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Lani Hall

Lani Hall - Hello It's Me - 1975 - A&M Records

A mellow album from Lani Hall – a singer who's best known to most as one of the lovely voices in Brasil '66, working here with Herb Alpert in a smooth LA pop 70s style. Lani's voice is a bit over the top on a few of these cuts, but there's a few more that redeem the album with a sweet little Free Soul style. Titles include "Happy Woman", "Exclusively For Me", "Wheelers & Dealers", "Save The Sunlight", and the jazzy Brazilian groover "Corrida De Jangada". (Cover has unglued seams and initials in marker on front.) © 1996-2011, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

Nearly a forgotten singer, Lani Hall made some great albums in the seventies, covering songs by hugely popular songwriters, including Todd Rundgren, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Elton John. She sang with the huge Latin flavoured Bossa Nova pop band, Brasil '66, and married Herb Alpert in 1973. Many of her recordings during the eighties remain very popular in the Latin pop scene. "Hello It's Me" is not as strong as her "Sundown Lady" album, but there are good covers of songs written by artists like Todd Rundgren, Carole King, Toni Stern, Joni Mitchell, Colin Blunstone and David Jones. Colin Blunstone's "Exclusively For Me" is a great track. It's worthwhile listening to Dusty Springfield's version of this track on her "Longings" album. The cover of Todd Rundgren's "Hello It's Me" is another great track. Joni Mitchell's "Banquet" is also covered very well. Musicians on this album include Larry Carlton, Michel Colombier, Jim Gordon, Bob Findley, and not surprisingly, Herb Alpert. Try and listen to Herb Alpert and Lani Hall's "I Feel You" album, and check out her "Sundown Lady" album @ LANIHALL/SLY N.B: The post here is a 160 Kbps vinyl rip, so don't expect any audio miracles


1 Hello It's Me - Todd Rundgren 3:35
2 Peace In The Valley - Carole King, Toni Stern 4:10
3 Time Will Tell - Richard Mattley Jr., David Shire 4:16
4 Banquet - Joni Mitchell 2:48
5 Wheelers And Dealers - Dave Frishberg 2:35
6 Happy Woman Happy Man - Peter Cetera 2:35
7 Exclusively For Me - Colin Blunstone, David Jones 3:40
8 Save The Sunlight - Buie, Cobb-Lee 3:14
9 Sweet Jams And Jellies - Lani Hall 3:31
10 Corrida De Jangada - Edu Lobo, J. Capinan 1:54


Lani Hall - (vocals on all, piano on 9)
Larry Carlton - (guitar on 1,2,4,7,& 10): John Pisano - (guitar on 3,5,6,8, & 10)
Wilton Felder - (bass on 1): Ernie McDaniels - (bass on 3): Jim Hughart - (bass on 2,4,& 7): Papito Hernandez - (bass on 5,6,8, & 10)
Michel Colombier - (keyboards on 7): Clarence McDonald - (keyboards on 1,2,6,& 9): Dave Frishberg - (keyboards on 3,5,8, & 10)
Mike Melvoin - (piano on 2 & 4): Mike Melvoin - (piano on 4 & 5)
Herb Alpert - (piano on 3, anvil on 4, voice on 2 & 4)
Mark Stevens - (drums on 1): Nick Ceroli - (drums on 3): Jim Gordon - (drums on 2 & 4): Steve Schaeffer - (drums on 5,6,8 & 10)
Vince Charles (percussion on 3,5,6,8, & 10)
Bob Edmondson - (trombone on 3 & 8)
Bob Findley - (trumpet on 3 & 8)
Pete Jolly - (accordion on 2)
Emil Richards - (cymbalom on 7)
Julius Wechter - (bells on 3, vibes on 5, marimba on 8)


The original voice of Sergio Mendes' Brasil '66, singer Lani Hall was also the wife of trumpeter and A&M Records co-founder Herb Alpert. Upon exiting Brasil '66, she made her solo debut in 1974 with the LP Sundown Lady; a series of releases including 1975's Hello It's Me, 1977's Sweetbird and 1979's Double or Nothing followed, but after appearing on the soundtrack to the 1983 James Bond film Never Say Never Again Hall largely disappeared from the recording scene, resurfacing only to make the occasional cameo appearance on her husband's recordings. However, the rise of Latin pop during the 1990s inspired Hall to return to the studio, and in 1998 she issued Brasil Nativo. Lani Hall first came to be known to the public at large when she joined the second Brasil project of Bossa Nova master Sergio Mendes, Brasil '66. Unlike the previous incarnation, Brasil '66 was an instant success - making a significant impact on the charts with its first single, a version of the Brazilian song "Mas Que Nada". Much of the song's appeal was due to the distinctive, multi-tracked vocals of Hall. Although born in Chicago, Lani had the look of a beautiful Latin woman, which contributed to the attractive appearance of the band. A series of popular interpretations followed, including their take on The Beatles' "Fool on the Hill". Though many associate her with Brasil '66's hit rendition of Burt Bacharach's "The Look of Love" on the album Look Around (which reached #4 on the pop charts in 1968), the lead on that single was actually handled by Mendes' other singer of that period, Janis Hansen.The band frequently toured alongside A&M labelmates (and label founder) Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, no doubt providing plenty of opportunity for Hall and Alpert to get acquainted. She would leave Brasil '66 in 1971, but marry Alpert in 1973. With her husband assuming production and arranging duties, Hall subsequently embarked on a solo career, beginning with 1972's Sun Down Lady and following up with Hello It's Me in 1975. A new album would appear nearly every year until 1985's Es Facil Amar, for which Hall would be awarded a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance. Her albums maintained their popularity, primarily in the Latin market, but some mainstream presence was kept, particularly with her contribution of the title song to the James Bond film Never Say Never Again in 1983. After raising a family with Alpert and writing fiction, she returned in 1998 with the album Brasil Nativo on the Windham Hill label. © Jason Ankeny, All Music Group


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