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Trioshift - Trioshift - 2006 Cookietime

Veterans in the music business know it when they hear it. It’s the “thing” people talk about. When the drummer Chuck Fields, bassist Tony Nagy and guitarist John Cook played together for the first time, they knew it was there. The natural communication, the chemistry, the common musical vocabulary, the fun, the voodoo, the chills, the spirit, the flow, the heart, the mojo…the “thing” that makes any project special, was there from day one. TRIOSHIFT’s epinonymously titled debut c.d. is the sound of three master musicians in a room, playing the music they wrote together. Their only goal was to play and write from the heart, and be as honest as possible. As writers, TRIOSHIFT is a collaborative effort in the truest sense; no one musician is the “fountain head” for writing. Says guitarist John Cook, “We write kind of like a rock band; someone brings in an idea, the mojo starts hapenin’, and before you know it, we’ve got a piece of music we all love.” By writing as a band, even when different styles are brought into the mix, there’s a certain cohesion. While TRIOSHIFT’s music is jazz based, the intensity of rock, the “booty” of funk, the roots in the blues, and the freedom of improvised music all blend together naturally and organically. There is no consideration to fitting in to a nice, neat musical genre. Their only goal is to be as honest as possible. Bassist Tony Nagy says “Making great music with great people is special. So why ruin it by trying to fit in?” Drummer Chuck Fields adds, “It’s weird that we all like the same music for the same reasons. We always seem to agree on what we like, and what works. That’s very rare.” The result is personal, honest, and creative music that makes for a very exiting and intense recording. There is also no stoic, “hipper-than-thou” vibe that most instrumental and jazz outfits exude. "We have such a blast when we play together, and we respect each other as musicians and as people, so there is no need for some lame, artsy-fartsy attitude." says guitarist John Cook. TRIOSHIFT delivers a cd full of musical intensity, personal passion, and artistic truth. So if you are a fan if honest music that has compositional integrity, improvisation, interplay, intensity, passion, mojo, and MUSICAL chops, BUY THE DEBUT TRIOSHIFT CD TODAY! – from Album Notes © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/trioshift

Trioshift are an experienced Nashville based fusion trio, with John Cook on guitar, Tony Nagy on bass, and Chuck Fields on drums and percussion. Between them they have performed and recorded with many great artists in many genres, including jazz, rock, fusion, blues and country. They have used their experience to compose and play original, dynamic, and progressive electric fusion. The band said “Power Trio Jazz? Electric Post-Fusion? We dunno. We just had a blast writing and recording it. Guitar, bass and drums workin' up a sweat, live in the studio. Deep original tunes, played with intensity, passion, and master musicianship; that's our priority”. Read more about this band @ http://www.myspace.com/trioshift [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 137 Mb]


1. Steve-O 4:50
2. Warm, Hot, and Cheeky 5:30
3. Peepin' Around 4:27
4. Faust on the Discovery Channel 6:24
5. Rain on the Back 17 6:12
6. Ode to the Bal-Aire Bees 6:00
7. In A Loud Way 3:40
8. The Sinus Headache Blues 5:33
9. Southern Discomfort 4:45
10. Bonus Track (improv warm-up jam)13:06

All tracks composed by John Cook, Tony Nagy, & Chuck Fields


John Cook - Guitar
Tony Nagy - Bass
Chuck Fields - Drums, Percussion


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