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Shaun Baxter

Shaun Baxter - Jazz Metal - 1994 - Zok Records

The debut recording from British guitarist Shaun Baxter is somewhat of an underground guitar classic. The title along with a limited availability contributed to the recording's lore, but in reality this is a pretty typical Fusion/Shred session. There is more Metal than Jazz here and by the latter's traditional definition, not one note is swung. Baxter is a fine and versatile technician and offers up some impressive pyrotechnics throughout the session, but despite his own claims, there is no real innovation here. His style and sound borrow from the legato approach of both Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson with a heavier edge, but it would have been more interesting to hear a strict application of his formal Jazz guitar training. This would have been possible too as bassist Terry Gregory has played alongside Jazz guitar great Martin Taylor. Labeling the music as 'Jazz Metal' creates a set of expectations in both Jazz and Metal camps, but the results here won't satisfy either one of them. This is not imply that this is not a worthwhile session, to the contrary, as there is plenty to enjoy for guitar fans, just leave the labels off. © Robert Taylor © 2013 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/jazz-metal-mw0000979568

Since 1986, the great, but somewhat obscure British guitarist Shaun Baxter has been involved in music lecturing, tuition, musical production, and writing for various guitar and music publications including Guitar World Magazine, Guitar Techniques, Metal Hammer, and The Guitar Magazine. In 1996 he was voted runner-up as Best New Guitarist by the readers of Total Guitar magazine. He has taught Composition and Music Performance at the London College of Music, and various other colleges and universities throughout Britain. He co-founded the Guitar Institute in London and taught there every week as Principal Rock Instructor until 2006. Some of his students include artists like Bonnie Tyler, John Wetton, Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett, Rick Wakeman, Mike Oldfield and Roger Waters. He wrote the World’s first Grade 8 Rock exam for Trinity College (Rock School Grades). He has toured and recorded with many artists including Carl Palmer, Todd Rundgren and many more. With all these engagements, his recorded output is tiny. He has said himself that his guitar has remained in it’s case for six months at a time! Shaun is often compared to great guitarists like Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson. However, he has never set out to mimic these guitarists’ styles. In fact, Shaun is noted for avoiding typical guitar clichés in his playing. He says “I hate cliché: that’s why I don’t listen to the blues. I know that’s very unusual for a guitar player, but I just don’t get inspired by it. I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid sounding clichéd, and studying other instruments is certainly a good way to avoid sounding like other guitar players. I do most of my listening in the car these days, and usually it’s piano players like Joey Calderazzo or Gonzalo Rubulcaba, or saxophonists like Michael Brecker or Chris Potter”. Since recording “Jazz Metal” in 1993 Shaun says that, “My taste has got more left field. I have various priorities as a musician: I like melody without cliché; I don’t like indulgent waffle; good composition is also important and, most of all, it’s got to have some beauty; however, as a listener, I have increasingly found that it’s atonal and avant-garde sounds that turn my head; so it probably means that my music will end up sounding even more obscure than before, but, hey, I can please myself these days: musically I don’t need to compromise, and if people like how my playing and taste have evolved then that’s great”. One website described Shaun Baxter’s musical efforts as an “eternal quest for a middle ground between hard core jazz and super advanced rock”. That’s a good description of Shaun’s great playing. “Jazz Metal” is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Read an interview with Shaun @ http://www.andymclaughlan.com/1/post/2011/10/interview-with-shaun-baxter-guitar-techniques.html and listen to one of his training solos @ http://www.truthinshredding.com/2011/08/shaun-baxter-more-great-improvisation.html It would be great to hear some new solo albums from this mega-talented guitarist. Don’t forget to listen to The Aristocrat’s new “Culture Clash” album featuring the world’s No.1 guitarist, Guthrie Govan [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 100 Mb]


1. Strike Up The Band - Baxter, Elliott 3:00
2. Throw Down - Browne, Ellis 5:08
3. Chicken Soup - Leibman 4:14
4. G-Spot Blues - Baxter 2:21
5. Baxter's Brew - Baxter, Kyriacou 6:08
6. Make It Reel - Baxter, Elliott 3:02
7. Birdman - dedicated to Charlie Parker - Baxter 3:36
8. I'm Not Sure Yet - Baxter 6:07
9. 12 Bars From Mars - White, Moroc 3:32
10. Gregory's Girl (Bass Solo) - Gregory 1:14
11. Open Invitation - Baxter, Elliott 4:41


Shaun Baxter - Guitar
Terry Gregory - Bass
Simon Hale - Keyboards
Paul Elliott - Drums


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