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Ron Kraemer & the Hurricanes

Ron Kraemer & The Hurricanes - Blues From River City - 2000 - Poquois Records

New Jersey may not be the first (or second or third) state that comes to mind as home to the blues, but Blues From River City (Poquois Records) by Ron Kraemer and the Hurricanes is evidence that the Garden State has produced a crop of talented musicians. The group's first CD was taped live in Red Bank, NJ, and this self-produced disc is extremely well recorded. It doesn't suffer from the less-than-stellar sound of many live albums. (The liner notes explain the recording process used and offer "a tip of the hat to Rudy Van Gelder," the legendary New Jersey audio engineer responsible for many classic jazz albums of the 1950s and 1960s). And there's a definite jazz presence on the CD's 11 tracks --- a smooth (in the good sense of the word) sound, helped along by Kraemer's guitar and John "Commodore" Barry's organ and piano and Ralph Liberto's sax. Rounding out the group are Steve Brown on drums and Michael Massimino on upright bass. The songs include standards like "Back At the Chicken Shack," "My Babe" (with a nice swinging organ), "Work Song," "Walkin' To My Baby (the shuffle beat propelled by piano and sax), and "I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water." This last song really showcases Kraemer's guitar skills. www.ronkraemer.com © Mark Miller © 2002, Blue Night Productions. All rights reserved

There are lots of great bands playing in South Jersey this weekend. You can stay inland and check out some of the local hot spots. OR, if you're at the shore, try an evening breeze on the deck and some live music. On Saturday night at the Red Hot and Blue Memphis Pit Bar-B-Que, listen to the jumpin' and swingin' blues of Ron Kraemer and the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes are "Uncle Ronnie" Ron Kraemer - Guitar and Vocals, "Commodore" John Barry - Piano, Organ and Vocals, "Sir Vivier" Ralph Liberto - Tenor Sax and Flute, and "Mighty" Mike Massimino - Doghouse Bass and Vocals. Ron Kraemer and the Hurricanes are one of the best Jump Regional Blues Bands in the Tri-State area, and one of the few that still keep that "cool vibe" of Jumpin' and Swingin' blues alive and kickin'! Ron Kraemer and the Hurricanes consist of a five- man crew: the sax, keys, guitar, upright bass, and drums. Kraemer and the Hurricanes have been hitting the local Blues circuit since July 1995. The band has evolved into a solid Blues/Jazz ensemble, and walks the line between both styles. They can "kick it" up at a large club or festival or break things down into an almost "oldtime" feel in a small restaurant or jazz room. Over the years, the band has shared the stage with Blues veterans like Carey Bell, Lonnie Shields, Joe Beard, and Ellen Whyte, and has opened for Satan and Adam, Little Sammy Davis, Doug Jay, and others. The band's debut CD, "Blue From River City" has been heard across the country from New Jersey to California, and from Minnesota to Alabama. Internationally, the band has been on regular playlists in over a dozen countries! The Hurricanes gathered both national and international airplay when they put out their debut CD, "Blue from River City" in January 2000, with their music being heard in 30 states across the country and over a dozen countries worldwide. Check out their website at www.ronkraemer.com. Author: Crystal Kwok/Editor © 2011 SOUTHJERSEY.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

A very popular band on the Trenton/Philly scene. Good mix of jazz and swing inflected blues with smooth horns and solid rhythm. There is some nice guitar from Ron Kraemer, and great keyboards from John "Commodore" Barry. There are many great classic covers here of songs by Jimmy Smith, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Kim Wilson, and more. A very enjoyable album from some very talented musicians


1 Back at the Chicken Shack - Jimmy Smith 4:21
2 I Can't Lose (With the Stuff I Use) - Lester Williams 4:16
3 Brazilian Nights - Kenny "Blues'' Ray 3:52
4 My Babe - Willie Dixon 2:48
5 Work Song - Nat Adderley, Oscar Jr. Brown 4:29
6 Leave My Girl Alone - Buddy Guy 5:57
7 Letter from Home - Roy Brown 3:56
8 Walkin' to My Baby - Kim Wilson 3:18
9 Greasy Gravy - William Clarke 4:30
10 Don't Lose Your Cool - Albert Collins 3:26
11 I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water - Eddie Miller 2:12


"Uncle Ronnie" Ron Kraemer - Guitar, Vocals
"Mighty" Mike Massimino - Upright Bass, Vocals
John "Commodore" Barry - Hammond Organ, Piano, Vocals
Steve Brown - Drums
"Sir Vivier" Ralph Liberto - Tenor Sax, Flute
Tom Verdi - Sax
Georgie Bonds - Vocals


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Thanks! It will be new, lets hope like before good choice!

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How are you, gp? The album is in the classic jazz blues swing mould. It may not be to everybody's taste, as there are no mind numbing guitar solos. However the tracks are well recorded by experienced musicians, and the album is very enjoyable. TTU soon, No.1!!....P

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Un excelente album de Ron Kraemer desde la primera a la ultima cancion, muchas gracias por este registro. Saludos

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