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Twangorama - Twangorama - 2007 - Twangorama

If you consider yourself a New Orleans music fan, you may find yourself in love with a never- ending web of music that entangles many genres and recordings over the last several decades produced by an unparalleled collection of musicians. The whole of this is what truly defines New Orleans music. You also likely know that by its relatively small size, New Orleans has this enormous music scene that expands well beyond the walls of Preservation Hall and Tipitina's. And just when you think you've heard all there is to hear in original New Orleans music, you almost crave to be surprised by something so special it knocks you down, like the restaurant off the beaten path that had the killing gumbo you weren't expecting. It was under your nose the whole time you've been living here. And it's part of New Orleans. Hardcore Woodenhead fans are well aware of New Orleans-born guitarist Jimmy Robinson. An unmatchable force on the guitar, Jimmy has been blowing the minds of audiences and players alike since he formed Woodenhead in 1975. A truly progressive fusion-rock band in a city that is anything but, the catalog and longevity of this group speaks volumes of Robinson and company's dedication to the music they believe in and love. In the late 1990's Robinson took many of the ingredients of Woodenhead (including longtime members Paul Clement and Mark Whitaker) and formed the guitar collective called Twangorama. Combined with longtime friend Cranston Clements (arguably the most sought-after New Orleans guitarist in the last 30 years, w/ Dr. John, Stanton Moore,Boz Skaggs, George Porter, Jr. , Maria Muldaur and more) and Phil deGruy, (a deeply talented individual, primarily a solo guitarist for years earning accolades and praise from guitar luminaries like Steve Vai, Larry Coryell and Danny Gatton) this progressive guitar powerhouse fuels original and existing material to soaring new heights with the compositional and arranging talents of everyone on board. The results are in your hand as a brilliantly crafted, enlightening and awe-inspiring collection of jewels. They single-handedly rewrite the book on what New Orleans guitar is today. And the New Orleans connection, while not in your face, is undeniable. All members of Twangorama were born and bred in New Orleans, and it is bands like Twangorama that are one of those critical ingredients that make the musical gumbo of New Orleans so good and so unique. !enjoy it, for it's been right under our noses the whole time. © Mark Mullins New Orleans 2007 © 1996 - 2012 CD Universe http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7458487&style=music&fulldesc=T

I was going to write about how much I enjoyed this album and I have written that now, but my buddy Ken Golden wrote a terrific review and I've decided to steal his - having said that, I agree with everything he wrote. People who love the sound of guitar and who enjoy a good dose of "Americana" in their jazz-rock-whatever fusion will LOVE this album. "Stunning new Woodenhead instrumental offshoot band. Twangorama is a five piece band put together by Woodenhead guitarist Jimmy Robinson. The band also features two (!) other guitarists - Cranston Clements and Phil deGruy. The trio are backed by the Woodenhead rhythm section of Paul Clement and Mark Whitaker. Imagine a mix of California Guitar Trio, Danny Gatton, The Hellecasters, The Dregs and Woodenhead. Whether it's the interlocking acoustic guitar parts or the incendiary electric fusion your jaw will drop when you hear these three brilliant guitarists play with and off one another. Like Woodenhead, the music has a bit of New Orleans flavor in spots. This is intricate music coming from five musicians that sound like they have been playing together for years - and that's because they have! Easily one of the top releases that will come out in 2007. This one blew me out of the water!! Highest recommendation." © 2012 Wayside Music http://www.waysidemusic.com/Music-Products/Twangorama---Twangorama__TWANGORAMA01.aspx

Twangorama are Jimmy Robinson (guitar), Paul Clement (bass), and Mark Whitaker (drums), the core members of the New Orleans fusion band Woodenhead, who are joined by notable fellow New Orleans guitarists Cranston Clements and Phil DeGruy. Together these five N'awlins musicians have created a heck of a smolderin' stew pot 'o' gumbo on their new self titled release. Twangorama is all instrumental guitar rock, but withouth the histrionics and flash that you normally find on these types of outings. Sure, there's plenty of smokin' and sizzlin' guitar pickin' goin' on, but these three dude play with fire and from the heart, choosing to churn out stuff that is more reliant on melody and emotion than technical chops. However, expect to be wowed, and often, as pieces like "New Wine" or "Mode Rage" are simply mindboggling with their mix of subtle, ethnic New Orleans flavor, and jazzy, sometimes King Crimson-ish complexity. The band's reworking of "Friday On My Mind" is a joy to listen to, and the mix of Allman Brothers Band style Southern Rock boogie with Discipline era King Crimson prog on "Sew What" is like nothing you have ever heard. "Creature of the House" might just be the most laid back and enjoyable piece on the CD, with swinging grooves that again remind of the Allmans, but the players throw in some tasty melodies that recall Eric Johnson and Jeff Beck. The fiery "Son of Samba" is a real Latin styled burner that sees drummer Whitaker laying down some intense grooves amidst some tasty soloing from the three axe masters. On the CD are a few solo spot pieces so you can hear each player on his own, helping you kind of get a sense for their style and pick them out among the ensemble tracks. Twangorama have given all us guitar nuts something to really sink our teeth into and enjoy here. This is expertly played, rustic guitar fusion of the highest caliber, and a CD that guitar lovers will want to return to over and over again. Bravo guys! ****1/2 from 5 stars Reviewer: Pete Pardo & © Pete Pardo © 2004 Sea Of Tranquility http://www.seaoftranquility.org/reviews.php?op=showcontent&id=5369

An extraordinary instrumental guitar album from this New Orleans based band that includes the guitarists Jimmy Robinson and Phil deGruy. These guys cover almost every musical genre with amazing flair and style and make everything sound so easy. Read a great review of this album @ http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=26747 VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Jimmy Robinson's great "Vibrating Strings" album and support real music. [All tracks @ 320 Mbs: File size = 113 Mb]


1 Rat Dust - Robinson 5:34
2 New Wine - Clements, deGruy, Robinson 5:33
3 Friday On My Mind - George Young, Harry Vanda 3:33
4 Mode Rage - Clements, deGruy, Robinson 6:09
5 Sew What - deGruy 5:31
6 Big Blue - Robinson 3:05
7 Creature Of The House - Clements 4:19
8 Whymn - deGruy 6:10
9 Who Can I Turn To/My Romance - Leslie Bricusse, Newley, Rogers 4:52
10 Son Of Samba - Robinson 5:15
11 Beck And Call - Clements 2:43
12 Other Neighbors - Cranston Clements, David Clements 4:52


Jimmy Robinson, Cranston Clements - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Phil deGruy - Guitar, Guitarp
Paul Clement - Bass
Mark Whitaker - Drums


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