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Steve Fister

Steve Fister - Dodgin Bullets - 2007 - 2nd Degree Records

Dodgin' Bullets is the fifth album from guitarist Steve Fister. This album represents another stellar showcase for his emotionally charged style of blues-inflected rock. Steve is not only a gifted, high-energy player, but his abilities as an accomplished songwriter and a soulful vocalist are reflected on Dodgin' Bullets. Among the highlights are the rockin' rave-up "She Ain't Lonesome," the infectious funk of "Better Days (We Can Work It Out)," and the hypnotic, blues-soaked "Master Plan," an homage to Fister's roots and first love as a musician. He's also joined by Bonnie Pointer who lends gospel-tinged vocals to his take on the U2 classic "When Love Comes To Town." Dodgin' Bullets also features special guests from an array of musical genres reflecting Fister's musical versatility including Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali, bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm), Whitesnake drummer Tommy Aldridge, drummer Greg Bissonette (Joe Satriani), and Yellowjackets' bassist Jimmy Haslip. Since serving as band leader and musical director for ex-Runaway and platinum rocker Lita Ford, Fister has gone on to tour with rock legends including guitarist Pat Travers, bassist Stu Hamm, and John Kay & Steppenwolf. His solo music has been heard by millions on E! Entertainment Network programs and ESPN and NBC broadcasts for NASCAR and Champ Car. Classic rock and roll is timeless and with Dodgin' Bullets it's clear why guitarist Steve Fister has earned the respect of his musical peers and a growing legion of fans worldwide. © 1998-2005 BluesArtStudio, AUSTRIA http://www.bluesart.at/NeueSeiten/SteveFister.html

The "Shadow King", Steve Fister has returned with his latest release, 'DODGIN' BULLETS'. I have to say, the guitar gods have graced Steve Fister with lightning and groove in his fingertips. Whatever the genre, Steve Fister proves conclusively that he's all over it. Steve Fister is a guitarist with great skill! But in addition to being very technically proficient, Fister has the rare ability to show restraint, playing for the composition's good, and not to just show off. Fister's guitar work on his latest endeavor is quite impressive! Like on his previous recording, Steve is backed up with a few of his musician friends like, bassist Stu Hamm, drum legend, Tommy Aldridge. On the lead off track, "She Ain't Lonesome", features Steve showing off his smooth groove vocals and "When Love Comes To Town" just freakin sizzles, featuring Tony Franklin (Blue Murder/The Firm) on bass. You take a tight band and a deft mixture of covers and original material and the guitar that roared and you've got yourself a major type listening experience, brilliance. As is evident on a killer cover of Rufus' "Tell Me Somethin' Good". Be careful if you play it in your car. Hide the children if you crank it up at home. Steve Fister now has a chair at the table of the masters and that smile that he puts on your soul is a testament to his excellence. Steve Fister is an extraordinary adept and versatile musician. 'DODGIN' BULLETS' showcases his voice and each of his guitar stylings, including slide and acoustic. This is a superb blues rock album that was recorded so well you'd think the band is in your listening room. - By & © The Atomic Chaser July 13, 2006 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED © 2003 - 2010 All Access Magazine All & AccessMagazine.com All Rights Reserved http://allaccessmagazine.com/vol4/issue09/steve_fister.html

