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J.D. Simo

J.D. Simo - One Night Stand - 2002 - Blue Star Records

"One Night Stand" is proof positive that comparisons to such greats as Jimi and Stevie is warranted. © Adrienne Frank, Arizona Tribune, 10-3-02

Arizona teenage guitar wunderkind J.D. Simo has released his first studio CD, One Night Stand (Blue Star Records), after spending his summer vacation touring through the Midwest. As Simo approaches his later teen years, his voice is maturing nicely, sounding rough and raspy in an effective way. He's a strong guitarist, although sometimes falls into a mode of playing too many notes instead of practicing a little restraint. "Six String Blues" is a tough blues shuffle, and features harmonica accompaniment from Arizona legend Hans Olson. Simo's vocals are particularly strong here. Not a slave to note for note renditions of cover songs, Simo turns in a funkier version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition." The guitarist shows his developing maturity as an instrumentalist with the slow, tasteful number, "City Limits," in which he solos in a jazzy style. © Bill Mitchell © 2002, Blue Night Productions http://www.bluenight.com/BluesBytes/wn0902.html

This is J.D.'s first studio CD. Dubbed the hottest young guitar prodigy. This offering is proof positive that comparisons to the greats, are warranted. Packed with soul, sensuality and plenty of energy. This 13 track is a rollicking good time. J.D.SIMO is fast becoming known for his lightning licks, and throaty vocals. Touring the country appearing at blues & bike festivals, casinos, clubs & honky tonks, J.D. is delivering his special musical gift...one night at a time. This studio CD features 9 of J.D.'s originals, as well as 3 covers and a bonus mystery track. A blues disc that is filled with delicious cuts that are sure to please the most ardent blues fan. © http://www.amazon.com/One-Night-Stand-J-D-SIMO/dp/B00007FPKE

J.D. Simo is an exceptionally talented guitarist and this is a cracking album and VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy his "Introducing J.D. Simo Burnin' Live" album and support great music. [Tracks @ 128-320 Kbps: File size = 96.1 Mb]


1 Freight Train - J.D. Simo 5:08
2 Six String Blues - J.D. Simo 5:37
3 Goin Down - Freddie King 3:42
4 School House Blues - J.D. Simo 6:41
5 Superstition - S.Wonder 4:48
6 Doin All Right - J.D. Simo 2:56
7 Til The Morning Comes - J.D. Simo 6:44
8 Capture Me - J.D. Simo 3:59
9 Just Begun - J.D. Simo 3:06
10 Texas Flood - S.R Vaughan 10:27
11 One Night Stand - J.D. Simo 3:14
12 City Limits - J.D. Simo 6:28
13 Mystery Bonus Track - 10:01


J. D. Simo - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Feigenbaum - Bass
Thomas "Freight Train" Walker - Drums
Hans Olson - Harmonica


J.D. Simo is truly an old soul with insight and vision that go far beyond his mere 21 years of age. "My music is a celebration of everything that has gone before me. The sounds of America. The twang of James Burton tele on Merle Haggard's Lonesome Fugitive, the moan of Jimmie Rodgers voice on No Hard Time Blues, and the stark beauty of Glen Campbell singing a Jimmy Webb masterpiece. These pieces are timeless. I hope to make records that speak to the common man and woman from a place of truth and honesty the way my heroes continue to this day".... An honest to goodness triple threat( prodigious guitar chops, impeccable vocals and top notch songwriting) J.D. has been touring the back roads of this country since before he was a teenager. Packing up his gear and a small band and playing anywhere from 200 to 250 dates a year all over the country throughout his teen years. He even received his high school diploma in the mail while he was on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd when he was 17. Over that time he produced independent records which sold respectively over different regions of the US. Now the focus is on his new album "THE HOUSE OF SIN AND REDEMPTION". With guest spots from his pal Marty Stuart and mandolin legend Roland White to name a few, JD has succeeded with making a truly timeless record. "I wanted to make a record that was recorded live with everyone in one room. It was also important to me that nothing was touched up.. All my vocals and every one of my guitar leads are all exactly what I did during the take that yielded the master..." The record is pure new traditionalism country with an attitude. JD's voice, songs and twangy lead guitar where augmented by his outstanding backing band of Nashville studio veterans, The Rhinestone Revolution, and the help of longtime Johnny Cash engineers Dave Ferguson and Cowboy Jack Clement. The album was recorded in Nashville and was finished, at Ferguson's suggestion, at the Legendary Sun Studio. "It was surreal to record the last 4 songs at Sun.... It was incredible to have Ferg and Cowboy so involved and be standing there looking at them through the glass at Sun... I will never forget playing "Doin' My Time" with Ferg in the booth, Johnny Cash's son in law and longtime Merle Haggard band mate Jimmy Tittle playing bass, and me standing there wearing Johnny Cash's old Manuel Suit....UNBELEIVABLE...." So now with the record finished it is time for JD to lead what he calls the Rhinestone Revolution. "It is a movement.. a creed.. where telecasters and pedal steel guitars reign supreme .... where performers never walk out their front door unless they are dressed to kill in a rhinestone suit from the most legendary courtier of all time Manuel.... where all roads lead to the Mother Church of the Grand Old Opry... and country music is performed with honesty, passion ,love and respect. So with one rhinestone covered boot planted deep in tradition and the other pointed towards the future, JD is at the beginning of a long journey even though he is already ten years into his career. He is fresh and familiar all at the same time. A rhinestone outlaw making music on his terms, his way. © http://www.jdsimo.com/bio.asp


J. D. Simo is an American blues singer-songwriter, who began guitar lessons at the age of five. By age 15, Simo had already formed a blues-rock power trio and released a live EP recorded in Phoenix Arizona. He quickly earned a strong local following in the Phoenix area, pleasing crowds of all ages with dynamic stage performances that showcased his explosive guitar skills. By 2006, having reached the age of 20, Simo has appeared alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd, Goo Goo Dolls, and Santana, and had written and performed in commercials for Dominos Pizza and Geico car insurance. In the winter of 2006 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he has established himself as a session musician, appearing on albums by Rodney Atkins, The Van Lears and Travis Meadows. He currently plays with the Don Kelley Band whose prior guitarists included Brent Mason, Kenny Vaughan, Redd Volkaert and Johnny Hiland.


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Garry.L said...

Thanks for this great disc,must have missed it when you originally posted it. Have been watching some of his clips on youtube & man can he play. Some of the country stuff with the Don Kelley Band is superb pickin'.
He's also has a disc out called Simo after the band of the same name, it's pretty heavy blues....


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Hi,Garry. Gotta hear that Simo album...New to me. TVM & TTU soon...Paul

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I will email you the link & the site it's from. He has some hard to find music on his site.


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Garry. Thanks a million...Paul