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Alessandro Cossu

Alessandro Cossu - Pensieri - 2010 - Alessandro Cossu

Alessandro Cossu is an instrumental rock/jazz fusion guitarist that has released one album to date, "Pensieri". He studied at Lizard Accademie, one of the most important Italian schools for contemporary music and studied alongside Chris Broderick, Dan Gilbert, Allan Hinds and Jeff Kollman at GIT in California. He also plays guitar in the Italian progressive metal band Ashent. - Alessandro Cossu on Last.fm.

Alessandro Cossu's new CD fpr 2010 is called "Pensieri". Cossu is an Italian guitarist who was inspirationally blown away by the music of Malmsteen, Cacophony and Racer X (especially Racer X "Street Lethal" a very important record that led him towards the guitar hero concept). He was working on some solo compositions when, In 2004, he studied for one year at Lizard Accademie, one of the most important italian schools for contemporary music, with Raffaello Indri. Alessandro later packed his bags and flew to California for one year to study at GIT. There heI had the chanche to study with some great guitar players like Chris Broderick, Dan Gilbert, Allan Hinds and Jeff Kollman, as well as know and be inspired by many musicians. Recently he has officially joined the prog metal band Ashent. © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved http://www.guitar9.com/news2010-06.html

Italian guitarist Alessandro Cossu's debut album Pensieri focuses on the his strength, that being his virtuoso musicianship on the six strings. He has his roots firmly planted in the Malmsteen school of guitar, but Alessandro's music has more in common with jazz and fusion than it does with metal. Helping out Alessandro are Denis Baselli (bass), Mirko Sclabi (drums) and guest Gilles Boscolo who adds saxophone and keys to a couple of tracks. As you might expect this is an all instrumental release with lots of jazzy bits sprinkled among these eight tracks. Alessandro lets loose some mean shredding throughout and his neo classical technique is very good as it is hard to find fault with his playing. You can expect lots of stop/starts and tempo changes throughout which helps keep the music interesting and quite progressive. The music does not differ tremendously from track to track but Cossu does slow down the pace adding moodier parts to keep things from being too one dimensional. There are also some pretty good melodies to be found which for me is important in instrumental music. My favourites include the title track, the jazziest piece here with Boscolo's lovely saxophone, which I would have loved to hear more of and "Direct Crash", a melding of tight crunchy rhythms and neo classical shredding. Other strong tracks include "While Looking Outside" with its dynamic pace, great melody and ripping guitar solos and "A Letter That Hasn't Been Written", a moody dreamlike piece with a layered guitar intro featuring crystal clear notes and some off the charts histrionics. "Another Day" ends the album on a calmer note taking a more subtle approach yet still combining some fine neo classical shredding. I enjoyed Pensieri; it is a solid album from a fine musician. Hopefully Cossu can make a name for himself as there are a lot of talented guitarists out there making a similar style of music. © Jon Neudorf September 23rd 2011 ***!/2 © 2004 Sea Of Tranquility http://www.seaoftranquility.org/reviews.php?op=showcontent&id=11542

I usually get scared when a guitarist with an Italian name describes his music as "fusion" cuz usually that means some indigestible chaotic mess. However Alessandro Cossu delivered an independent effort that is absolutely enjoyable, neither overplayed nor overthought (if there's any word like that, I guess you know what I mean). It might have something to do with his GIT training or with his classic rock guitar influences, who knows why, somehow Alessandro managed to walk the fine line between instrumental rock guitar playing and jazz/fusion. The result is an interesting album that leaves a lot to discover and still does not make your ears bleed or your eyes tick. Obviously there are countless tempo and mood changes but there are a couple of memorable melodies and a relatively tolerable amount of notes per second (not always the case with guitarists who want to melt rock with fusion). My personal favorites included the title track which clearly displays what you can expect from the album and "A letter that hasn't been written" (cool title) which is a slow and moody track with some beautiful melodies, the longest track of the album yet it does not get boring. Don't expect straighforward rock in the Satriani manner, yet it's not necessarily a skipper if you are a bit shy when it comes to "too complex for me" kind of albums, it's worth a try, you might end up liking it. Check his website: www.myspace.com/alessandrocossu © Endre 'Bandi' Hübner Rating: 7/10 © 2011 RockUnited.Com http://rockunitedreviews.blogspot.ie/2011/04/alessandro-cossu-pensieri.html

Great instrumental album with good melodic passages and great shredding solos with rock grooves and plenty of nice jazzy chords [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 93.5 Mb]


1. Out Of Place (4:18)
2. Melting Point (6:13)
3. Pensieri (4:51)
4. Direct Crash (4:41)
5. Away (5:19)
6. While Looking Outside (4:46)
7. A Letter That Hasn't Been Written (6:33)
8. Another Day (4:15)

All Tracks composed by Alessandro Cossu


Alessandro Cossu - Guitars
Denis Baselli - Bass
Mirko Sclabi - Drum
Gilles Boscolo - Sax

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