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Tucky Buzzard

Tucky Buzzard - Buzzard! - 1973 - Purple

The great British hard rock band Tucky Buzzard are almost forgotten now. The band only lasted from 1969 to 1973, but they recorded five good studio albums. Dave Brown, Nick Graham, and Terry Taylor had all previously played in The End, a British psychedelic rock band during the sixties who had backed Elkie Brooks, and acted as a support band for the Rolling Stones. The End gradually evolved into Tucky Buzzard, with Bill Wyman producing all the band's albums. 'Bo-Bo's Hampton' is a great track which mellows in the middle and ends with some very good guitar work. 'Hanging On In There' is a great Southern rock influenced track, and 'Super Boy Rock'n'Roller 73' is a good old fashioned Rock'N'Roll track with great brass arrangements. But really, there's not a dud track on this album. The album still retains a psychedelic rock touch with some Alexis Korner-esque vocals. The album posted here is @ 320 Kbps. N.B: The 1974 US Passport label LP omitted the track, "Who Do You Love". Try and listen to TB's "Coming on Again" album, and if you can find it, The End's "Introspection" album. The End's very rare "The Last Word" album covers rare recordings from 1969 and early 1970 and is also worth hearing


1 Who Do You Love - Elias McDaniel 3:56
2 Run in the Morning - Henderson, Taylor 4:19
3 Hanging on in There (Waiting for You to Come) - Brown, Henderson, Johnson, Taylor 5:30
4 Superboy Rock & Roller '73 - Brown, Henderson, Johnson, Taylor 2:06
5 Bo-Bo's Hampton - Henderson, Taylor 4:27
6 Wine and Wimmen - Wyman 4:51
7 Superfine Lady - Henderson, Taylor 4:13
8 Near to Me - Brown, Henderson, Taylor 3:40
9 Shy Boy - Henderson, Taylor 7:32


Paul Kendrick - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Phil Talbot - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Terry Taylor - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Electric Piano
Dave Brown - Acoustic & Electric Bass, Percussion
Tony Ashton - Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Piano
Bill Wyman - Piano, Electric Piano
Robert Cooksey - Vibraphone
Chris Johnson - Drums, Percussion
Richard Dodd - Tenor Saxophone
John Lee - Trombone
Noel Norris - Trumpet
James Thomas Henderson - Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
Buzzettes - Background Vocals


British hard rockers Tucky Buzzard formed in 1969, and during their five-year career together as a band, featured members David Brown (bass), Paul Francis (drums), Nick Graham (keyboards), Jimmy Henderson (vocals), Chris Johnson (drums), Terry Taylor (guitar), and Paul Kendrick (guitar, vocals). The group is best remembered amongst hardcore Rolling Stones fans for the fact that former Stones bassist Bill Wyman served as producer (and played on) a few of their albums. Tucky Buzzard issued a total of four recordings -1969's Warm Slash, 1971's Coming on Again, plus a pair of albums in 1973, Alright on the Night and Buzzard - before splitting up. © Greg Prato © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/tucky-buzzard-p21154/


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