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Taste (Rory Gallagher Related)

Taste - Best of Taste - 1994 - Polydor (Germany)

Taste was a blues rock trio formed in 1966 by the late, great Irish guitarist and songwriter Rory Gallagher, the late bassist Eric Kitteringham and drummer Norman Damery. Eric and Norman were replaced in 1968 by Richard McCracken and John Wilson. The band recorded three studio and two live albums including the powerful 1970 "Live at the Isle of Wight" album. In 1970 Taste split and Rory Gallagher began his all too short solo career. Taste compilation albums have been released in dozens of different versions. This one is a 1994 issue from the German Polydor label with tracks recorded between 1969 and 1970. Fifteen of the eighteen tracks are Rory Gallagher originals. Sound quality varies, but in general most of the tracks are of better sq than those from the original albums. This compilation may be a collection of re-mastered tracks, but the album notes don’t specify this. A lot of this stuff is unsophisticated, raw, blues rock and Rory Gallagher was still evolving into one of the great blues guitarists, but this kind of music would still put many of today’s so called “blues rock” bands to shame. Listen to Taste’s “On the Boards” album, and Rory Gallagher’s exceptional “Calling Card” album. Read more about Taste @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taste_(band) [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 177 Mb]


1. Blister on the Moon - Gallagher (3:26)
2. Leaving Blues - Huddie William Ledbetter (4:16)
3. Sugar Mama - Gallagher (7:15)
4. Same Old Story - Gallagher (3:33)
5. Catfish - Trad. arr. Gallagher (8:04)
6. What's Going On - Gallagher (2:48)
7. Railway and Gun - Gallagher (3:38)
8. Morning Sun - Gallagher (2:39)
9. Eat My Words - Gallagher (3:47)
10. I'll Remember - Gallagher (3:02)
11. I'm Moving On - Clarence Eugene Snow (2:30)
12. If The Day Was Any Longer - Gallagher (2:10)
13. If I Don't Sing, I'll Cry - Gallagher (2:40)
14. Born on the Wrong Side of Time - Gallagher (4:01)
15. Dual Carriageway Pain - Gallagher (3:13)
16. On The Boards - Gallagher (6:02)
17. It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again - Gallagher (6:33)
18. Hail - Gallagher (2:35)


Rory Gallagher - Guitar, Sax, Harmonica, Vocals
Richard "Charlie" McCracken - Bass
John Wilson - Drums


Taste Profile: Formed: 1966 in Cork, Ireland: Disbanded: 1970 in Belfast, Ireland: - During the latter half of the 1960s, during the peak of the British blues-rock craze, Ireland's Taste, featuring Rory Gallagher, impressed crowds wherever they played. Featuring Gallagher's extraordinary fretwork and dynamic showmanship, the band toured with superstars like Yes and Blind Faith, and even performed at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. Yet Taste never caught a break, and although influential and popular in England and Ireland, they never broke through to a U.S. audience. - The Taste: Originally called The Taste, the band was formed in 1966 by Rory Gallagher with bassist Eric Kitteringham and drummer Norman Damery. The band scaled its name back to just "Taste," performed in Hamburg, Germany and toured Ireland before becoming the house band at the Maritime Hotel, a popular R&B club in Belfast. After performing in the U.K. in 1968, Gallagher broke up the band. Relocating to London, the 20-year-old guitarist put together a new version of Taste with bassist Richard McCracken and drummer John Wilson. This would become the best-known of the band's two line-ups, signing with Polydor Records and touring the United States and Canada with Blind Faith. - On The Boards: Taste released two studio albums during the band's tenure: the self-titled Taste in 1969 and On The Boards in 1970. The critically-acclaimed On The Boards entered the Top 20 in England and featured a mix of guitar-driven blues, traditional boogie-rock, and even a pair of acoustic ballads, all showcasing Gallagher's flaming fretwork and bottleneck slide guitar skills. Taste performed at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival with such legends as Jimi Hendrix and the Who, the audience calling the band back onstage for an incredible seven encores. Taste performed one more round of shows in Europe, returning to Belfast for a farewell show on New Year's Eve. Breaking up the band, Gallagher would go on to pursue a significant, moderately successful solo career. A live album, showing the band at its peak, was released in 1971, as was First Taste, a collection of archival material from the band's early (pre-U.K.) years. Live at the Isle of Wight, featuring Taste's incendiary 1970 festival performance, was finally released in 1992. © 2014 About.com. All rights reserved. http://blues.about.com/od/artistprofiles/p/TasteProfile.htm


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