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Angel and the Bad Boys

Angel and the Bad Boys - Secondhand Blues - 1996 - Consult'art/Dep

Angel Forrest, one of the best known singers of the Montreal area, has been leading her own bands Angel, Angel & the Bad Boys, Angel Sings the Blues, and Angel sings Janis, since she was nineteen. She has appeared on the TV show Beau et Chaud, and has been a regular on CHOM radio's Blue Monday. She has opened for Bruno Pelltier and Burton Cummings , and has guested with Little Anthony & the Locomotives, Dutch Mason and Frank Marino. She has also recorded with Dan Mahoney, George Hill and Edwin & the Bedouins. "Secondhand Blues" is a great album of blues covers, and definitely keeps the blues alive. There are ten covers here of classic blues songs, sung and played very well. The album was described by one reviewer as "a showcase of Angel’s energy and raw talent. The pleasure of her voice delivers the blues with power, style and grace". "Secondhand Blues" is a class act, and HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy her live"Angel Sings Janis" album, and promote this real blues talent


1 Crossroads - Robert Johnson 3:38
2 Mama he treats your daughter mean - Johnny Wallace and Herbert J. Lance 3:31
3 Sweet black angel - trad. 5:10
4 Evil - Willie Dixon 5:18
5 Rock me baby - Lil' Son Jackson 5:21
6 Shadow Of Doubt - Gary Nicholson 5:30
7 Tell mama - Clarence Carter, Marcus Daniel, Wilbur Terrell 5:16
8 Turtle blues - Janis Joplin 4:46
9 Rather go blind - Ellington Jordan and Billy Foster 5:39
10 Wang dang doodle - Willie Dixon 8:07


Angel Forrest - Vocals
Kelly Watling - Guitar
Rob MacDonald - Dobro guitar
Alec McElcheran - Bass
Edwin Orion Brownell - Hammond B3, Piano
David Paul Neil - Drums
Bharath Raja Kumar - Harmonica