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Hydra (Citriniti Related)

Hydra (Citriniti) - Odd World - 2002 - Ind.

Citriniti is named after brothers, Danilo and Domenico Citriniti born in Catanzaro, Italy. Drummer Danilo and bassist Domenico gradually shifted their focus from math metal to complex progressive fusion instrumentals, rich in advanced techniques. The intricacy and sophistication of their music is easier to understand when considering that these two stellar musicians grew up going with their father to his gigs and have shared a lifetime of playing together. The level of intuitive musical interplay and synergy created by the Citriniti brothers is a powerful force that inspires awe from fellow musicians. After recording their first effort Hydra Odd World in 2002, the brothers Citriniti began planning their greatest musical achievement to date, Between The Music And Latitude. This album, released on 2006, features Italian session veteran Fabrizio Leo who has played with many successful Italian artists and is known for being one of the best guitarists in Italy. Their songs are an incredible set of intricate compositions, built on tight interplay between the three musicians. In the tradition of other great instrumental projects of this genre, such as Henderson, Smith and Wooten, Liquid Tension Experiment and Howe, Wooten and Chambers, this record is brimming with important performances, both by the ensemble and by each individual musicians jaw-dropping solos. Tone Center has built a strong reputation in the marketplace from recording high caliber musical unions and "Between The Music And Latitude" is a CD that progressive rock and fusion fans will be hailing for many years to come. Mike Varney: "Between the Music and Latitude it is a fantastic effort. You are all stellar musicians! So far, you guys have been the best that I have received from Italy, production, music, songwriting, playing, etc.. " 3rd may 2008, release date of the Citriniti new album! Featuring Fabrizio Leo all guitars and Andrea DePaoli solo keyboards. Their 2008 self-titled cd, is a heavier, more powerful, more progressive and more metallic effort than their previous record. Eleven instrumental tracks are offered, designed to satisfy all the various types of fans of their music. 12/2011 from Citriniti bros: we've officially retired from playing live and recording. ©2000-2014 Metal Storm http://www.metalstorm.net/bands/biography.php?band_id=7729&bandname=Citriniti

Taking a break from the six-string, we're presented with - a six-string! Bass, that is. The southern Italian brothers Domenico Citriniti (bass) and Danilo Citriniti(drums), known as Hydra, submitted their all-original, twelve track instrumental fusion CD-R, entitled Odd World. Talk about a CD-R that needs to get to the pressing plant so the world can enjoy it - this recording features some excellent bass and drums dominated fusion. An added bonus is that they've recruited a number of guitarists, such as Salvatore Ciambrini (guitar on "The Spider" and three others) and Luciano Aloise (guitar on "Insert Miles") to contribute blistered solos to a number of tracks. Domenico has mastered the art of writing compositions around his massive abilities on the six-string bass - it's just as engaging as you'd hope any fusion record might be. Danilo really lays down a great groove for his brother as well; overall, the musicianship is top-notch throughout. The entire project was laid down in their home studio. Impressive! © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved http://www.guitar9.com/undiscov41e.html

This is high octane hard edged fusion, and considering it's national origin, Italy, this is proving that great music, as well as great musicians are coming from every imaginable country. Italy of course has a deep tradition in great music no matter the genre, and fusion is something they are perhaps not so well known for. Hydra is mainly two brothers DANILO CITRINITI - Drums/Keyboards, and DOMENICO CITRINITI - Six String Bass, and joining them are a trio of guitarists that share and assist in the creations of the brothers Citriniti. both the brothers are simply outrageous virtuoso musicians, and stand out from the start to the finish of this cd. Domenico, on bass is one to watch for, his playing is straight from the Alain Caron, Stuart Hamm, Adam Nitti school. He has amazing chops and is never shy to use these skills to drive his brothers drumming skills to the limit, call it family chemistry if you will, but there is no doubt that they are on the same page as far as talent, performance and musical styles are concerned. Considering the skills of the musicians involved, the songs are geared to showcase the limitless abilities of all involved, no doubt that people who love over the top musicianship, particularly the bass, and drums are in for a real treat upon hearing this music, which by the way can be sampled at mp3.com. Danilo Citriniti, doubles on both keyboards and drums, and be honest, I am not entirely sure what he would claim to be his main forte, suffice it to say, he is equally impressive at both, and for my ears, he can really manipulate the drum kit much with the best of them. His playing is aggressive, as well as vigorously improvisational, in many ways he reminds me of a couple other drummer, one being Anders Johansson, and another Swedish player by the name of Morgan Agren. I can only hope that Hydra's music finds it's audience, which from my experiences is a global one, this way the band can keep refining their style, and perpetuate some more cds of this outlandish fusion. If you enjoy bands in the style of Spaced Out, or other bass heavy hard fusion musics, find this cd, you will fiind this some very good stuff indeed. – By & © MJBrady ProGGnosis © 2000 - 2014 where appropriate - All rights reserved. http://www.proggnosis.com/Release_Detail.aspx?RID=6308

