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Coen Wolters Band

Coen Wolters Band - As The Crow Flies - 2006 - Cryingtone Records

He is one of the greatest Bluesmen in Holland! - Uncle John Turner (drummer with Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan). Coen Wolters has plenty of chops borrowed from the Stevie Ray bag, interspersing meaty chords between well-crafted, soaring Strat licks. - Blues Access Magazine (USA). Wolters is a ferocious guitarist, probably more like Chris Duarte than any of his other influences, a most capable vocalist and songwriter -Tom Branson, Bluesrockers.ws. Feedback friendly Blues Rock with Stevie Ray Vaughan's precision and Jimi Hendrix's sonic freakouts. Solid band includes a nasty B-3 player and singer that sounds like Jack Bruce. - Real Audio Music Guide (USA). I've never seen so many people stuned by a performance! You really know how to use your gifts in music. My hat is off to you. Hope to see you on the cover of the Rolling Stone sometime soon! - Steve Monteleone, Alcova (WY, USA) Sunfestival Producer

Modern day blues rock bands are "ten a penny", and many good bands fade into obscurity, due to lack of proper management, media play, or both. Some bands have good musicians but produce inferior material, and also "fall by the wayside". Coen Wolters Band from The Netherlands can play, write good songs, and are definitely a "cut above" the rest. Coen is a good vocalist, and a great guitarist. ‘As The Crow Flies’ was recorded live in the studio, and is a good example of no messin' loud, brash, powerhouse blues-rock. This release is musically, more original than the band's earlier "Broken Glass" album. ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Me’, and‘Dancing With Shadows’ are good tracks, but overall, the album is very good, Texas influenced blues rock, and HR by A.O.O.F.C. Coen Walters Band need a bigger audience. Buy their "Broken Glass" album, and support this classy outfit


1. Devil's Train
2. The Day I Died
3. Gales
4. Dance On the Moon
5. Holy Water
6. Hiding
7. Don't Turn Your Back On Me
8. Slow Motion
9. Wilder Than the Wind
10. Dancing With Shadows

All songs composed by Coen Wolters and/or band members


Coen Wolters - Guitar, Vocals
Bert Oostveen - Bass
Marco Kleinnibbelink - Drums


Since the release of the band’s latest album "As The Crow Flies" (2006) everything changed for the band. Coen's long history of self released CD's and continual live performances, cumulating in the release of his debut "Broken Glass" (2005) CD on Cryingtone Records, established him as an up and coming blues slinger with an original twist of his own. The "live band" sound of "as The Crow Flies", coupled with the tours at major festivals that following year, more than proved to a worldwide audience of rabid fans that Coen Wolters rocks, funks and plays the way he wants to play and leave the comparisons for this crowded genre up to others. It's hard to stand in the shadow of great guitarists, but CWB fans know that Coen's songwriting, music and performances are much more than a typical blues rock Experience. Coen’s performances are always high energy, reflecting his love for live performances. His guitar style is unique and emotionally charged, spiced with just a touch of Texas sizzle. Born in the seventies, Coen began playing guitar until age 18, and within a few of years he was performing in local bands, making a name for himself while his skills advanced rapidly, and dramatically, as the young slinger advanced his name and reputation with each iteration. The early part of his career consisted primarily of playing in rock bands, but by the age of 24 he decided he had to pursue a heartfelt longing to play blues based music. Rapidly progressing from local bar band to an international touring band, the CWB performed on international highly rated festivals like the Skopje Blues & Soul festival (Macedonia), Bluestock, Memphis, TN (USA), Rother Bluestage in Germany (with Snowy White) and the Grolsch Blues festival in Schoppingen (Germany). Readers of the online rockmagazin “Rocktimes” voted the opener song of Broken Glass as 2nd best song of the year. The German national major radio station “Deutschlandfunk” recorded a live show which will be broadcasted early 2007 for a German nationwide audience. A newspaper review after the gig at the Rother Bluestage stated that Coen was: “Young, hot and in a few years one of Europe’s most important Blues guitarists”. Featuring bass Ace Erwin van Gestel and drummer Matthijs Rolleman, the band is ready for another step: Conquering Europe! All rights reserved, Coen Wolters 2009 http://www.coenwolters.net/bio.htm