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The Groove Hogs


The Groove Hogs - Blue Rhythms White Lies - 2004 - Pixel Max Entertainment

I wasn't expecting much from a band named the Groove Hogs on an unknown label. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I got my first clue that my perceptions might be wrong, when I saw the name Jim Gaines listed as the CD's producer. This is a guy whose name has been associated with some of the greatest blues and rock releases in the last 15 to 20 years. I'm talking classic's like Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'The Sky Is Crying', Steve Miller's 'Fly Like An Eagle' or Albert Collin's 'Ice Man', to mention only a few. If I listed all of Gaine's credits, it would take up pages and the classics would amaze most readers. So I wondered how a band virtually unknown outside of their Wisconsin precinct garnered such a well known producer. My curiosity was aroused. So by the time I put the disc in the player I was getting pretty anxious. The first strains of the opener 'Soul Infatuation' begin with funky J.B. Horns style charts, and then a smooth polished vocal entered the mix. By the end of this first tune the band was reminding me of the soulful Alex Chilton led The Association of the 60's, or Ides Of March of the 70's or even a slick Tower Of Power. Basically this was a great white, horn dominated, R&B influenced band that draws its influences from that era. Throughout the disc Jim Gaines sure hand was evident, there is a certain pop sheen that predominates the whole recording. The Hogs themselves are a ten man aggregation led by Adam Enevoldsen on vocals and slide guitar. He's a new member added to the roster only recently after the departure of their long term front man, Ron Hanson. He's backed up by Pat Kiel on guitar. The bottom is held down by John Laws on bass and John Stelzer drums. Keyboards and back-up vocal chores are handled by, Brian Gruselle. Last, but with this band, certainly not least, the horn section, Greg Garcia and Tom Vanden Avond brass, while the saxes are manned by Adam Plamann, Steve Cooper and Doug Daniels. This is basically a bands album with only some additional vocals added on two cuts. Five of the eleven tracks are originals written by different band members. The six covers they've selected are mostly obscure tunes. Examples are the Bruce McCabe and Jonny Lang song 'Stop Pushin' On Me', Elvin Bishop's, 'Got To Get My Groove Back', or Dennis Walker's 'Too Little, Too Late'. These are not tunes that are widely known. Consequently, even these covers have a fresh feel. Musicianship throughout the disc is top notch, whether it be the funky 'J.B. Horns' style opener, the Huey Lewis like pop sound of 'How Wrong Can You Be' to the Tower Of Power strutting feel of 'Shoulda' Read The Rules' or the soulful Muscle Shoals take on the ballad 'Too Little, Too Late'. They certainly aquit themselves as a veteran unit they are, they have three CD's already behind them. This is a band we should be hearing a lot more of and with the assistance of a talent like Jim Gaines, they have every chance to exponentially increase their exposure. Review by & © Brian Augustine © http://www.sierrabluessociety.org/Reviews6.htm#Groove

"Blue Rhythms White Lies" is an exceptional album from this Wisconsin based band. The orchestration and arrangements are top notch. The hooky Rock 'n Soul vocals are also first class. The sound is funky jazz soul blues/R&B, in the early Tower Of Power or Chicago (the band) style. The horns are beautifully played. Slide guitar and guitar from Adam Enevoldsen and Pat Kiel respectively is terrific. The album is VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy the band's "No Small Feat" album, and promote real music. Listen to the band playing Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic" @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUHiSGiScdk


1. Soul Infatuation - Adam Plamann
2. Long Gone - Adam Enevoldsen
3. Stop Pushin' On Me - Jack Holder, Jonny Lang, Bruce McCabe, Dave Smith
4. How Wrong Can You Be? - Max Groenanthal, Steven Grace Roche
5. Waiting On You - Forest Mankowski
6. I'll Be On My Way - Brian Gruselle
7. Blind Man - Pat Kiel
8. Lovin' You Would Be A Crime - Brian Gruselle
9. Got To Get My Groove Back - Elvin Bishop, Bobby Cochran
10. Shoulda Read The Rules - Joel Handtmann
11. Too Little Too Late - Alan Mirikitani, Dennis Walker


