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Altered - Angular - 2008 - Flitcraftmusic

Guitarist, Jeff Miley received his B.M. in music performance from Cal State Northridge in 1988. Notable features in the music press include: Gendai Guitar Magazine (Japan), Jazzwise (U.K.), and Guitar Player Magazine (featured as the Spotlight Award Winner). Jeff focuses his energy everyday into performing, writing, producing, and recording original music. As a B.I.T. graduate and former B.I.T. instructor, bassist John Flitcraft has 15+ years of experience playing and recording jazz, funk, rock, and theater music. Also a Berklee College of Music alumnus, he has been teaching Bass since 1988. Since moving to LA in '93, drummer Steve Holmes has played with Lee Ritenour, Dorian Cheah, Tony DoRosario, and recorded with Celine Dion, Jenifer Paige, Nidia Rojas and Gary Dourdan. His well received instructional video Shed Some Light is now available worldwide from Hal Leonard. He is currently freelancing in the LA area. He endorses Zildjian Cymbals. - http://alteredjazz.com/

If you’re bored with bland smooth jazz and/or fusion bands using exaggerated displays of musical histrionics just to achieve not very original “fusion” sounds, then give this L.A. based instrumental power trio’s “Angular” album a listen. This is very well played, original, impressive and aggressive jazz fusion. This band (Not to be confused with the Memphis-based band of the same name) will never be as popular as artists like If, Nucleus, Steve Khan, and many more, but it is still good jazz fusion and worthy of a bigger audience. Too many good bands are “flying under the radar”, releasing good albums which often remain in virtual obscurity. In May 2009, Modern Drummer Magazine stated that "On Angular, the tasty guitar, bass, and drums trio known as Altered serves up a powerful compositional blend of instrumental electric fusion with a jagged edge - nothing smooth about this collection." If you like Tribal Tech and Allan Holdsworth, this album may take your fancy and it’s definitely a very good introduction to jazz fusion. Check out the band’s s/t and “Graphic” albums. BTW Has anybody seen One Direction’s movie? You have?! What the *uc* are you doing on this blog?! (lol)!! [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 79.4 Mb]


1 Mr. Burns - Flitcraft 2:07
2 Mocktave - Jeff Miley 3:49
3 Angular - Flitcraft 4:13
4 What’s That Smell? - James Miley 4:38
5 The Voices In My Head Are Never Wrong - Flitcraft 1:26
6 You Heard Me - Steve Holmes 1:27
7 In The Mode - James Miley 4:46
8 Get Go - Jeff Miley 4:42
9 Winter Sun - James Miley & Jeff Miley 7:26


John Flitcraft - Bass
Jeff Miley - Guitar
Steve Holmes - Drums, Percussion
Brian Kilgore - Percussion on Track 9

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