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Mike Nock

Mike Nock - Magic Mansions - 1977 - Laurie

"Mike Nock has a remarkable sensitivity for intense compositions, outstanding for their clear thoughtfulness." - AUDIO Magazine, GERMANY, "Finely crafted jazz scoring." - Down Beat (USA), ".. a gifted writer, Nock's compositions are full of un-expected twists and turns." - CODA Magazine (Canada - Dec '99)

An obscure, but excellent album from New Zealand jazzman, Mike Nock, produced by Teo Macero. Players include Charlie Mariano, Al Foster and Ron Mclure. The tracks were recorded in N.Y.C., NY, USA, on May 3rd, and 4th,1977. Mike Nock, is certainly not a household name in jazz, although he spent over twenty-five years working in the USA with jazz musicians like Michael Brecker, Yusef Lateef, Dionne Warwick, and Coleman Hawkins. He is primarily a jazz composer, but is now becoming better known working with pianists like Michael Kieran-Harvey, Simon Tedeschi, and Michael Houstoun. His compositions include choral pieces, electronic soundscapes, and film and dance music. "Magic Mansions" is a good example of classic jazz, and synth jazz fusion. His "Open Door" album should be heard. For music of a similar genre, check out the late Charlie Mariano's "Reflections" album @ CHARMARI/REFS


1.A1: Magic Mansions 6:29
2.A2: Twister 6:12
3.A3: Enchanted Garden - Bennie Maupin, Mike Nock 5:22
4.A4: Hybris 3:45

5.B1: Blackout 7:24
6.B2: Everglad 7:05
7.B3: Mambucaba 7:35

All tracks composed by Michael A. Nock, unless otherwise stated


Mike Nock - Keyboards, Piano
Ron McClure - Bass, Guitar
Al Foster - Drums
Nacho Mena - Percussion
Charlie Mariano - Sax (Soprano), Flutes
Lyn Williamson - Vocals


Mike Nock (born September 27, 1940 in Christchurch, New Zealand). He began studying piano at 11 and by 18 had gigs in Australia. He headed a trio that toured England in 1961 and then attended Berklee College of Music. He was a member of Yusef Lateef's band from 1963 to 1965. During 1968-70 Nock was involved with fusion, leading the Fourth Way. After a few years he became a studio musician in New York (1975-85) and then returned to Australia. His 1987 album Open Door with drummer Frank Gibson, Jr. was named that year's Best Jazz Album in the New Zealand Music Awards. He currently lives in New South Wales where he teaches at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney and performs with both his trio and big band. One of his most recent releases is a live recording with saxophonist Dave Liebman.


Mike Nock has long been one of the top modern jazz keyboardists to emerge from his part of the world. Nock began taking piano lessons from his father when he was 11. He began gigging four years later and at 18 moved to Australia. After heading a trio that toured England in 1961, Nock went to the U.S. to attend the Berklee College of Music. After a year he dropped out of school to be the house pianist at a Boston club and had opportunities to work with Coleman Hawkins, Pee Wee Russell, Phil Woods and Sam Rivers among many others. Nock gained some recognition during his period as a member of Yusef Lateef's band (1963-65). He led his own combos, gigged for a short period with the Jazz Messengers and eventually moved to San Francisco where he worked with John Handy. During 1968-70 Nock was involved with fusion, leading the Fourth Way, a pioneer in the idiom. After a few years he became a studio musician in New York (1975-85) and then returned to Australia where he has been busy as both an educator (teaching at the N.S.W. Conservatorium of Music) and as a musician, occasionally revisiting the U.S. As a leader, Nock recorded as early as 1960 (Move which was recorded in Australia) and has made records for Capitol (with the Fourth Way), MPS, Improvising Artists (in a band called Almanac), Laurie, Enja, Timeless, Tomato and ECM. © Scott Yanow © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:z7rvad1kv8w1~T1


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