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ExhiVision - Overexposure - 2007 - Zerophonia

Four players from other groups, united to deliver their own spin on the time-tested electric jazz rock formula. In essence, a supergroup? Well, quite possibly. Bowing in at the keyboards is Sense Of Wonder leader and J-Rock mainstay, Hiroyuki Namba; on guitar is Prism's Akira Wada; drumming is hotshot sessioner Kohji Hasegawa; and assuming fretless bass duty is one Toshimi Nagai, formerly of Vienna and pre-trio Gerard. Not exactly household names to those ignorant of Japan's robust progressive scene, but each muso is quite the stylist — which will be made abundantly clear to all who tune in to Exhivision's debut. Comparisons to Kenso were a bit hurried, but not exactly valid. Rather, think of Side Steps: those cats have the chops, but their compositions fall to the generic side a little too often — now eliminate that pitfall and add Namba's superior tonal palette. The rhythm section of Nagai and Hasegawa matches the shooting-star histrionics of Namba and Wada note-for-piercing-note. Expectedly, shades of Return To Forever resonate, though many listeners may find they prefer this to the East's answer to RTF, Roundhouse. "Scent Of Nova" immediately establishes who the old/new kids in town are with tasteful if forceful chord progressions, nimble-fingered soloing and exquisite phrasing. Namba's and Wada's alternately whirly and wiry solos on "Ice Bound" will chill the spine, but the lethal crunch-chords and biting organ volleys of "Other Side" will warm the soul. "Double Down" suggests the Texas Hold 'Em craze has seized Tokyo, but concern will be fleeting as the synergy between the quarters builds to a dizzying intensity. Wayne Shorter once remarked that "composition is just improvisation slowed way down," but whether the juncture between both formats is exceptionally relevant here is arguable — the eight compositions are wound tightly enough, but never to the point rigidity masquerades as frailty. ExhiVision is an outstanding album of new fusion. Recommended. - Review posted by & © Elias Granillo © Sea Of Tranquility

Considered by many as a super group, ExhiVision is a really talented and original Japanese instrumental progressive rock/jazz fusion band. “Overexposure” is brilliant fusion led by ace Prism guitarist, Akira Wada. The quartet also includes Hiroyuki Namba on keyboards, bassist Toshimi Nagai and Kohji Hasegawa on drums. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Other projects the band members are or were involved in are "Sense Of Wonder", "Prism" and "Vienna". ExhiVision have now released three albums and are signed to Universal Music Japan. Check this great band out and listen to their great "Beyond The Earthbound" album. Read a bio of the band @ http://www.universal-music.co.jp/exhivision/biography/ [Tracks @ 198-200 Kbps: File size = 108 Mb]


1 Nevermore - Hiroyuki Namba 7:06
2 Beyond The Earth - Toshimi Nagai 7:15
3 Politician - Kozy Hasegawa 5:25
4 Karma - Akira Wada 8:18
5 Lilith - Hiroyuki Namba 6:53
6 Undertow - Toshimi Nagai 5:52
7 Touch 419 - Akira Wada 6:19
8 Deuce Drive - Act 2 - Toshimi Nagai 5:27
9 Kodama - Hiroyuki Namba 6:10
10 Life - Kozy Hasegawa 7:11


Akira Wada - Guitars
Toshimi Nagai - Fretless Bass
Hiroyuki Namba - Keyboards
Kozy Hasegawa - Drums


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