Adam Enevoldsen (vocals, slide guitar)
Pat Kiel (guitar)
John Laws (bass instrument)
Brian Gruselle (keyboards, background vocals)
John Stelzer (drums, background vocals)
Steve Cooper (vocals, tenor saxophone)
Adam Plamann (vocals, baritone saxophone)
Doug Daniels (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Greg Garcia (trumpet)
Tom Vanden Avond (trombone)
Jackie Johnson, Rebecca Evans Russell (voices) on Tracks 3, & 11


The Groove Hogs - a band of 9, blazing a trail through the "what's hot, what's not" music scene of the 21st century. In a market inundated with cookie cutter, wanna-be, bands, The Groove Hogs have retained artistic integrity and melded the sum of their individual influences into something that is truly fresh and exciting. The Hogs have created a sound that is uniquely their own. Just a great band to have for any private party, wedding , corporate event or festival. 2002 was the first big year for The Groove Hogs. They released their highly successful, WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET, produced by the exceptionally sought after Jim Gaines. The most popular track on the CD was "Blues is my Business" , which, during the summer of '02, held court for five weeks on the FMQB Hot 100 rock radio chart, and received an impressive amount of airplay on AAA stations around the US. Additionally, the track 'Baby's Gone' from the release was included on the NARMS GET THE BLUES 2 compilation CD which has sold more than 85,000 copies to date and has been in the BILLBOARD BLUES CHARTS TOP 5 since July of 2003. The Groove Hogs sold a whopping 20,000 copies of WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET, which is a very rare accomplishment for a band releasing a CD on its own label. 2004 marked The Groove Hogs' 10th anniversary and the release of their fourth CD. Also produced by Jim Gaines, this newest release, BLUE RHYTHMS AND WHITE LIES, treats listeners to the talents of a group of seasoned musicians wrapping around the impressive vocal ability of the young and soulful Adam Enevoldsen. BLUE RHYTHMS AND WHITE LIES explores traditional soul stylings, some pop/rock, tried and traditional R& B, and some honest to goodness blues......All American music, and all with The Groove Hogs' powerhouse energy that has become their trademark. With a 9 member lineup, and a melting pot of musical diversity, the Groove Hogs are making it on their own brand of soul drippin' rock & roll. 2007 finds the Groove Hogs preparing for a busy summer schedule. With the addition of bass guitarist Drew Hicks, the band continues to grow in both style and impact. With future plans for a live DVD, the Hogs are very busy working to prepare a show you just can't forget! When the Groove Hogs show up in your neighborhood, do yourself a favor and get out to see them. You'll be in for a treat like few you've ever experienced from a live band! Milwaukee Live bands is proud to feature the Groove Hogs - Just when you thought good music was a thing of the past. © 2010 Milwaukee Live Bands http://www.milwaukeeliveentertainment.com/band_profile.asp?bandid=205


The year was 1994. It was a long, cold, icy, Wisconsin winter, but that didn't deter the Groove-Hogs-to-be from their calling. They were forming a blues band, which was to be a side project for four jaded pop stars. The band was to be a musical release, of sorts. The original four Groove Hogs were having such a great time with their hobby band, that in 1996, they decided to add a 4-piece horn section. Not only did they double the band's size, their sound became bigger, too. This gave the Hogs a means to expand upon the blues based music they had been playing. And, much to their liking, the new and bigger sound was just as appealing to their audience as it was to the band. Thus The Groove Hogs went from hobby status to a full-fledged commitment. All band members dropped their other music projects and plunged whole hog, into The Groove Hogs! The band soon turned its attention to songwriting. With so many styles and musical influences in one band, it would seem impossible for a group of their size to agree on anything, let alone a musical direction. But the eclectic combination proved to be their strength, and in 1997, they recorded and released their first CD, the self-titled THE GROOVE HOGS. Their second release NO SMALL FEAT, followed in 2000. Both CDs were on the receiving end of critical acclaim. 2002 was the first big year for The Groove Hogs. They released their highly successful, WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET, produced by the exceptionally sought after Jim Gaines. The most popular track on the CD was "Blues is my Business" , which, during the summer of '02, held court for five weeks on the FMQB Hot 100 rock radio chart, and received an impressive amount of airplay on AAA stations around the US. © 2001 - 2010 Groove Hogs Incorporated. All Rights Reserved http://www.groovehogs.com/Bio/default.asp


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