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Todd Duane

Todd Duane - Todd Duane - 1995 - Shrapnel

Rare instrumental rock guitar album by Todd Duane and now regarded as a shred classic. Todd fuses good progressive rock with his shredding, so the tracks are not just a demonstration of brilliant guitar shredding but are also good musical compositions. Todd’s playing is extremely technical as well as being original and fun. This album is recommended for fans of guitarists like Steve Vai. As good as the album is, his “Omnipresent” album is arguably a better example of Todd’s fantastic guitar technique. Check it out, and read an interview with him @ http://www.theinstrumentalguitarist.com/Interviews/Interview/13 [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 124 Mb]


1. Poison Ivy 3:19
2. Purple Umbrella 3:35
3. Sunflower Seed 3:00
4. Lily Of The Nile 3:51
5. Ragweed 3:32
6. Daisy Chain 3:59
7. Wildflower 3:55
8. Slap Crackle & Pop 3:28
9. Babys Breath 3:48
10. Rose Colored Glasses 3:07
11. Schizoid 2:41
12. Ladys Slipper 3:38
13. Sugardose 4:19
14. Honeysweet 5:07

All tracks composed by Todd Duane


Todd Duane - Guitars
Scot Sutherland - Bass
Paul Thompson - Drums


Todd Duane is a guitar virtuoso and progressive rock / metal artist from the United States. After High School graduation Todd began teaching guitar at a music store in West. St Paul, Minnesota. After 2 years of teaching a full schedule of students and gigging with local favorite bands “The Regime” and “Hurricane Alice”, Todd decided to further his musical education at the Guitar Institute of Technology, (GIT) in Hollywood California. (One year earlier Todd was a runner up in the Fender Guitar, GIT, Eric Clapton Scholarship Contest. He won a Fender Strat and Twin Reverb.) At GIT, Todd studied with many great guitar players including Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, Jeff Berlin (Bass), Scott Henderson and others. There he immersed himself in his studies of guitar, gigged in various bands, did studio session work, and eventually taught lessons at the school. Todd even appeared in a Pepsi commercial! During this time Todd was also recording and sending out home recorded demos that showcased his unique guitar playing and songwriting skills. Some of these demos showed up on internationally released compilation CD’s, and gained him international exposure. It eventually lead to his debut solo record on the highly regarded guitar instrumental label Shrapnel Records. After a 6 year stay in California, Todd was asked to become the Head of the Rock Guitar department at The American Institute of Music, located in Vienna, Austria. Todd stayed for 2 years then moved back to Minnesota to teach at Music Tech of Minneapolis. Todd now teaches a weekly schedule of around 40 private students of all ages, levels and styles. He has since recorded 3 instrumental CD’s;”Omnipresent”, “Eccentricity”, and “Electric Cartoon Music from Hell” with his multi-international side project Electrocution 250. [Biography http://www.last.fm/music/Todd+Duane] Thanks to Bosh66 for the addition. © http://www.metalmusicarchives.com/artist/todd-duane


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