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JP Soars

JP Soars - Back Of My Mind - 2008 - Soars High

J. P. Soars is one of those rare young guitar slingers that can play anything, anywhere, at any time. The blues world is fortunate to have him.He studied the music of the blues greats as well as jazz players such as Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt, and jump-blues bandleader Louis Jordan. You can find evidence of his mentors in his arrangements." It must be something in the South Florida water that has given rise to the outstanding array of talent that hails from there of late, including Joey Gilmore, and, now, J. P. Soars. Give a listen to "Back Of My Mind" and see why J. P. soars high, long, and far as a Bluesman!! Don Crow - Music City Nashville

His debut release, Back of My Mind, focuses on the blues, and it’s a keeper. Soars’ guitar work is dynamite and his gravelly vocals suit his material well. From the sound of things, Soars has a bright future that might not necessarily be limited to the blues side of things. He’s a very versatile guitarist who is well-versed in several different genres. Back of My Mind is a remarkable first release that blues fans need to check out. - Blues Bytes

I would venture to say that J.P. has a far from limited musical knowledge and vocabulary (as some people may imagine) As the music pours out of the speakers you are comfortably enveloped in a cocoon of rough ’n’ tumble blues that bask in a glow of richly played but, understated sweet jazz tinged swing guitar that elevates the music to a higher level. The whole album has a late forties early fifties period feel, rich in atmosphere and sound that grabs you by the throat and wont let go, until you succumb to its rough but, genuine charms. Very much worth a listen. - Brian Harman

JP SOARS/Back of My Mind: Tossing off hot licks like you’d toss off old socks, but with passion and fire, Soars is a first class shredder no matter what the discipline. There’s a good reason why he’s been racking up the blues awards and roadhouse rollers might do well to step up and find out what others already know. - CHRIS SPECTOR Hot stuff. Volume 32/Number 248 July 6, 2009 MIDWEST RECORD,CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

Soars is clearly a talented young bluesman with a feel for a variety of blues styles, and has put together an album that showcases many skills -- songwriting, arranging, guitar playing (he also won the Albert King Award for best guitarist, and that shows off nicely here).The CD is "Back of My Mind," and it's a fine showcase for Soars' multiple skills. "Call My Baby." It's original, but could just as easily have been written by Willie Dixon. I like this guy a lot. His vocals have a gritty feel, and both his covers and originals show a strong sense of where the blues have been, and maybe where they're going. As the Albert King Award indicates, he's a strong, tough guitar player with great chops. Give him a listen. I think you'll like what you hear. By Jim White Pittsburg Gazzette

Good album from a hugely talented guitar and slide player. Although JP has a great fondness for heavy metal music, he also has a great love of other music styles, especially blues and jazz. JP has for many years been influenced by guitarists that include Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, BB King, T-bone Walker, and Muddy Waters. JP was born In California and raised in Cedarville, Arkansas, but in 1985, when he was sixteen he moved to Wellington, Florida. From the age of 20, he played in various heavy metal bands, and up to 2005 he was still playing and recording heavy metal. When JP was around 19 he won a guitar in a music store. At a BB King concert, JP asked the great bluesman to sign the guitar. With his music loving father, JP met BB backstage. Around 1991, JP heard Muddy Waters' "The Real Folk Blues" album, and the album influenced him greatly. In 1995 while working as an electrical technician, JP met Pierre Pichon, a conservatory trained French guitarist who introduced him to the guitar styles of the great Django Reinhardt. JP formed the Red Hots in 2005, and the Gypsy Acoustic Blue Revue around the same time. It's great to hear good honest albums like "Back Of My Mind". There are some great artists out there who never seem to get a mention on mainstream media. It's a bit of a paradox, because usually by the time you become entangled with "mainstream media" and the music moguls, you have already sold your musical soul, and integrity. Anyway, give this album a listen, and buy JP's "More Bees With Honey". Support good music. It's still out there


A Letter to My Girlfriend - Guitar Slim
29 Ways - Willie Dixon
Will I Ever - Soars
Gypsy Woman - McKinley Morganfield (Muddy Waters)
Call My Baby - Soars
Low Dirty Deal - T-Bone Walker
Cocaine - Reverend Gary Davis
Gangster Of Love - Johnny Guitar Watson
Been Down So Long - J B Lenoir
Baby I Used To Love You - Soars
Blue Drag - J.Myrow