Steve Fister from Buffalo, New York has toured with the Pat Travers Band, Steppenwolf and Lita Ford Band, and in the early 80's he joined Iron Butterfly as their lead guitarist. He has recorded several albums under his own name or as the Steve Fister Band. The guy is a sensational guitarist but sadly remains an unknown musician to many people. Steve has been described as "a brilliant guitarist… he not only has soul in his fingers, he has heart in his songs" (Music Connection), and "a talented, versatile guitarist with a love and respect for the instrument's place in several genres" (All Music Guide). “Dodgin Bullets” is a sadly neglected but great blues rock album from a master guitarist and great composer. Robert Silverstein in 21st Century Guitar said that “Guitar ace Steve Fister joins the ranks of today’s rising guitar superstars, and offers undeniable proof of his stature as a masterful solo artist”. Nightwatcher’s House of Rock said that “Steve Fister blends the guitar wizardry of Jeff Beck with a bluesy 70's hard rock vibe, punctuated with the melodic sense of The Beatles”. Bernard Baur in an article in Music Connection said that “Steve Fister has forged a solo style uniquely his own. Playing a form of blues rock fusion, Fister doesn’t just blend genres, he creates new ones”. Steve said in an interview that "My earliest memory of music that moved me was Boogie Woogie piano, and then a bit later the Beatles and the British invasion stuff, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, that led me to Albert King, BB King and Freddy King. That led me to Charlie Christian, then on to fusion jazz. The style where I found my voice on the guitar was always blues based. I have a ton of influences, but I can't shake the emotion and feeling I get from the blues”. “Dodgin Bullets” is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Steve’s “Steve Fister - Unspoken Vol. 1” album and support real music. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 98.7 Mb]


1 She Ain't Lonesome - Fister, Dupree
2 When Love Comes To Town - Clayton, Evans, Hewson, Mullen
3 Master Plan - Fister
4 Won't Fall Down - Fister, Levesque, Mirikitami
5 Better Days (We Can Work It Out)- Fister
6 Tell Me Something Good - Stevie Wonder
7 Zig Zag Talk - Fister
8 I Call Your Name – Lennon, McCartney
9 In A Past Life - Fister
10 Dodgin Bullets - Fister


Steve Fister - Guitars, Vocals
Stu Hamm, Jimmy Haslip, Tony Franklin, Barend Courbois - Bass
Frankie Banali, Tommy Aldridge, Greg Bissonette, Joey Pafumi - Drums
Bonnie Pointer - Vocals on Track 2


Steve has been described as "a brilliant guitarist… he not only has soul in his fingers, he has heart in his songs" (Music Connection) and "a talented, versatile guitarist with a love and respect for the instrument's place in several genres" (All Music Guide). Steve has played in Lita Ford's band in the eighties both live worldwide and on her hit studio albums but although this was eighties hard rock, he never lost his passion for American rooted blues music. Guitarist Steve Fister's fourth solo album (first in Europe) includes musical guests Gregg Bissonette (Carlos Santana, Ray Charles), Tony Franklin (The Firm) Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne), Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets), Eddie Tuduri (Dwight Yoakam, Marianne Faithfull), and Carmine Appice (Jeff Beck, Cactus). On Steve's albums, the guitarist/composer gets back to making music the way he hears it. "Melody and song content is priority one, but at all times I try to keep the drama and excitement levels high." Rhythm plays a large role in these ensemble like albums, but never sacrifices melody or raw emotion. "It is very important to retain a live but refined dynamic feel in the studio. Rather than over producing the guitar parts, I try to keep an open honesty, letting the feel of the song dictate my approach." Steve is a seasoned musician whose performing and recording credits include stints with Michael DesBarres and Lita Ford (where he enjoyed a high worldwide profile, as well as serving as band leader and musical director); extended touring with Stu Hamm, winner of "Guitar Player" magazines' best bassist poll; a North American Tour and CD with guitar legend Pat Travers; and World Tours with John Kay& Steppenwolf. The song "Rocket Town" off the new CD was recently featured on the E! networks Charlie Sheen Celebrity Profile - look for it to come around again soon. Also, "Steam Shuffle" (from "Shadow King") was featured on the E! True Hollywood Story - Andy Kaufman. Steve did all of the guitar work on the animated series of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" for the Fox network, as well as the Tri Star motion picture "Volunteers," starring Tom Hanks and John Candy. The songs, "Slow Slide Down" and "Memphis" were used on VH1's Flix series. They were featured in the making of the new Brad Pitt film, "Meet Joe Black". The disc is getting lots of airplay as well as the CD of the week, on the The Belgium radio show , "Planete Indi". The songs "Hyper Boogie", "Big Guitars and Fast Cars", "Steam Shuffle" and"The Slam" have all been featured as NASCAR theme songs on TNN and ESPN networks. © http://www.stevefister.com/about.htm


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