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Tony MacAlpine, Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers

Tony MacAlpine, Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers - CAB - 2000 - Tone Center

Guitarist/keyboardist Tony MacAlpine, known for chest-swelling rock-classical hybrids, has occasionally tinkered with jazz-rock elements on earlier releases. Here, he fully invests himself in a fusion trio that includes bassist Bunny Brunel (who owns credits with Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock) and David Chambers (Parliament-Funkadelic). Along with being the album's featured instrumentalist, Brunel wrote seven of the disc's 10 tracks, with MacAlpine penning the final three. The results are attractive, if not always arresting. MacAlpine takes flight as a soloist only sporadically, most memorably when responding to his own meaty rock chops in the title track and during an elaborate run on the concluding selection, "Bernard." MacAlpine's output on keyboards surfaces almost as often as his riffing, lending a Return to Forever vibe to a package that shines more brightly when MacAlpine and Brunel give themselves room to cook (as on the Satriani-like "Boogie Me") rather than simmer. © Terry Wood Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Cab-Tony-MacAlpine/dp/B00004NRWT

This hard-driving fusion power trio packs a mighty punch on CAB, its inaugural release. On this outing, guitarist Tony MacAlpine renders his customary rippling sheets of sound along with electric bassist Bunny Brunel's sinewy lines and drummer Dennis Chambers' heavy-handed polyrhythms. There are no hidden agendas here as the soloists surge into the stratosphere with ominous intentions via blazingly fast unison choruses and Chambers' propulsive backbeats and hybrid funk-rock rhythms. The trio also engages in a few call-and-response type episodes in concert with intermittent doses of fiercely stated jazz-based passages. However, MacAlpine steers the charge with blistering lead soloing to complement his effective utilization of electronic keyboards. Essentially, the band abides by a democratic approach, where everyone gets ample breathing room amid a series of nicely arranged compositions and turbocharged improvisational sequences. Overall, this impressive 2000 effort provides the world of fusion with a much-needed shot of adrenaline. © Glenn Astarita © 2012 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/cab-mw0000054246

CAB makes its debut with drummer extraordinaire Dennis Chambers, renowned axeman and keyboardist Tony MacAlpine, and bouncing bassman Bunny Brunel teaming up to serve up a collection of aggressive jazz fusion tracks to expand MacAlpine's scope further into this genre that the others already have a firm foothold. The tracks on CAB can be characterized as funk/groove-oriented, theme-centric arrangements having an aggressive drive to them but that are balanced with complex yet digestible rhythms, tonal backdrops, exploratory yet accessible themes, and lead work that trades off between bass, guitar, keys, and drums bringing to view the talents of all three contributors. The format seems to be a forum mainly to display the improvisational capabilities in the realm of fusion for the three comparably matched solo acts that collaborate on this effort. CAB is reminiscent of the rock group Cream in concept, but with a jazz fusion spin-off. CAB is definitely leaning toward the rock edge of fusion in its feel, guitar work, and arrangements, though it does seem that Brunel and Chambers are tugging the rope vehemently in the other direction. And, it is kind of a paradox that MacAlpine's keyboard work on this effort is more jazz-oriented than rock, and yet his lead guitar work has a decisive rock edge to it. CAB takes it straight to you with "Night Splash", a track that is pretty representative of what you are in for with this CD. "Night Splash" lays out the format of improvisation built around shared thematic development as a center with the improvisation collaborated by all four instruments involved, usually with one instrument in the spotlight, and definitely with all instruments being managed by players of near-equally matched skills in the supergroup tradition. What is nice about this format is that the thematic center gives some cohesion to the track that the improvisation can then venture out from and return to when it is time to trade off. This format works well for me as a listener. There are a number of tracks on CAB that make it worthwhile, each having a different feel that is pulled from some different influence or creative facility. In fact, the effort is pretty solid from beginning to end. So, if you like jazz fusion with a rock edge, it is a good one to pick up. Some of the other tracks that grabbed my attention were "So There Is Love", "Boogie Me", and my favorite on the album, "Elastic Man". I think the CAB formula works best on the track "Elastic Man" that sets a nice backdrop with the smooth jazzish progressions, grooving rhythms and spunky basslines, that are contrasted by the opening, teasing theme. This backdrop and intro are then decimated first with MacAlpine's soulful keyboard solo and then his full-frontal assault of ripping guitar work featuring some really cool muted, speedy runs that gives the track its character and title. MacAlpine then with a single grinding stretch lets you know that it is time to pull out the stops and lets the shrapnel fly with some shredding that works nicely over the jazz foundations. If that weren't enough, Brunel lays down some incredible bass work throughout and especially in his solo that is able to keep things going even after MacAlpine's inspired solo that doesn't leave much room for conversation afterwards. I think that "Elastic Man" is the type of arrangement that would have a broad appeal that spans well beyond the jazz fusion listening audience... it is coooool!!! {8{) I enjoyed CAB for its listener accessibility, aggressive brand of rock-edged fusion, and impressive soloing, especially on bass and guitar, though the keboards and drumming are really entertaining too! The tonality is both interesting and satisfying. But, from an listener's viewpoint it is good how CAB balances complexity and jazz-isms with listener accessibility; a touch juggling act for any arranger, but one that CAB has pulled off pretty well. © 2001 - 2003 Christopher Ruel. All Rights Reserved http://www.chrisruel.com/ChrisRuel.com/MusicReviews/TonyMacAlpineReviews.htm

