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Fissio - I'mpossible - 1998 - Impossible Music

Fissio is a Finnish band and a noted Scandinavian band formed in 1994. Fissio plays mostly originals composed by keyboard player Timo Pratskin and guitar player Peter Engberg. Fissio has toured in Finland at jazz and rock festivals and clubs, and has performed and recorded with many well known Finnish groups. Keyboardist Timo Pratskin the has played and performed with the Pekka Pohjola Group, Instinct, and H.A.R.P., and guitarist Peter Engberg with UMO, Avanti!, and Samuli Edelmann. Peter also continues his studies at Finland's Sibelius-Akademy and has graduated from the Musicians Institute in California (Vocational with Honors/Outstanding Guitarist). Bassist Mikko Vuorela is one of Finland's most in-demand session players. Drummer Sami Sami Kuoppamiki has played with Kingston Wall and Anssi Tikanmki and has studied in in PIT (California) as well as the Manhattan School of Music. "I'mpossible", the band's debut album was released on February 17th 1998 by Impossible Music and is distributed by Texicalli Records (Finland) and Amigo Musik Ab (Sweden). "Forest Tale", "Pärämäts ", and "U.H.E. (Until Head Explodes)" were recorded live. There are tunes with odd meters like “Dance Istvan Dance” and “Fissio Impossible” and there are also folk music influences on "Pärämäts", as well as beautiful ballads like "Goin' Home" and "Pain and Relief". "I'mpossible" is fresh and dynamic fusion with Timo Pratskin and Peter Engberg playing some incredible solos. A very worthwhile fusion album from a band who are not going to receive the promotion they deserve. Buy this album and support real music [All tracks @ 192 Kbps: File size = 92.6 Mb]


1. Forest Tale 4:11
2. Dance Istvan Dance 5:44
3. Once Upon a Time 4:46
4. Dance of Passion 7:50
5. Fissio Impossible 8:37
6. Pain and Relief 3:41
7. Inspection Fee One Million 6:18
8. U.H.E. (Until Head Explodes) 9:13
9. Goin' Home 5:58
10. Pärämäts 6:42
11. Impossible Fade 2:37

Tracks 1-4, 6-7, & 10 composed by Timo Pratskin: Tracks 5,8,9,11 composed by Peter Engberg


Peter Engberg - Guitar
Mikko Vuorela - Bass
Timo Pratskin - Keyboards
Sami Kuoppamiki - Drums
Mongo Aaltonen - Percussion


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