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Streetwalkers (Roger Chapman Related)

Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers - 1975 - Mercury (U.S)
Great gritty R&B, rock and funk from the one and only “Chappo” and his sidemen. Read more about this album @ http://www.familybandstand.com/part-of-the-load/streetwalkers/downtown-flyers and check out the Chapman - Whitney “Streetwalkers” album, Roger Chapman and The Shortlist’s brilliant “Live in Hamburg” album, and Family’s classic “Bandstand” album.  The 1975 Mercury US release was simply called “Streetwalkers” while the European  title was “Downtown Flyers” because the 1st album didn’t make it to the US. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 116 Mb]


1. Downtown Flyers (Chapman, Tench) 3:56
2. Toenail Draggin '(Chapman, Whitney) 4:14
3. Raingame (Chapman, Whitney) 3:00
4. Miller (Chapman, Whitney) 3:55
5. Crawfish (Weisman, Wise) 4:36
6. Walking On Waters (Chapman, Whitney) 5:58
7. Gypsy Moon (Chapman, Whitney) 4:40
8. Burn It Down (Chapman, Whitney) 7:59
9. Ace O'Spades (Chapman, Whitney) 2:31


Charlie Whitney - Electric, Acoustic & Slide Guitars
Bob Tench - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Jonathan Plotel - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mak Middleton - Keyboards on Tracks 6,7
Pete Wingfield - Keyboards on Track 8
Pali Palmer - Synthesizer on Tracks 4,5,8
Nicko McBrain - Drums, Percussion
Roger Chapman - Harmonica, Percussion, Lead Vocals


Streetwalkers were an English rock band formed in late 1973 by two former members of Family, vocalist Roger Chapman and guitarist John "Charlie" Whitney. They were a five piece band which evolved from the Chapman, Whitney band. The band was managed by Michael Alphandary and Harvey Goldsmith and were best known for their live performances and their album Red Card (1976). By 1977 their potential to become more important in UK rock history was diminished by changing musical taste, due to the growing influence of punk rock and new wave music on European culture. The band had success in USA and Europe, particularly Germany. Chapman and Whitney signed to the Reprise label in 1973 and recorded Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers (1974) with a lineup including other members of Family and King Crimson. When writing about the album for Allmusic, Patrick Little commented: “The mixture of rockers and ballads was not Family; yet there was added depth to the music, stemming from the evolved songwriting and from the involvement of so many musicians. "Roxianna" and "Showbiz Joe" were part New Orleans jazz, continuing the Americana feel of Family's last album. "Systematic Stealth" a lovely textured ballad and the slunky "Creature Feature" demonstrate the range of Roger Chapman's unusual voice, from gravelly crooning to just plain gravel. The album's most stunning moments, "Parisienne High Heels" and "Hangman" are brooding and hair raising in their energy and dark themes.”  During this period keyboard player Blue Weaver appeared with them at concerts, such as the Reading Festival in the summer of 1974. Bobby Tench from The Jeff Beck Group and Hummingbird was also featured in their fluid, informal touring band line up and appeared at concerts such as in Hyde Park, London, the same year. After recording the album Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers, Chapman and Whitney changed the name of their band to Streetwalkers and Tench joined them as an official band member, when they signed to Phonogram Records in 1975. Tench was joined by drummer Nicko McBrain, who would later join Iron Maiden and bass player Jon Plotel. They had previously appeared on a European broadcast for the German TV show Rockpalast with Chapman and Whitney earlier the same year, billed as The Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers. The band's first album, Downtown Flyers (1975) was released in both USA and Europe but did not achieve the anticipated success in USA, although interest in Europe was more encouraging.  Their second studio album, the groove heavy album Red Card (1976) reached #16 in UK album charts and remains a much respected album. The band performed at a series of concerts entitled Who Put The Boot In appearing at UK Football stadiums, during May and June 1976. The billing for these concerts included The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Little Feat, Outlaws, Widowmaker (UK) and Streetwalkers were the last act to appear before The Who performed. On 12 June 1976 they made their first appearance for John Peel on his "Peel Sessions" recorded by BBC radio, with the line-up of Chapman, Whitney, Tench, Plotel and McBrain and were featured by Peel once more as a "Peel session", on March 14, 1977. On 19 April the same year, they made their final appearance on Rockpalast, with a line-up which included Chapman, Whitney, Tench, keyboardist Brian Johnstone, bassist Mickey Feat and drummer David Dowle who later joined Whitesnake. By the time their third and final studio album Vicious but fair (1977) was released, Vertigo had shifted their commercial emphasis to the musical trends of punk rock and new wave music. The euphoria surrounding the band began to diminish and the potential of becoming more established in Europe evaporated. Streetwalkers Live (1977) was their final album and included a rough and ready compilation of poorly recorded tracks, probably released to comply with contractual obligations. In his review of this album for Allmusic, John Dougan mentions the poor quality of the recording and states that: "Chapman tears off a few soulful moments and it can rock". By now the band had broken up and Tench moved on to work with Van Morrisson, along with Feat.


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Nice choice, and an improvement on my 128 files. Too cold for walking the streets these days, so the girls just visit hotels. Take care Mr Fingal. Ratsorat

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Good post - though "Red Card" is the really great album by them. Point of information; I saw them three times in the 1970s; with the Who for the "Boot In" concert at Charlton, and twice in Brighton. For the London "Boot In" concert, Streetwalkers were NOT on before the Who; they were 2nd or 3rd on the bill. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (an astonishingly good live act at the time) immediately preceded "The Who".

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Have you tried The Western World? lol...Paul

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Hi, Mr Grimsdale. Great info and Red Card is a terrific album. I would love to see Chappo live, but nowadays he is very selective where he plays...can't blame him, either! TVM & TTU soon. BTW, where's my milk? LOL....Paul

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as a Family fan I went after Streetwalkers and found them most enjoyable...top misicianship, original songs and Chappo!!

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Hi,Certifiablockhead. Chappo is the man and disgracefully underappreciated in his own country. I plan to see him in concert soon. BTW, I like your prose, poetry, and writings. TVM, & TTU soon...Paul