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Lucie Thorne


Lucie Thorne - Black Across the Field - 2009 - Little Secret/Vitamin Records

“Without exaggeration Black Across The Field is as good as anything I’ve heard this year. Growling with warm tube overdrive, stinging like Neil Young… this is a diverse, profound album, with nuances subtle and breathtaking” (Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine)

"This is one of the finest female vocal albums released by an Australian in the last few years. The whole album - from her band, to production, to the songs - is first-rate...make the effort to seek this fine album out". (Readings Monthly)

"Thorne's songs are exquisite miniatures of distilled emotion, her melodies and harmonies are sublime, and the way she pits grinding guitars against that ethereal, sensual voice is like watching a thunderstorm in the distance. By turns dark and tender, Black Across The Field is a beautiful album." (David Curry, The Canberra Times)

"The production of the voice is a giant close-up of delicate emotional expression; every murmur, tongue flick and gentle pulse is significant. Thorne also has a gift for melody and, for the complete trifecta, writes thoughtful, intelligent lyrics that, as with Joni Mitchell, leave you pondering shades of meaning. Thorne's electric guitars paint gorgeous swaths in the stereo field... this is an album that deserves to be widely heard." (Ian Cuthbertson, ****, The Australian)

“Thorne writes some of the most simple and beautiful songs you will hear” (****The Age)

Described as “Australia’s PJ Harvey… possessing the punch of Cat Power and the wise words of Joni Mitchell” (Courier Mail), Lucie Thorne has earned her place as one of the most striking lyricists and voices of Australian contemporary song. Her latest release, Black Across The Field, has garnered extraordinary attention from the country's leading critics, including being awarded ‘Best Roots Album of 2009’ in The Sydney Morning Herald, and being Short Listed for the prestigious Australian Music Prize, and combines Thorne’s spacious, gritty rock n roll and startlingly original dark-folk with that signature warmth and intimacy for which her live shows have become so renowned. Lauded for her unique voice, poetic lyricism, and tender-to-gutsy electric guitar playing, this new musical partnership with Hamish Stuart – who also co-produced Black Across The Field with Lucie - has been taking their festival and concert audiences, and critics alike, by storm. © Australian Stage Online http://www.australianstage.com.au/component/option,com_events/Itemid,29/agid,7658/catids,75%7C148/day,22/month,7/task,view_detail/year,2010/

Lucie Thorne grew up in Northern Tasmania, an island south west of Australia. Today she lives in the tiny village of Bimbaya, North South Wales where she finished the recordings of her latest album “Black across the Field”. Thorne sings and plays the guitar and she had recorded the ten self crafted songs together with co producers Hamish Stuart (drums, percussion) and Dave Symes (electric and double bass) in only three days in a Sydney studio. Then she invited piano and keyboard players Chris Abrahams and Stu Hunter, guitar players Stephen Magnusson and Heath Cullen as well as singers Robyn Martin and Kim Dellavedova to her home to make some additional recordings. With her warm and beautiful voice Thorne whispers “As you find it”, a soft ballad featuring Abrahams on keys. Beautiful guitar picking, stunning bass lines and cool rhythms accompany her wonderful singing. “Alice”, a stirring Rock ballad, stands out with heavy guitar licks by Magnusson, great drum playing and Thorne’s hypnotising singing. Then again Thorne sings a tender ballad accompanied by three guitars and piano, “Northern Town”. “Under the Night” combines elements of rock music with jazzy and bluesy influences, certainly one of the highlights. Another one is “Please don’t let’s begin”, a ballad with great finger picking and jazzy bass lines. “The basic Rules” is a rhythmic song with Hunter on keys and the final melancholic “Open Sky” is a hauntingly beautiful solo performance. Lucie Thorne’s 8th album is a terrific sample of Indie-Folk-Rock featuring excellent musicians. She has a breathtaking voice and her fine guitar playing is a feast for the ears. © Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup © FolkWorld - Home of European Music http://www.folkworld.de/39/e/cds6.html

"Black Across the Field" is a great indie lo-fi folk rock album with a jazz blues flavour from the very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Lucie Thorne from Tasmania. Ten intelligent, thoughtful songs with depth and great lyrics. Her backing musicians are superb. This lady needs to be heard globally. Buy her "Where Night Birds Call" album, and promote real music


1 As You Find It
2 Alice
3 When The Lights Go Down
4 Northern Town
5 Under The Night
6 Over In Threes
7 Please Don't Let's Begin
8 The Basic Rules
9 Before The Cold
10 Open Sky

All songs composed by Lucie Thorne


Guitars, Vocals - Lucie Thorne
Stephen Magnusson - Guitar (2, 4)
Heath Cullen - Guitar (4, 6)
Dave Symes - Electric Bass, Double Bass
Chris Abrahams - Piano, Keyboards (1,3,4,6,9)
Stu Hunter - Keyboards (5, 8)
Drums, Percussion - Hamish Stuart
Robyn Martin - Vocals (2,3,4)
Kim Dellavedova - Vocals (2)


Lucie Thorne is a singer-songwriter raised in Melbourne and based in New South Wales. She has released three albums, the most recent of which 2009's Black Across The Field, was nominated for an Australian Music Prize. Her style is a frequently sparse, languid and evocative form of folk-rock. Thorne uses her songs to distill the poetic from the everyday, and each new song opens onto an unlikely world of stories and characters. It's this breadth and depth of writing that makes her music feel a little like a favourite book: the moment you finish, you want to read it again from the beginning. And throughout these narratives there's that voice, a voice that draws you in, and makes you lean closer. Thorne's songs are compelling in their intimacy. As Bernard Zuel (SMH) writes, this is a voice of "languidness and urgency" that bristles with undeniable authenticity. - User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL. http://www.musiclogy.net/en/artist/Lucie+Thorne


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