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Eric Wollman

Eric Wollman - Stealth Compromised - 2007 - Impression Records

Eric Wollman is an energetic, spirited guitarist from Brooklyn, New York (U.S.A.) who describes his style as jazz/rock fusion, as documented on his latest release, "East Coast Shoes". His guitars of choice include a Paul Reed Smith Custom and a Parker Fly Deluxe. Wollman has played guitar since 1976, and frankly affirms his career goal, "To be able to tour Europe and Japan, play jazz festivals here and overseas with my band." When requested to name his preferred effect for the guitar, Wollman responded with, "Rocktron Piranha preamp," and submitted his musicial goals, "One of the things I am going for in my compositions is to have a certain mood for each tune, to make sure that the mood is reflected throughout, so that that each solo really has something to do with the tune. I also am going for expressing a feeling of freedom and expansion which is what I feel everytime I play and reflecting my deep love of music by attempting to play with as much beauty as I possibly can." He would like to someday study tenor saxophone, and is currently listening to Cecil Taylor, David Torn and Herbie Hancock. His greatest satisfaction? "When I spontaneously come up with a new tune or when I am taking a solo and feel myself in that creative flow, just going for it not knowing what I am going to play next and surprising myself," he answers indisputably. Wollman notes ongoing and upcoming projects thusly, "I'm currently writing tunes for my next fusion CD. I am also working on some collaborative writing projects. One is a fusion project and the other is a jazz project." Guitar Nine visitors have compared the playing style and/or musical approach of Eric Wollman to guitarists such as Allan Holdsworth and others. © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved

Guitarist/composer Eric Wollman writes in the liner notes about Stealth Compromised, his 2007 studio release, "This recording goes all out in a studio setting to capture the kinetic energy that happens in live performance. The trio maximizes the amount of rhythmic and harmonic interplay, igniting the tunes with creative spirit and freedom. We had great fun making the album. I hope that you, too, enjoy the music." The trio Wollman speaks of features bassist Eric Udel and drummer Gary Weiss. Eric Wollman is a master guitar player and composer of jazz and jazz-fusion. He has toured extensively with Mike Clark and performed with some of the most prominent names those genres including John Handy, Rufus Reid, Jim McNeely, Ron McClure, Kenwood Dennard, Delmar Brown, Adam Holzman and Zack Danziger. Fusion fans will love the Holdsworthian legato lines and the overall creative vibe. © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved http://www.guitar9.com/news2008-02.html

Ovidiu Dumitrescu, the host of “For the Love of Guitar” radio show said that “Stealth Compromised” is a solid, sensational album from the American guitar wizard Eric Wollman! Rich in ideas, majestic musicianship, excellent compositions and crystal sound production, this is a must-own CD. Wollman has something unique to say. His tremendous legato lines and odd-time measures will thrill fans of high quality fusion. The solos are flowing and the overall sound is lush, making for engrossing and satisfying listening. This is difficult and complex fusion executed with skill, dexterity and creativity by all involved. There’s an electric alchemy among the players and an evident sincere passion for high quality fusion music. From “Bravo Tango Kilo” to “Bells,” all the songs caress our ears. By the end of the album, we have the feeling that we’ve discovered something exciting. Guitar fans will feel that they’ve made an excellent musical discovery and will desire to play the CD again and again. Hats off to a sensational guitar player offering something really fresh and inspired in today’s fusion music world!"

"Stealth Compromised" is a wonderful jazz/rock fusion album from Eric Wollman, a skillful, dazzling guitar player from Brooklyn, New York. This guy is a brilliant guitarist and has been compared to Allan Holdsworth, but then what fusion guitarist hasn’t? Check out his "Mood Euthymic" album and “East Coast Shoes” albums. There are many unbelievable guitarists playing today who are not getting the credit they deserve. Check out Shaun Baxter’s “Jazz Metal” album and Guthrie Govan’s “Erotic Cakes” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 89.5 Mb]


1.Bravo Tango Kilo 6:51
2.What Knows Who 4:24
3.Stealth Compromised 4:38
4.Mystery 6:21
5.Tune For Jeff 6:23
6.In Like Fuse 4:41
7.Bells 5:20

All tracks composed by Eric Wollman


Eric Wollman - Guitar
Eric Udel - Bass
Gary Weiss - Drums


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