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πR2 (aka ΠR2, Pi-eR-2 , & TTR2)

πR2 (aka ΠR2, Pi-eR-2 , & TTR2) - Time 52 - 2008 - REC Records / Friends Records

πR2 were a Polish instrumental trio jazz rock formed by guitarist Mark Raduli , bassist Wojtek Pilichowski and drummer Thomas Łosowskiego . In 2005 , the group released their “Transporter” album which was a completely non-commercial project but received many positive reviews. In November 2008 , the band released “Time 52”. Despite a fair degree of success, the band split in 2012. Try and listen to the band’s “Transporter” album. If you like Panzerballett, Fragile, Allan Holdsworth, Tribal Tech, etc., you may enjoy this album. The musicians on this album are technically brilliant and this is an album you will listen to again, and worthy of inclusion on this blog [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 145 Mb]


1 Minarets Voice - Raduli 5:44
2 Efo Blues - Pilichowski 8:09
3 Sztander - Pilichowski 6:31
4 Acoustic Light - Raduli 5:52
5 M.T.W - Bidiuk, Raduli, Pilichowski 5:31
6 One and a Half - Raduli, Sztadjel 6:20
7 The Last One - Raduli 5:38
8 Our Journey - Raduli 7:54


Marek Raduli - Guitar
Wojtek Pilichowski - Bass
Tomasz Losowski - Drums


Marek Raduli was born in south-west Poland in 1959. He received a thorough musical education (percussion class, completed in 1980). Since 1982 he has been working as a professional guitarist in many popular and famous pop and rock groups (including “Budka Suflera”- one of the few top Polish supergroups). He was a contributor to the creation of more than 30 albums recorded with first-class performers. He also cooperated with jazz musicians, steadily developing his interests in the field of fusion music. That resulted in producing his own record, “MSS” (“Mexican Symbol of Happiness”, 1996), which was later reissued twice (1998, 2001). In 1997 Raduli was hailed as “the Guitarist of the Year” by the most prestigious Polish music magazine “Gitara i Bas”; since then he has been occupying top positions in the magazine’s charts. Since 1999, Raduli has been regularly invited to many musical training sessions organized all over Poland as a lecturer. In 2003 he decided to create his own group “Pi-eR-2”. (Or TTR2) To form a trio, he teamed up with his two friends; Wojtek Pilichowski (very active in performing pop, fusion and jazz music, drummer of the rising generation, famous for his technical virtuosity, the author of many handbooks teaching how to play the bass) and Tomek Losowski. Both of them were chosen to be “the Best Rhythmic Section” in the year 2004 (by above-mentioned music magazine, “Gitara i Bas”). Raduli also works in many other settings (e.g. he appears in groups formed by Krzysztof Scieranski, very well-known in Europe as a solo bassist), but his own trio was a ‘Number One Project’. Their successful debut took place in Germany at “Ingolstadter Jazz Tage 2003”. Being heard in many other configurations, for quite a long time, Raduli played simultaneously in a band called “Funk dE Nite” (several concert tours and live album – 2004) together with trumpeter Saskia Laroo (Holland), bassist Steve Logan (USA) and a keyboard & vocal magician, Warren Byrd (USA). Raduli also had his contribution playing in a quartet created by Zbigniew Jakubek (one of the best Polish keyboardists). Raduli has never been confined to the stage only; he managed to generate music to a feature film (2004), he is pleased to contribute his talents to many charity projects (helping poor children in Poland or other musicians with serious health problems or tsunami victims). He is always ready to help young performers by taking part in their recording sessions. He is also willing to play with alternative or “niche” groups, e.g. Carrantouhill – a Polish band performing Celtic/Irish folk music. In 2004 they decided to record material for an album together with such Polish jazz giants as vocal world-star Ula (Urszula) Dudziak, Wojciech Karolak (kbs & Hammond), Tomasz Szukalski (sax), bass-master Krzysztof Scieranski and vibraphone virtuoso, Bernard Maseli. Raduli’s skills are widely recognized and appreciated; he has been constantly topping the Internet charts and rankings ( www.fusion.pl ) as the best Polish guitarist playing fusion/jazz-rock music, and his guitar solos have become well-known standards in Polish pop and rock music. In March of 2005, first CD of ‘Pi-eR-2’ group - ‘TRANSPORTER’ - was released, supported by intensive line of live performances in jazz clubs all around Poland. In a whole year of 2005, Marek gave almost 100 concerts (with various bands) and accepted several invitations to play guitar as guest on recordings sessions of various artists. Also, he started to collect material for his second solo album, which release is planned on spring of 2007. The band was created by Krzysztof Ścierański - bg, Paul Wertico - dr (ex-Pat Metheny Group, SBB), Bernard Maseli - vib (Walk Avay) and Marek Raduli - g. Several concerts including Poland, Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Budapest) and Germany (Ingolstadt, XXI Jazztage Festiwal). Edited by bmxgamer on 19 Jan 2007, 11:05 © 2014 Last.fm Ltd. All rights reserved http://www.last.fm/music/Marek+Raduli/+wiki


