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Darren Housholder

Darren Housholder - Symphonic Aggression - 1995 - Shrapnel Records

The last of three recordings guitar-instrumentalist Darren Housholder released on Shrapnel Records, Symphonic Aggression is the musician's most accomplished record. Improved production and a more developed rhythmic concept elevate this 1995 release above Housholder's earlier efforts. The clean guitar funk and jazz explorations falter, but the Berklee Music graduate's fluid rock soloing -- the heart of all three Housholder releases -- are his best ever. Guitar enthusiasts will enjoy the much improved Strat guitar tones and bassist Ricky Wolking's killer performances. As the title suggests, Symphonic Aggression is Housholder and his band's (Wolking and drummer Ray Lozier) most classically influenced disc. Sounding occasionally like classical metal's most heroic guitarist, Yngwie Malmsteen, Housholderperforms blistering solos over Bach- and Chopin-inspired key modulations. The classical dramatics hold up through the first half of the record before the disc shifts into the more conventional rock feel used in Housholder's first two releases. Even when Symphonic Aggression loses its neo-classical momentum, Lozier and Wolking give the arrangements energy and depth. The rhythm section's full tones and interesting polyrhythms provide a welcome dynamic to the standard shredder material. Housholder's solo work typifies a genre of music made by (and for) the most technically inclined rock musicians. Fans of this complicated, sometimes difficult music will enjoy Symphonic Aggression; clearly the guitarist's most impressive record to date.
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Darren Housholder is an excellent guitarist, a very high class performer and a graduate of Berklee School of Music. He also was a faculty member of Berklee teaching Modern Rock Guitar. Darren can play almost any technique and style. Guitar magazine called him a "thoroughly modern player with sass, sparks and control." He has an awesome talent for soloing . On “Symphonic Aggression”, Darren uses a lot of neoclassical stylings, vibrato and legato phrases and even though “Symphonic Aggression” is not his best album, it reveals the Los Angeles musician as a hugely talented and accomplished guitarist. Listen to his “Generator Man” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 132 Mb]


1 When in Rome
2 Dinner With Wolfgang II
3 Expresso
4 Mayday
5 Middle of the Night
6 The Juice Is Loose
7 Hello
8 Running Scared
9 Crying for You
10 Dance of Sir Rockstr le Earthquake Doggie

All tracks composed by Darren Housholder except Track 10 composed by Darren Housholder, Ray Luzier, & Ricky Wolking


Darren Housholder - Guitar
Ricky Wolking - Bass
Ray Lozier - Drums

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