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Ronny Heimdal

Ronny Heimdal - Timequake - 1999 - Spesial-Laboratoriet

Multiple listens to Timequake by this Norwegian fusion band are apt to leave you very impressed and delighted. The musicianship and compositions on this release are fusion bliss. Of course, there are loads of jazz fusion, but there are bits of metalloid progressive rock as well. Many very wonderful things are happening here. If you dig Allan Holdsworth, Tribal Tech, and the unknown fusion of Houston, TX-based Stratus or the Far East's Kenso, then do find Timequake. The songs are not mere structures for guitar wankery, but hold up as songs that happen to feature virtuoso fretwork coupled with very competent keys and assorted synth embellishments for great atmospherics. After 13 tracks of excellence, you will begin to be amazed at the cohesiveness of Heimdal's creative download onto this CD. Heimdal rips it up on guitar, synth keys, and programming. The bass work and drums are also very tight and pro all the way. This is one very hot trio of guitar-driven fusion excess! There are quiet moments and dreamy sections, but all roads lead to high-energy chops and technically precise crunch amidst many a tornado of notes. Heimdal even pays a tribute to soundtrack music from the sci-fi adventure flick The Fifth Element. © John W. Patterson © 2013 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/timequake-mw0001321147

Guitar and drum work excel. Highlights for me are tracks 1 Zone 98-b and Track 2 - Ultra-lystic. On occasion I can hear the UK influence - as in track 8 - Absolute Sanjiv. Perhaps a bit too calculated at times for my tastes, but this does not take away from the outstanding work, production and performances that are in evidence throughout this CD. - Review by & © DBSilver 14 Apr 2002 © proggnosis.com 2000 - 2013 where appropriate - All rights reserved. 2002 © http://www.proggnosis.com/Release_Detail.aspx?RID=4170

As I listen to Ronny Heimdall's-Time Quake cd, I am reminded of the very bands that have made the largest impression on my progressive/fusion tastes. This cd fuels my tastes perfectly, not merely passing his music off as an attempt to advertise his obvious guitar talents, but more so a tribute of sorts to the bands that dared to take the ambitious progressive rock compositions, and mix them with the sheer virtuoso of the best fusion bands. As a three piece band, the sound is much larger, thanks large in part to the band members' mastery of their respective instruments, also Heimdall shows an excellent grasp of the keyboards as a textural devise, as well as in a melodic accompaniment capacity along with his guitar. The bands that come to mind in a comparitive manner are: UK - for many of the keyboard sounds, and odd time signatures. Bruford (Holdsworth era), for the legato technique for which Ronny is very proficient, and of course the sophisticated arrangements. Elektric Band, for the technical elegance, and sensational drumming displayed by Zsolt Mezsaros. Song after song impresses, not a dull moment at all, one of those rare cds that has so much continuity from start to finish, it leaves me wanting for more, and given the 1999 release date, I can only hope that Ronny Heimdall and friends are working on something new. There have been a few hybrid progressive rock/fusion bands in recent years, such as Nathan Mahl, Finneus Gauge, Anomaly, Planet X, 7 for 4, to name a few, Heimdall's music certainly merits mention along with these upstarts, as his music shows lack of nothing, unlike many of the fusion bands these days, that are content on providing a lot of fast and adventurous notes, Heimdall provides clever songs structures, highly complicated rhythm play, and flawless guitar, bass, and drum perfomances. Call this an essential cd for fans of any of the bands mentioned in this entire review. - Review by & © MJBrady 14 Apr 2002 © proggnosis.com 2000 - 2013 where appropriate - All rights reserved. 2002 © http://www.proggnosis.com/Release_Detail.aspx?RID=4170

An elaborate and often spectacular demonstration of great imaginative progressive jazz rock/fusion with Norwegian fusion musician Ronny Heimdal on guitars and keys, Zsolt Meszaros on drums, and Fritz A. Aga on bass. Ronny plays some great super charged licks. His solos are masterfully executed without being “over flashy”, but still sound great. His music is inspired by the sound of artists like Bill Frisell, Bill Bruford, UK, Allan Holdsworth, Tribal Tech, Scott Henderson, Frank Zappa, and more. At times the music has a great ‘70’s feel with some of the melodic passages reminiscent of bands like Spyro Gyra, Priam, Edhels and others. This is extremely well played music with first class compositions and HR by A.O.O.F.C. It’s a shame that artists like Ronny Heimdal are not better known, but to be honest it’s not that easy to find detailed info about the guy. Check his website @ http://www.ronnyheimdal.com/ [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 157 Mb]


1 Zone 98 B (7:31)
2 Timequake (7:12)
3 The Seventh Element (3:46)
4 Neo Nostalgie (3:53)
5 Turbo Tobben Overdrive (4:25)
6 Five Corners (3:23)
7 Ulktra-Lystig (6:21)
8 Absolute Sanjiv (4:17)
9 Music Box (3:47)
10 Garbaresq no.1 (3:29)
11 Tiaatte (7:14)
12 Rhythmscape (6:08)
13 ZSRF1 (5:34)

All tracks composed by Ronny Heimdal except tracks 5,9,11 by Ronny Heimdal & Zsolt Meszaros, and tracks 8,13 by Zsolt Meszaros & Fritz A. Aga


Ronny Heimdal - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Fritz A. Aga - Electric Bass
Zsolt Meszaros - Drums


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