Wojtek Pilichowski (born 16 April 1969 in Warsaw, Poland) - Polish bass virtuoso, session musician, composer. He has worked with many popular Polish pop/rock artists - Jan Bo, Natalia Kukulska, Kasia Kowalska. His own projects are - jazz trio TTr2 and funk/fusion Pilichowski Band. He also plays in Polish supergroup Woobie Doobie. Wojtek Pilichowski is honored by many prestigious Polish awards, including: Playbox award (a prize awarded by all prime radio stations in the country) for Best Bassist in the following years: 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001 “Gitara i Bas” [“Guitar and Bass”] magazine poll (the winner is chosen by the readers of the magazine) for Best Bassist: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 for Best Rhythm Section: 2001 (with drummer Michał Dąbrówka): 2003 (with drummer Tomasz Łosowski): He also appears on music workshops as an esteemed teacher. © 2014 Last.fm Ltd. All rights reserved http://www.last.fm/music/Wojtek+Pilichowski


One of the most known drummers in Poland. Composer, sideman, teacher (author of the first professional video school for drum set). He has played with many Polish artists. He recorded over 40 albums (including his solo album “C.V.”). He got the “The Guitar& The Bass+ The Drums” ’s award for the best Polish drummer of the year 2004. Together with Slawek Losowski [his father] he plays large outdoor ‘Light and sound’ concerts. At the concerts they present the music of Slawek Losowski www.myspace.com/slawomirlosowski Tom Losowski is a member of the band PiR2 (Marek Raduli – guitars, Wojtek Pilichowski – bass, Tom Losowski – drums) (www.myspace.com/pierdwa). He is an appreciated teacher, willingly participates in many different musical projects, workshops, clinics and drum shows. Tom has a professional recording studio. He records drum tracks for different musicians and bands. He can record drum tracks in his studio FOR YOU and SEND IT BY INTERNET! Tracks can be send in WAVE system, which fits to PRO TOOLS sessions . There is a list of studio equipment: (http://tlosowski.republika.pl/nagrywanie/nagrywanie.html) He writes articles for the popular Polish drum magazine „PERKUSISTA” (www.myspace.com/magazynperkusista). His new video school for the drum set appears there. He is always ready to play and open to new ideas and new proposals from bands, artists, songwriters, managers… If you want to listen to more of Tom’s drum sessions you can go there: http://www.tlosowski.republika.pl/mp3/mp32.html - Edited by ShadowOfTheMan on 16 Mar 2010, 23:19 Sources http://www.myspace.com/tomlosowski © 2014 Last.fm Ltd. All rights reserved http://www.last.fm/music/Tomasz+%C5%81osowski/+wiki

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