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Toshimi Project

Toshimi Project - 1st Gear - 2011 - ZiZo/Shiosai

Toshimi Project is a fusion/world music band from Japan. It's namesake, bassist Toshimi Nagai has played with a number of bands, including W.I.N.S., Exhivision, LU7 and Toshio Egawa's Gerard. Drummer Kozy Hasegawa and guitarist Shibasaki Hiroshi, who had played together in the band Abingdon Boys School, also have experience playing in various styles in other groups. "1st Gear" is a very good live fusion performance from Toshimi's power trio recorded at the Silver Elephant, Tokyo on August 21, 2010. Read more about Toshimi's band history @ http://ginjiogawa.co.uk/e/profile/profile-band.html#nagai Listen to Akira Wada & Hiromichi Tsugaki's "A Point Of Blue" album. These are all great albums but definitely not worth the ridiculously high import prices charged by certain outlets. For more great underrated fusion music in the same vein listen to Energit's s/t album, and Spaced Out's brilliant "Evolution" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 146 Mb]


1 Earthquake - Toshimi Nagai 12:06
2 Come Out of a Coma - Shibasaki Hiroshi 8:39
3 Valley - Toshimi Nagai 9:18
4 Ten-Gallon Hat - Shibasaki Hiroshi 10:49
5 Cloudia - Toshimi Nagai 8:31
6 Bitter Lemon - Shibasaki Hiroshi 20:34


Shibasaki Hiroshi - Guitar
Toshimi Nagai - Fretless Bass
Kozy Hasegawa - Drums

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