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V.A. (Jimi Hendrix Related)

V.A. - The Spirit Lives On - The Music Of Jimi Hendrix Revisited (Volumes 1 & 2) - 2004 - Lion Music

If you are a Jimi Hendrix purist, then 23 of his covers may be too much to musically digest. Also, the main musicians covering the tracks may not be over familiar to rock fans. However, many of the covers are spectacularly well done, one example being Carl Roa’s version of “3rd Stone From The Sun 5”. Some of the better known artists on the album include Cyril Achard, Chris Poland, Greg Howe, and Richie Kotzen. This album has received a lot of criticism, and comparisons with the great Jimi Hendrix are inevitable. Try not to compare. There is huge talent throughout this album, and don’t knock it until you hear it [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 219 Mb]



1 Sun Caged – Freedom 4:03
2 Mistheria & Andrea Rivera – Gypsy Eyes 5:39
3 Cyril Achard – Highway Chile 3:04
4 Arabesque – Cross Town Traffic 3:19
5 Eric Sands – Stone Free 4:08
6 Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion, The – Little Wing 6:20
7 Lars Eric Mattsson with Chris Poland – Spanish Castle Magic 3:29
8 Regi Hendrix featuring JMR & Greg Howe – Bold As Love 4:47
9 Bumblefoot & Dennis Leeflang – Fire 4:09
10 Edward Box – Foxy Lady 4:38
11 Carl Roa – 3rd Stone From The Sun 5:09
12 Randy Coven – Star Spangled Banner 2:59
13 Lars Eric Mattsson with Richie Kotzen – Little Miss Lover 3:13


14 Lars Eric Mattsson with Chris Poland – Room Full Of Mirrors 3:29
15 Winterlong – Purple Haze 3:29
16 Dave Martone – Angel 3:50
17 Project Alcazar – Manic Depression 3:24
18 Torben Enevoldsen – Who Knows 6:13
19 Lars Eric Mattsson with James Byrd – Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 4:47
20 Tony Hernando – Red House 3:57
21 Tommy Denander – Them Changes 3:49
22 Condition Red – Villanova Junction 3:36
23 Baltimoore – Freedom 3:27

All tracks composed by Jimi Hendrix except "Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key


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Can you please tell me how to handle this rar.encrypt file.

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