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Dimitar Nalbantov

Dimitar Nalbantov - Mother Earth - 2008 - Ind.

Born in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria in 1976, Dimitar Nalbantov lives and works there today as an art teacher. His free time however, is devoted to his true passion - the guitar. Dimi (as his friends call him) displayed an interest in art and music at a young age, but it was art that was chosen to be the focus of his formal education. That focus began to shift in his high school years when one day in 1993, he picked up an electric guitar for the first time. Outside of his art studies, the next seven years found Dimi teaching himself to play, studying the music of such guitar greats as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and playing in local bands. While he was pursuing his art degree at South-West University, the guitar continued to play an important alternative role for creative expression. In his senior year, it became somewhat of a lifesaver. Prior to graduation in 2000, a deceitful art promoter stole 17 paintings from Dimi - all his work of the past four years. He was devastated. Unable to pick up a brush, he turned to his guitar and began to study music composition and arranging. He also began to teach himself the English language to understand the vast amount of digital music technology information available on the Internet, written mostly in English. Not long after, he won the Internet “Guitar Player 2000” Contest in the genre of alternative music, sponsored by www.guitar.ru. In the years since, Dimi has recorded studio tracks for several band projects, also serving as audio engineer. He has recorded numerous demo tracks for the AMT Electronics Company, Overloud, IK Multimedia and many more, gaining him many fans and friends around the world. © http://www.nalbantov.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=60

Don't confuse this fellow with the endless list of guitar shredders out there. His musical compositions are extremely well written & executed with utmost perfection. Highly listenable, intelligent instrumental rock, that doesn't wear the listener down with the typical bombardment of over the top shredding, that most guitarist seem to be producing nowadays. I just REALLY hope his releases will soon be available on CDs (currently MP3s only) for the Class A audiophiles, who really enjoy listening (with disconcerning ears) the sound quality of "raw wave files", over the compressed MP3 sound. Excellent stuff none the less! – from ***** Don't confuse him with others!, September 15, 2012 By & © Steven Koski (Longview, Texas) © 1996-2014, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/productreviews/B001J8CWC6/ref=acr_dpdigitalmusic_text?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

Eleven very good guitar instrumentals with progressive rock touches from the very skilled Bulgarian guitarist, Dimi Nalbantov. This is a well constructed album with intelligent compositions. Dimi shows that you don’t have to play guitar at a furious speed to produce a good guitar album. Technically, Dimi is a brilliant player and could shred with the best of them but on this album he uses his guitar skill only when its needed on a track and not for the sake of technique. Listen to Dimi’s “Sing to the Mountain” album [Tracks @ 239-282 Kbps: File size = 98.7 Mb]


1 Shangri La 5.06
2 Tsunami 4.32
3 Inundation 4.12
4 On the Crest of the Wave 5.52
5 Abandoned Place 4.44
6 Peace On Earth 4.21
7 Fairytales 5.83
8 Terrestrial Paradise 4.26
9 Keep Mother Earth Alive 4.41
10 The Four Elements 4.43
11 A Flicker of Hope 4.33

All tracks composed, played, recorded and mixed by Dimitar Nalbantov. The only "live"instruments are the guitar and the bass guitar. All other instrumentation is by samplers and software synthesizers.


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