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Emergency - Get Out To The Country [a.k.a. This is Emergency] - 1973 - Brain

Emergency, from Munich were one of the early-'70s German groups, who back in the 70's were classified as a Krautrock band. This was a myth as the band played a kind of pop/rock, with funk. jazz and progressive elements. There is some good sax work on "Take My Hand". "Early In The Morning", and parts of "Get Out To The Country" are reminiscent of the early Moody Blues. There is some great string and mellotron work throughout the album. "Get Out To The Country" is not a very inventive album, but the band worked well together and created some enjoyable if unoriginal jazzy pop rock with a soul flavour. Check out the group's "No Compromise" album, which is more original, and technically better, musically.


A1 I Know What's Wrong - Palmer - James, Marvos 5:40
A2 Jeremiah - Berka, Palmer - James 6:00
A3 Take My Hand - Bischof, Schnetzer 5:30
A4 Confessions - Palmer - James 4:00

B1 Early In The Morning - Bischof 3:20
B2 The Flag - Berka, Palmer - James 3:58
B3 Little Marie - Palmer - James, Marvos 3:40
B4 Get Out To The Country - Berka, Dennison - Berka 12:00


Lead Vocals, Timbales, Percussion - Peter Bischof
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals - Richard Palmer-James
Electric Bass, Double Bass - Yerzy Ziembrowski
Organ, Synthesizer, Electric Piano [Fender], Grand Piano, Mellotron - Veit Mavros
Drums, Percussion - Bernd Knaak
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor, Baritone], Flute, Electric Piano [Fender], Mellotron - Hanus Berka


Hanus Berka from Prague came to Germany for the first time in the mid-60's. After an extended stay in Las Vegas, he settled in Munich and formed Emergency at the end of 1970, comprising 4 Czechoslovakians, 1 German and 1 Englishman! Their debut album proved them to be more related to the European jazz scene than the German one. For Entrance (1972), most of the band was changed, as jazz combos tend to be! Udo Lindenberg was replaced by John Redpath and sometimes the famous drummer Curt Cress also performed with the band. At the end of 1972, Emergency was re-organized again, and signed with Brain. Get Out Of The Country (1973) was recorded by (D). Bischof had a soul-ish voice, resulting in a merging of jazz, soul and funk rock, quite song oriented and mainstream. The best track was the 12 minute title track. No Compromise (1974) was recorded by (E). Arguably, this was their best album, due to larger doses of inspired instrumental work. After Emergency disbanded. Frank Diez and Peter Bischof recorded a similarly-styled album together for Atlantic in 1975. © 1995-2010 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/EMERGENCY-No-Compromise-Green-BRAIN-KRAUTROCK-NM_W0QQitemZ190367445559QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Records?hash=item2c52c8b237


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Emergency - Get Out To The Country [a.k.a. This is Emergency] - 1973 - Brain

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