JP Soars - Guitar, Vocals [J P Soars And The Red Hots]
A J Kelly - Bass [J P Soars And The Red Hots]
Gary Rimmington - Electric & Upright Bass
Greg Kingsolver - Piano
John Epstein - Hammond Organ
Chris Peet - Drums [J P Soars And The Red Hots]
Terry Hanck - Saxophone
Billy Burns - Harmonica
Guillermo Lojo - Backing Vocals


Hello. First I want to say thanks for checking me out. I started playing the guitar at age 11. I grew up in Cedarville, Arkansas and moved to South Florida in 1985 when I was 16. I really got into metal at this time, but at the same time I was also into Hendrix, ZZ-top, and the Beatles; stuff that my parents and uncles listened to. When I moved to Florida and heard bands like Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer, I thought wow!!! Never heard music like this!! I started playing in metal bands. I played with a local metal band called Raped Ape for about 8 years, this is where I learned about being precise and being tight and what it means to really practice as a band, as a unit. We developed a really big following and got signed to Century Media Records after changing our name to Paingod. Shortly after the album's release we disbanded. I went on to play with South Florida's Malevolent Creation for a short while and recorded one album with them. After that, I, along with Jason Blachowitz and Derik Roddy formed Divine Empire. We Released 4 albums on Olympic Records and Century Media Records. We toured the US and Canada numerous times, as well as Europe, South America and Puerto Rico. During this time I also put together a band called Burner and released one CD on Arctic Music Group recordings. Then there are the two Wynjara discs which were released on Nocturnal Art Productions Records. During this time of playing metal I was also captivated by the Blues and the music of Django Reinhardt. I was playing in these metal bands but listening to mostly blues, and Gypsy jazz. I made my departure from Divine Empire in 2005 and have since been focusing on Blues and Gypsy Jazz. I have a band called The Gypsy Blue Acoustic Revue. I also play with my own blues band, "JP Soars and the Red Hots." Early in '08, we were winners of the South Florida Blues Society's International Blues Challenge and went on to compete in Memphis in the finals. I also do side work for various local and national Artists. I am currently recording my 1st blues disc which I plan to release in September of 2008. Thanks for checking me out and enjoy the music. © JP Soars © 2003-2011 Myspace Inc. All Rights Reserved http://www.myspace.com/jpsoars


Most blues guitarists haven’t played in a handful of metal bands and aren't influenced by jazz icons like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery. Which, as much as anything, explains why South Florida based JP Soars doesn’t sound like any other area guitar slinger. The guitarist and vocalist fronts a self titled blues band and plays with both former Elvin Bishop saxophonist/vocalist Terry Hanck as well as “the Gypsy Blue Acoustic Revue”, which updates the classic 1930s and 1940s material of Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli. JP was born in California and raised in Arkansas. He moved to South Florida in 1985. "I love Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan… but I don't try to play like them. I listen to the guys they listened to, like Albert King, Johnny Guitar Watson, T-bone Walker, Muddy Waters and Guitar Slim. I'm also very into Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery as well as horn players like Louie Jordan". A trip to Memphis Tennessee to meet Blues legend Jessie Mae Hemphill was a life altering moment. The simple beauty of the hypnotic country blues, and a chance meeting with Cigar box guitar pioneer John Lowe opened another door of musical majesty to a very receptive JP. Another trip to Memphis as a side man with The David Shelley and Bluestone for the International Blues Challenge in 2007, gave JP a glimpse of the finals of the Competition, as the Dave Shelley Band made it to the top ten. It wasn’t long after that JP formed the Red Hots and would be on that very stage again in 2009. JP and the Red Hots made their second trip the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee after winning the local South Florida Blues Society competition 2 years in a row. In 2009 at the IBC Challenge, the band proved that their popularity was not just in Florida when they took home top honors. JP was also awarded the Albert King Blues Guitar award, confirming the fact that this young kid from Arkansas who may not have started out as a blues player, has surely found his place in the blues world. Soars has just released his own cd entitled “Back Of My Mind”. He is a versatile guitarist who is constantly evolving and reaching for new heights. Definitely worth checking out!! © http://soars.homestead.com/bio.html


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