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Junior Campbell

Junior Campbell - Second Time Around - 1974 - Deram

Listen to the 1969 Marmalade songs ""Reflections of My Life" and 1970's "Rainbow" composed by Junior Campbell and Dean Ford. They are two of the most beautiful late '60's/early '70's pop songs ever written. The songs on this album don't measure up to that standard, but JC's "Sweet Illusion" and the great "Hallelujah Freedom" come pretty close. Junior also covers the Beatles' "Drive My Car" and Bob Dylan's "Positively 4th Street". Quite a good album by a very underrated musician and vocalist. This album was re-issued in 1977 with 24 extra tracks and in 2001 with 40 extra tracks [Tracks @ 192-320 Kbps: File size = 63.9 Mb]


A1 (Reach Out And) Help Your Fellow Man 3:54
A2 Drive My Car 3:05
A3 Carolina Days 4:20
A4 Wandering Man 3:35
A5 Somethin' Deep In My Soul 3:10
A6 Pretty Belinda 3:10

B1 Sweet Illusion 3:35
B2 Alone In My Room 3:50
B3 All Gonna Have A Good Time 3:20
B4 Positively 4th Street 4:10
B5 Hallelujah Freedom 4:10

All songs composed by Junior Campbell except "Drive My Car" by Lennon & McCartney, and "Positively 4th Street" by Bob Dylan


Junior Campbell - Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Producer, Arranged By [Orchestral Accompaniment], Conductor
Gordon Huntley RIP - Pedal Steel Guitar
Graham Knight, Mark Griffiths, Rick West - Bass Guitar
Raymond Duffy - Drums, Percussion
Pete Zorn - Alto Saxophone, Flute
Barry St. John, Irene Chanter, Ruby James - Backing Vocals


Junior Campbell (born William Campbell, 31 May 1947) is a Scottish composer, songwriter and musician. He was a founding member, lead guitarist, piano player, and singer with the Scottish band Marmalade and co-wrote and produced some of their biggest successes, including "Reflections of My Life", "I See The Rain" and "Rainbow". He also wrote and produced his own solo hits, Hallelujah Freedom and Sweet Illusion. Campbell is also known for composing music for film and television drama, and as an arranger and producer for many musicians including Barbara Dickson. He is also known for co-composing the music and lyrics for the children's TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and TUGS. Campbell was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He grew up in Springboig, in the east end of Glasgow, and was educated at Thorntree Primary in Greenfield and Eastbank Academy in Shettleston. His paternal grandfather Alfredo Cancellari was an Italian immigrant born near Lucca, Italy, who changed his surname to Campbell in the early 1900s when he settled in Scotland. As a youngster, Campbell had a distinct unique style of guitar playing, whereby he played left-handed, with the strings upside down, right hand strung - tuned to "open E". He joined Pat Fairley to form The Gaylords, on his fourteenth birthday in May 1961 (later to become Dean Ford & the Gaylords, then Marmalade in 1966), acting as lead guitarist, piano player, and singer. With Marmalade, he co-wrote and produced the multi-million-selling "Reflections of My Life", "Rainbow" and "I See the Rain" amongst others, in a line of hits from 1967 to 1971. Campbell's reverse tape guitar solo on "Reflections of My Life" and "I See the Rain" are particularly noteworthy - the latter was Jimi Hendrix's favourite cut of 1967. During his years with Marmalade, the band used Keith Mansfield as an orchestral arranger on their first record successes, including "Loving Things", "Wait For Me Mary Ann", "Obladi Oblada", "Baby Make It Soon" and Reflections of My Life, and Campbell studied Mansfield's scores at close range, was so impressed with the craft of arranging for orchestra, and the sound and expertise of orchestral musicians in the recording studio, that this led to a major turning point in his career, so much so, he then commenced arranging orchestral accompaniment on the band's sessions himself. Tired of touring, Campbell left Marmalade in March 1971. During the 1970s he had two self-penned solo records released, both of which, "Hallelujah Freedom" (#9) (1972), (with Doris Troy on backing vocals), and "Sweet Illusion" (#15) (1973) made Top 20 chart appearances in the UK Singles Chart. He then went on to study orchestration and composition with Eric Guilder and Max Saunders at the Royal College of Music and became an arranger and record producer for many artists including Barbara Dickson, arranging and producing her first hit single and album, "Answer Me". He also arranged and conducted Dickson's performances in her first-season run on the BBC Television series The Two Ronnies in 1976. Campbell has composed music for television drama and film, including the 1989 war film That Summer of White Roses (starring Tom Conti and Rod Steiger, Susan George and Alun Armstrong); and the 1994 BAFTA winner Taking Over the Asylum, which starred Ken Stott, David Tennant and Elizabeth Spriggs. He also composed the music for the 1998 BBC Television adaptation of the Minette Walters murder mystery The Scold's Bridle, starring Miranda Richardson, Bob Peck, Siân Phillips, Douglas Hodge, Trudie Styler, and Beth Winslet.Campbell also co-wrote the music and lyrics for the children's TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and TUGS with Mike O'Donnell, composing all music and songs during the classic period of Thomas films from 1984–2003. Campbell lives near Horsham in Sussex with his wife Susie, and has three children and three grandchildren.


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Anonymous said...

Marmalade were actually a much better group than they are given credit for, but, then, anyone who chooses to cover the execrable Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da has a lot to live down... thanks very much for this!

ratso said...

Thanks for this Mr F. Always wondered where Junior disappeared to.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,ratso. I always liked the guy's music, and JC's still active in the music biz. Cheers, & TTU later...P

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,A. Marmalade was a brilliant pop band. Ob-la-di... was a bit too whimsical for the band, but the majority of Marmalade's stuff was seriously good. Thanks for comment

tomatodon said...

I cannot find the link. Has it expired or can you make it available to me please. I'm a big fan of Glasgow bands, like Dean Ford and the Gaylords, Marmalade, more. Or you could email me a link to tomatodon@mac.com. Would appreciate your help.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,tomatodon. I haven't original album to re-up. That link is dead. You can find the album @ http://infinite-jukebox.blogspot.ie/p/greatest-hits.html

The blogger use divshare. The tracks are all @ 192 Kbps. Thanks...Paul

tomatodon said...

thanks Paul. I actually bought the vinyl and shipped it to my pal in Glasgow. He has digitalized it and is trying to send it to me. I have some good scans of the cover if you would like them.


tomatodon said...

I bought the vinyl and had it shipped to my pal in Glasgow. He has not been able to send the files to me yet. I do have good scans if you'd like.


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,tomatodon. That's good news. Yes, thanks. I would like the cover art very much. Thanks, & TTU soon...Paul