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The End

The End - The Last Word (1969-1970) - 2000 - Tenth Planet

Originally a numbered 1000 issue limited edition vinyl release, "The Last Word" is a collection of rare recordings from the '60s British beat/mod/psych band, The End (later to evolve into the hard rock band, Tucky Buzzard). All the tracks are from 1969 and early 1970 and are from the band's post "Introspection" album period. Nine of the tracks were previously unreleased. "Smartypants" was previously released on the Spanish 'Hispavox' label in 1970 as a B-Side under the pseudonym of Los Polos Opuestos. There is nothing really outstanding on the album, but tracks like "Second Glance", "Turn On Waterstone", "My Friend', and the instrumental, "Smartypants" are good examples of 1969/1970 early psychedelic/progressive rock. All the tracks are authentic, fully worked out studio recordings. The album contains some good harmonies, some fine guitar work, and some really inventive keyboard and Hammond organ. The post here is a vinyl version @ 320 Kbps, and sound quality is above average. The album was produced by The Stones' Bill Wyman. Try and listen to The End's "Introspection" album, and Tucky Buzzard's "Coming on Again" album. Tucky Buzzard's 1973 "Buzzard!" album can be found on this blog


A1 Son Of Lightning - recorded 4 March 1969
A2 Second Glance - recorded 3 April 1969
A3 Mistress Bean - recorded 13 February 1970
A4 For Eleanor - recorded 14 February 1970
A5 So Free - recorded 10 December 1969

B1 North Thames Gas Board - recorded 15 April 1969
B2 Do Right Woman Do Right Man - recording date unknown
B3 Turn On Waterstone - recorded 23 January 1970
B4 Smartypants - recording date unknown.
B5 My Friend - recorded 10 December 1969

All tracks composed by Dave Brown, Nicky Graham, Paul Francis, & Terry Taylor except "North Thames Gas Board" by Dave Brown, Nicky Graham, & Colin Giffin, and "Do Right Woman Do Right Man" by Dan Penn, & Spooner Oldham


Guitar - Terry Taylor
Guitar - Chris Spedding on "Mistress Bean"
Bass, Vocals - Dave Brown
Keyboards, Vocals - Nicky Graham
Piano - Ian Stewart on "North Thames Gas Board"
Drums - Paul Francis
Vocals - Jim Henderson
Producer - Bill Wyman


The End were a British rock band formed in 1965 by Dave Brown (bass, vocals) and Colin Griffin (guitar, lead vocals) following the demise of The Innocents. Nick Graham (keyboards, vocals) and John Horton (saxophone) joined from Dickie Pride's backing group, The Original Topics, and Roger Groom (drums) of The Tuxedos completed the line-up. The band was produced by Rolling Stone' Bill Wyman, who arranged for them to tour with his group. After the tour, Grooms quit and was replaced by Hugh Atwooll, an old friend of Graham. Horton would also quit, but continued to work with the band on their second single, "Shades of Orange". In 1969 the band released their only album, Introspection. They are not to be confused with the similarly named California band, who released two singles for Kabron Records in 1966/67.


Although never achieving the success they deserved, the End are best remembered for their Bill Wyman-produced psychedelic-pop that was a masterful mixture of swirling, dream-like numbers, and flowery, but never twee, pop. Their Introspection album is now viewed as one of the finest examples of British psychedelia. Dave Brown and Colin Giffin formed the End in 1965 following the demise of beat group the Innocents. Nicky Graham and John Horton were drafted in from Dickie Pride's backing group, the Original Topics, and the line-up was completed with former Tuxedos drummer Roger Groom. After recording at the now legendary R.G. Jones' Morden studio, successful friend Bill Wyman arranged a tour with the Rolling Stones. They also appeared with Spencer Davis on ITV television's Thank Your Lucky Stars playing "Hallelujah I Love Her So." At this time their music was very much in the club-soul/blue-eyed soul style that was sweeping England by storm. Following the tour, Roger Groom quit to be replaced by Hugh Atwooll, a former school friend of Nicky Graham. John Horton also quit, but the split was amicable as he continued to help out on their second single, "Shades of Orange." Cut by Bill Wyman, with the addition of Charlie Watts on tabla, the song was recorded during the sessions for the Rolling Stones' psychedelic foray, Their Satanic Majesties Request. "Shades of Orange" epitomizes British Psychedelia and is one of the genre's most sought after items. Following the single's release, Gordon Smith also left and was replaced by former Mode guitarist Terry Taylor. The band then decamped to Spain, where several singles were released domestically, including "Why," a Top Five hit in April 1967. By Christmas 1968, both Colin Giffin and Hugh Attwooll had left after recording the Introspection album, and although a new drummer, Paul Francis, was enlisted, the writing was on the wall. With the arrival of another Mode refugee, Jim Henderson, the End metamorphosed into the more progressive-sounding Tucky Buzzard. Introspection was delayed for over a year due to a fallout from the Rolling Stones' bust-up with Allen Klein and was musically the type of psychedelia that had gone out of fashion by the time of its December 1969 release. The band had changed name and style, leaving this glorious album to sink without a trace. © Jon "Mojo" Mills © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/p17318/biography


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Hi,smithson1952. Thanks. Not a good name for a band. There are dozens of groups with the same name which adds to the obscurity of the album here. Still, it's good early prog/psyched. rock and worth posting. Take care, and keep in touch...P.

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I just discovered this great blog. any chance of re-upload this album? Thanks in advance

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Hi,Carl. I don't have original album but there's a link to a vinyl rip @ http://lossonidosdemimente.blogspot.ie/2011/01/end-last-word-uk-1969-1970.html

Use the Depositfiles link. Thanks...Paul

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