Tone Center has become the haven for fusion fans. This is one of their best releases; of which there are many. CAB features the guitar madness of Tony Macalpine. Tony was one of the leaders of the neo-classical fusion movement of the mid eighties. On this disc he plays over chord changes and doesn't purely shred. He also does all of the keyboard work except for one song. Once again, Tony shows that he is as proficient on keyboards as he is on the guitar. Not many multi-instrumentalists can be virtuostic on both of their instruments. If you are familiar with and like Tony's neo-classical and Rock fusion albums you won't be dissapointed here. Bunny Brunel is a great fusion bassist who specializes in fretless work. If you like Jaco,Victor Bailey, or Percy Jones you will love this guy. Dennis Chambers is, in my opinion, the greatest drummer on the planet. His playing on this is typically amazing. Most of the songs were written by Brunel but Tony does contribute a couple of compostions. As far as the playing all of the voices of the musicians are heard. This is a complete collaboration and a fan of any of the three will get to hear his favorite do his thing. The songs don't take the genre to any new levels. However, there is some diversity and the musicians are excellent throughout. Highlight tunes include. "Night Splash" which has a theme that is repeated while each member of the band trades solos with the others. Tony does double duty on this one. "One for Stern" is , I believe, dedicated to guitar great Mike Stern. The tune has a bebopish groove and all three contribute solos. Dennis Chambers is unreal on this one which is fitting seeing that he and Stern have been collaborating for years. "Boogie Me" is an uptempo boogie in the vein of other instrumental boogies such as "The Satch Boogie" and "West Side Boogie". Once again all three members are awesome on this rock injected tune. Overall CAB is a disc that fusion fans should love. If you like any of these three musicians you'll be happy with the results and might become a fan of the others. I recommend this to fusion fans. -from ****/5 Catch a CAB, April 10, 2002 By & © Jeff Arenson (Colorado Springs, CO United States) © 1996-2012, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Cab-Tony-MacAlpine/product-reviews/B00004NRWT/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#R13H59MJAMDOAI

Guitarist Tony MacAlpine, bassist Bunny Brunel and drummer Dennis Chambers deliver some terrific aggressive heavy fusion with a funky edge. Tony Macalpine provides some powerful guitar solos, and dizzying keyboard work. The great Dennis Chambers lays down incredible rhythms. Bunny Brunel plays some of the best bass solos you will ever hear. The legendary Brian Auger plays an organ solo and bridge melody on "One For Stern". Check out CAB's "Live At The Baked Potato" album. Dennis Chambers plays on Steely Dan's "Alive In America" album. Try and listen to the great Greg Howe, Tetsuo Sakurai, & Dennis Chambers' "Vital World" album, Tony MacAlpine's "Maximum Security" album, and Bunny Brunel's "Brunel's L.A. Zoo" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 117 Mb]


1. Night Splash - Bunny Brunel
2. CAB - Bunny Brunel
3. So There Is Love - Tony MacAlpine
4. Just Perfect - Bunny Brunel
5. One For Stern - Bunny Brunel
6. The Watcher - Tony MacAlpine
7. Atamanashi - Bunny Brunel, Kazumi Watanabe
8. Boogie Me - Bunny Brunel
9. Elastic Man - Tony MacAlpine
10. Bernard - Bunny Brunel


Tony MacAlpine - Guitar, Keyboards
Bunny Brunel - 4 String Fretless Bass, 4 String Fretted Bass, 5 String Fretless Bass, 5 String Piccolo Synth Bass, Keyboards
Brian Auger - Organ Solo and Bridge Melody on "One For Stern"
Dennis Chambers - Drums


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