Citriniti was an Italian instrumental metal/fusion band named after brothers Danilo (drums) and Domenico (bass). The intricacy and sophistication in their music naturally evolved from a lifetime of playing together. Citriniti played mostly instrumental progressive jazz fusion and metal, using rich and advanced techniques. This is complex and challenging jazz metal fusion, and if you like artists like Combination Head, Liquid Tension Experiment, Mike Keneally, David Torn, Wayne Krantz, and great innovative guitarists in general, you may find what you are looking for in this album of super tech and speedy metal fusion with a real biting edge! Fabrizio Leo played with the band from 2006-2008 and does not play on this 2002 album, but three other guitarists, Salvatore Ciambrini, Luciano Aloise, and Alex Bevilacqua put in some tremendous work. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Check out the immensely talented Italian session guitarist Fabrizio Leo’s “Cutaway” album, and try and listen to Citriniti’s “Between The Music And Latitude” albums. [All tracks @ 221-224 Kbps: File size = 73.7 Mb]


1 Hydra (4:48)
2 M17 (5:19)
3 The Spider (4:37)
4 Insert Miles (6:46)
5 Night Bus Machine (3:12)
6 Odd World (pt.1 & 2) (5:11)
7 Savage Attack (3:33)
8 Timeless (4:42)
9 Hard Zone (4:23)
10 Serious Clown (4:01)

All tracks composed by Danilo Citriniti and Domenico Citriniti


Salvatore Ciambrini, Luciano Aloise, Alex Bevilacqua - Guitar
Domenico Citriniti - Bass
Danilo Citriniti - Drums


Domenico a bass player and Danilo a drummer are two young musicians, born and raised in southern Italy (Catanzaro). Their career in music started in the late '80's, thanks to their father, who was also a musician with a passion for music which he had passed on to his sons. They played music just for fun until one day they had realized it was more than that, music was part of them. The musical scene in southern Italy hardly brought many opportunities to a musician so they put together their first band in 1989 playing metal. This band was around for a few years where they made a couple of demo tapes getting great reviews from well known music magazines. This led them to become part of a CD Collection and playing live concerts in the area, not bad for a start, but the brothers wanted to keep pursuing their music career by exploring new styles. In '92 Danilo became part of the metal band "Glacial Fear" which many metal fans remember the band for the power drumming. Danilo recorded a demo tape and a 45" vinyl with the "Glacial Fear", receiving great reviews and being asked to play many live concerts. Moving in other directions with many new music styles, Danilo and Domenico were getting much more experience joining a variety of local and national bands playing for many different artists. Before starting their first projects "Hydra" together they recorded 3 demo CD's solo, "Demo Bass" by Domenico, WateReign" by Danilo who was the keyboard player with a New Age style and the following year "Over Drums" also by Danilo. In 2002 they decided to self produce a CD together and after a few months with alot of hard work they came out with their new project "Hydra", based on drums and bass. "Hydra" represents all of the ideas and experiences which have matured over the years. The CD includes 10 original songs based on the rhythmic section, written and arranged by Danilo and Domenico. Their friends had also been part of the project playing the guitar to make the CD complete. The recording was done in their Home Studio. "They feel was the best solution for a musician who wants to be creative and working very closely with their own music." Among the many musicians who have inspired and influenced them are Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa, Tribal Tech, Virgil Donati, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, Michael Manring, Victor Wooten, Stuart Hamm, Journey, Jonathan Cain... and JACO... Danilo and Domenico's ultimate goal is to have as many people around the world listening to their music and feeling their groove. © https://archive.org/details/iuma-hydra_danilo_e_domenico_citriniti

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