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Jon Zeeman

Jon Zeeman - Still Life - 2006 - Jon Zeeman

From the age of 8, Jon Zeeman has been obsessed with guitars, amplifiers, wah-wah pedals, power tubes, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. Growing up outside NYC, he studied classical piano and decided on a career in music at the ripe age of 13. Early jobs at IHop and other occupations taught him that the business world, or anything that required waking up early was not for him, and so he spent his high school years practicing more and more and doing less and less homework. After studying music at Ithaca College for 2 years, Jon left school to play on the road. In the mid 80's Jon moved to New York City and became involved in producing, session work and song writing, working at his "Studio Z" in a downtown loft. The New York years were punctuated by many trips to Scandinavia, where he toured and recorded with several groups. Jon began performing his own music in the mid 90's working regularly at the "55" Club and other downtown venues. Leaving NYC at the birth of his daughter, Zoe, Jon now resides in Martha's Vineyard and West Palm Beach Florida, where he performs regularly. He has toured, recorded and performed with such notables as Susan Tedeschi , Janis Ian, The Burns Sisters Band, Chris Spedding , and the Allman Brothers Band. His first CD, "Still Life," was released in Europe in 2003 to much acclaim and was followed by "Zeeland" in 2008. Jon is excited to announce the 2013 release of "Down On My Luck." Content © 2014. jonzeeman. All rights reserved. © http://www.jonzeeman.com/Portfolio.html

Great album of instrumental melodic and groove-driven blues and funky jazz fusion by an artist that should really be more widely known outside New York, Florida, and Scandinavia. In the early 90's, Jon began performing instrumentally and wrote a body of music which could be played with little or no rehearsal with a pick-up band. He was a regular for a long period at NYC's 55 Club, often filling in on Mike Stern's night. In '95 he started spending his summers in Martha's Vineyard and winters in South Florida where he is a regular performer. Jon’s music combines jazz, rock, and blues, and his music is influenced by many great musicians including Hendrix, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, and Miles Davis. Jon has played professionally for over 30 years and has toured, recorded and performed with some great musicians including Susan Tedeschi, Janis Ian, Chris Spedding, and the Allman Brothers Band. However, despite receiving major acclaim for his recordings, he has remained largely invisible in the music world. A great shame considering the amount of trash out there masquerading as music. Rick Davis, writing for Crossroads Blues Society said that, “Jon could be one of the most underrated musicians in the blues field today. As difficult and expensive as it is to tour today, Jon is one blues artist every blues fan should have the opportunity to hear live or at the very least on CD. With his skills he, is bound to gain attention world wide in no time”. “Still Life” is HR by A.O.O.F.C and was co-produced and engineered by the great bassist and violinist Phil McArthur, and recorded at his West Palm Beach Mole Hill Studios. The album was recorded almost entirely 'live' in the studio with the minimum of overdubs or effects. Check out Jon’s “Zeeland” album on this blog and please buy his great "Down On My Luck” album. Support real music and genuine talent [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 115 Mb]


1. The Hop 6:17
2. Still Life 5:26
3. The Secret Louge 5:18
4. Summer 6:49
5. The Cake 3:58
6. Fluid 5:06
7. Snack 4:52
8. Bye Bye Baby 5:14
9. Fast Train Blues 2:36
10. Party Hat 4:47

All tracks composed by Jon Zeeman


Jon Zeeman - Guitar
Phil McArthur - Bass, Violin
Bob Taylor - Piano
Keith Cronin - Drums on Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9
Lou Abbot - Drums on Tracks 3, 5, 9, 10