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Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson - Rob Johnson - 2001 - Heavencross Records

ROB JOHNSON may a name familiar to the Power Metal acolytes as he is the six stringer in USA Power Metal act MAGNITUDE 9 who have a solid following on the strength of 1998's "Chaos To Control" and the excellent 2001 offering "Reality In Focus". In between hammering out tectonic Power Metal rifferage for MAGNITUDE 9 Rob has released a remarkable three solo instrumental albums that show off his quite extraordinary guitar wielding capabilities. Strongly influenced by Jason Becker, Vai and Satriani etc. etc Johnson is a precocious talent and has an ear for catchy riffs and dazzling fret board runs however three albums, all instrumental and not a vocal insight can be a touch dare I say boring? It's really a case that we've heard most of this before. Satriani's "Surfing With The Alien" was the guitar instrumental benchmark and although Johnson at times does throw shapes that would bewilder a contortionist the relevance and importance of guitar instrumental albums in today's musical climate are a bit like rain in the Sahara - welcomed by only those that want it. But I am being too dismissive. Each album taken on its own is a fine piece of work. "Guitarchitecture" pips it for me as the best complete with "Blazing Saddles" quotes! it manages rather successfully to hold my attention. "Rob Johnson" and "Peripheral" and along the same lines: skilful playing backed up with sound song structures but the lack of vocals does ultimately let them all down. © 2000-2013 The Metal Observer. All rights reserved. http://www.metal-observer.com/articles.php?lid=1&sid=1&id=2212

Just a couple of points about the above article. 1.” Satriani's "Surfing With The Alien" was the guitar instrumental benchmark”. This is debatable, & 2. “the lack of vocals does ultimately let them all down”. In many guitar fans’ eyes, vocals often get in the way of great guitar playing, and a lot of shred and fusion music is composed deliberately without vocals to accentuate the instrumental nuances and complex techniques of many great tunes. Listen to some instrumental music by Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Wayne Krantz, and others. Vocals are not necessary where some of these composers are concerned. The music stands by itself. Rob Johnson is a phenomenal guitarist, and on this album of intense instrumental tracks Rob displays amazing guitar skills. A great album of blistering guitar pyrotechnics, crunchy rhythm work and electrically-fueled compositions. Read an interview with Rob @ http://www.metal-rules.com/interviews/Magnitude9.htm Listen to Rob’s "Guitarchitecture" album. Check out the work of guitarists Guthrie Govan and Shaun Baxter who will also leave you awestruck with their fretboard expertise [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 102 Mb]


1 Soul Chuckles 6.14
2 Swing Machine 4.34
3 Having Gone Berzerk 3.36
4 Aluminium Pudding 4.33
5 Thing-a-Ma-Jig 4.44
6 Lava Shower 6.06
7 Rug Stoppin' 5.20
8 Negotiable 5.32
9 Down Home Cookin' (Bonus Track) 4.29

All tracks composed by Rob Johnson


Rob Johnson - Guitars
Rick May - Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Programming
Karl Gunther - Bass on Tracks 3, & 4
Hosea Hooks - Bass on Track 5
John Homan - Drums on Track 4

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