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Cris Jacobs Band

 Cris Jacobs Band - Songs for Cats and Dogs - 2012 - Cris Jacobs Band

With the release of “Songs For Cats and Dogs,” the Cris Jacobs Band offers up a full serving of rock inspired blues, filled with the perfect concoction of grit, grime, twang, and soul. This album is jam packed with intelligent and intricate arrangements that makes full use of the sonic palate provided by such a unique grouping of instruments. The disc starts off with “Dragonfly,” which is a thick, medium-tempo blues that is introduced with a twangy rock guitar riff. The vocals come in with an air of darkness, as they convey a story about judgement and perception. The narrative is highlighted with dissonant background guitar swells, and a chant style harmony on the chorus. “Mama Was a Redbone,” delivers the listener deep into the delta, for some good ol’ fashioned blues. David Hadley, takes center stage on the pedal steel guitar, as he plucks, slides, and strums his way into the foreground adding to the authenticity of this track. “Let Me Lift Up Your Burden,” takes on the vibe of a classic Paul Simon tune. For this song, the Cris Jacobs Band has a cleaner, more etherial sound. The upright bass almost sounds like a sousaphone, while the pedal steel fills the role of a string section. It is hard to believe that this is the same band that just played “Mama Was a Redbone.” “Redemption Bound” has the feel of a soundtrack cut from “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?” This heavily arranged song, starts off with a confessional style vocal intro that leads into a medium-blues groove. The vibe of the tune is set by a persistent guitar strum and accented band hits. The song builds into a breakdown that leaves the foundation of upright bass and guitar. The electric guitar enters, with sparse lines that build into a full on psychedelic jam solo that is driven by the constant groove of Mike Gambone on the drums. After the second breakdown, the band lands on the mantra chant “I just wanna be saved, I don’t wanna be let down,” that builds to the end of the song, with full band hits. The CD ends with the country jamboree chopfest song “Saddle Up and Ride,” which is a two beat, guitar picked tune, with thick background vocals and a traditional “ya’ll come back now, ya hear” ending. “Songs For Cats and Dogs,” reassures devoted, post The Bridge, Cris Jacobs’ fans of his abilities as both a frontman and a songwriter. He, along with his band, have managed to carve out an entirely new musical path filled with amazing musicianship, detailed arrangements, and the ability to effortlessly weave back and forth between genres, while staying true to their original sound. Review by & © : Scott Paddock - By MMG • On December 6, 2012 © Mobtown Music Guide. All rights reserved. http://mobtownmusicguide.com/cris-jacobs-band-songs-for-cats-and-dogs/.UuetcxDFK00

This soulful, bluesy, Americana gem showcases the dynamic songwriting, singing, and guitar playing of Cris Jacobs, supported by his stellar band of pedal steel, upright bass, percussion, and acoustic guitar. © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/crisjacobsband

After ten years fronting roots-rockers band The Bridge, who disbanded at the end of 2011, Cris Jacobs re-emerged with a new band. Cris’ great bluesy guitar work is beautifully complemented by the drumming of Mike Gambone who provided the familiar backbeat for the Bridge, the rock steady bass of Jake Leckie, the almost ethereal pedal steel work of Dave Hadley, and the soulful sound of Ed Hough on acoustic uitar, percussion, and vocal harmony. Cris’ songs have a deep and emotional clarity, and at times the album has a “southern-fried” flavour reminiscent of the late, great Lowell George. This is a very good album. Read more about The Bridge @ http://www.jambase.com/Articles/11551/The-Bridge-Fire-and-Ice and Cris Jacobs @ http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-11-20/entertainment/bs-ae-cris-jacobs-interview-20131120_1_cris-jacobs-band-the-bridge-creative-alliance [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 97.4 Mb]


1. Dragonfly
2. Mama Was a Redbone
3. Be My Stars
4. Little Piece of Heaven
5. Stoned on You
6. Let Me Lift Up Your Burden
7. Redemption Bound
8. Time's Worth a Million
9. Saddle Up and Ride

All tracks composed by Cris Jacobs except "Dragonfly" composed by Cris Jacobs, Chris Bentley, Mike Gambone, & Jake Leckie


Cris Jacobs - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hadley - Pedal Steel Guitar
Ed Hough - Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocal Harmony
Jake Leckie - Bass
Mike Gambone - Drums, Percussion


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very tasty album, thanks for the intro to this artist,
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