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Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon - Broadcasting The Blues - 1996 - Blue Ace Records

Electric blues guitarist Jay Gordon recorded a series of albums for Blue Ace that inspired comparisons to such legendary guitarists as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Beginning with Blues Infested (1994), Gordon won much praise from the blues community. Each successive album became increasingly successful -- Broadcasting the Blues Live (1996), Electric Redemption (1998), and so on -- and the guitarist soon found himself being compared to some of the most legendary guitarists to ever play electric blues. In 2000, Gordon collaborated with Phillip Walker on the Jaywalkin album for Blue Ace, yet another accomplishment for the celebrated guitarist. Furthermore, in addition to his guitar playing, Gordon also produces and sings on many of his own recordings. © Jason Birchmeier © 2013 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jay-gordon-mn0000220727/biography

Gordon grew up in Chicago, the center of the blues world. Throughout his career, Jay Gordon has become famous for his slashing guitar solos, his passionate vocals, and his dedication to the blues. While his inspirations have included Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, he does not sound like any of his predecessors and has long had his own distinctive voice. Never interested in merely recreating the past, Jay has moved the blues forward to the 21st century, infusing the music with the fire and power of rock while carving out his own place in the music world. Gordon has recorded 14 CDs, headlined his own European tours and gained a worldwide reputation. He was one of 50 guitarists picked by Eric Clapton (who was very impressed after hearing one of Jay's CDs) to perform at the 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival. Jay has played and opened up for many famous artist, such as, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paul Rogers, and Bad Co., 38 Special, BB King, Def Leopard, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Montgomery Gentry and many more. Jay also played to 250,000 screaming fans at Sturgis, S.D. several times. HIS SONGS ARE ON TOUCH TUNES JUKE BOXES, ACROSS THE USA. Jay Gordon has been featured on nationally syndicated radio program, Blues Deluxe. "Jay Gordon and his band are one of our favorite ways to rock the blues!" said Dave Johnson, host of BLUES DELUXE - which is heard weekly on over 100 stations across the U.S. with a two million-plus listenership. Jay's music is also featured on Electric Blues Radio, and many other stations worldwide. Jay Gordon the legendary blues rock guitarist was one of the Judges at the 2010 and again 2011 Guitar Center's "King of the Blues contest." Jay also recorded with the Texas Guitar legend Phillip Walker. Jay Gordon received the REAL BLUES ANNUAL AWARD, Canada for Best Blues/Rock Guitarist 2001, 2003 and 2006. Jay won best Blues Band award at the 2007 Annual South Bay Music Awards. At the 2009 Annual South Bay Music Awards Jay won Guitarist of the year. His signature song “Fire & Brimstone Boogie" was one of the hits of the evening. 2012 Grammy® Nominee 2012 The 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. Jay Gordon was presented his Nomination for "Americana, Blues, Roots Artist of the Year" from Al Bowman Saturday Night March 10, 2012 at the Hollywood, CA. House of Blues. Jay and his band Blues Venom have also been Nominated for "Rock Album of the Year and Show Case Artist." 2012 Jay won the LAMA Award for Show Case Artist of the Year. 2012 Jay also received the LAMA Producers Choice Award for Guitarist of the year. 2012 His bassist Sharon Butcher received the LAMA Producers Choice Award for Bassist of the year. She also won the 2009 Annual South Bay Music Awards for Bassist of the year. Jay had two featured songs ( Black Top Alley and Stringstalkin) in a major motion picture “My Brother's War” produced by James Brolin. Jay co-wrote with Keven Kern and played on the first three episodes of “Nightmare on Elm Street” the TV series. Jay’s songs are used by A&E reality show, “Parking Wars 2008 and 2009 seasons. “Fire & Brimstone Boogie” on episode 21, "Driving Me Wild" on episode 26 & 29, "My Heart Is Heavy" on episode 34 and "Lost In Time" on episode 35. Al Bowman, the founder of the Los Angeles Music Awards said, "You are truly the single best guitarist in LA, maybe the US. Few play like you Jay". © http://bluesvenom.com/Jay%20Gordon.htm

From the opening line of Track 1: "Well,my home is in the delta",you'll be spellbound by the power of this CD !. Music's raw - guitar,bass and drums and gutsy vocals. Covering Blues standards and 2 originals,this album will appeal to blues and metal guitar fans. Power of the music matches those blues standards by Led Zepplin like : "You Shook Me", "I Can't Quit You Baby", "Black Country Woman" (LZ original). This music needs to be played LOUD and it feels as though Jay is right in front of you with thumping bass drum kicking you in the face. Tracks 1 to 5 are super charged - need to be listened to be understood or believed. Track 6 - solo guitar work. Track 7 - bass drum kick not prominent as in Tracks 1-5. For raw power,this beats SRV,Hendrix,Malmsteen - so you'd better be ready for what's coming your way. Jay Gordon understands dynamics well - his guitar licks come in at the right time,pickin at times and loud and raw at others,all well and timely paced... – from ***** Play it Loud !!!!!, April 8, 2002 By & © Rock And Roll (Russia) © 1996-2013, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Broadcasting-Blues-Live-Jay-Gordon/product-reviews/B000005X05/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

Jay Gordon is yet another of those phenomenally gifted guitarists, singer/songwriters who for some unknown reason flies just below the collective radars of many mainstream music fans. His explosive playing has drawn comparisons to all past heavyweights of the blues and rock world. But, even though he demonstrates the influences of most great blues/rock guitarists, his work bears little similarity to those before him. While his music is difficult to describe in a few words, let me try by saying that he plays with the intensity of Walter Trout, Frank Zappa or Alvin Lee, the raw passion of Johnny Winter or Hound Dog Taylor, and does it all with the precision of the world’s finest Swiss watch. His work is unpredictable, impossible to categorize, and chaotic. It is also brilliant. If Fender ever decided to build an assault rifle, Jay Gordon would be offered the first Artists model. ©Tom Branson - www.bluesrockers.ws

Tom Branson of bluesrockers.ws said that “Jay Gordon is yet another of those phenomenally gifted guitarists, singer/songwriters who for some unknown reason flies just below the collective radars of many mainstream music fans”. Perhaps the relative obscurity of Jay Gordon’s music relates to the word “mainstream”. You will seldom, if ever hear musicians like Jay Gordon on mainstream music TV and radio. Real music lovers know the kind of “music” to be found there. This is a great live album. The blues will never die with great bluesmen like the Charlotte, Carolina born Jay Gordon around. Jay plays pure raw electric blues with a passion that’s rare these days. Tracks 1-5 are taken from a 1990 live radio broadcast at KCSB Studios in Santa Barbra, CA. Track 6 was recorded in 1990 and is a tribute to the late, great SRV. Track 7 was recorded in 1995 in Lucilles, Universal City, LA on November 11th, 1995. This album of mostly blues classics is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Jay’s outstanding “Electric Redemption” album and support genuine blues rock. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 149 Mb]


1 Delta Row – Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon 8:34
2 Hoochie Coochie Man/Big Boss Man – Willie Dixon/Al Smith, Luther Dixon 11:59
3 Sky Is Cryin’ – E.James, M.Levy, C.Lewis 8:22
4 Leave My Little Girl Alone – Buddy Guy 9:14
5 Voodoo Boogie/Dust My Broom – Jay Gordon/Elmore James 4:45
6 Blues Infested – Jay Gordon 6:25
7 Stop Breakin’ Down – Buddy Guy 11:01


Jay Gordon - Electric & Slide Guitar, Vocals
Russ Greene - Bass Guitar
Will Donovan - Drums
Butch Azevedo - Drums on Track 7

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