Glammed up'. However, his voice is said to be very alike to that of Marc's, making the band's live performances one of the closest experiences you can get to the 70's T. Rex gigs. The band continues to tour Europe today, with a much heavier sound than T.Rex was originally. They play all of the classic T.Rex songs from the 1970s. The only member now in the group that had any connection to T.Rex is drummer Paul Fenton. Teri Sullivan joined the band on August 1 as a background vocalist. As a result of a massive Bolan Fan Petition - "No Bolan, No T.Rex" - they changed their name back to "Mickey Finn's T-Rex" for a short period of time, then again going as "T-Rex (The Music of Marc and Mickey)". In February 2010 it's reported singer Rob Benson left the band to take his point after the manegement and band decided to go on under the "T-Rex" name. He was replaced by Danny McCoy, who came from "Bon Jordy" a Bon-Jovi-tribute-band The band are currently in Khandala India writing material for their upcoming musical 'The Egg Beast Cometh'


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