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Barrett Tagliarino

Barrett Tagliarino -Throttle Twister - 2009 - Barrett Tagliarino

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Barrett Tagliarino started playing guitar at age 9. He studied privately with Tony Bowles, who now tours with Hank Williams, Jr. Barrett attended Indiana University, and then made the move to Los Angeles in 1984. Barrett has two CDs of intense guitar music in various styles: Throttle Twister (2009) and Moe's Art (1998), both available via iTunes and CDBaby.com. Barrett has appeared on every stage in Los Angeles from the Whisky-a-Go-Go to the Viper Room. He's recorded commercial projects for ARCO, Sony, Miller Lite, the Food Channel and MTV. Barrett has written six instructional books including Rhythmic Lead Guitar, Guitar Reading Workbook (Behemoth Publishers), Guitar Fretboard Workbook, Chord Tone Soloing, and Music Theory: A Practical Guide for All Musicians (Hal Leonard). Classic Rock Guitar Soloing is his DVD, also available from the Hal Leonard Corporation. He has also published instructional articles in Guitar Edge, Guitar Player and Guitar One mags. Barrett served as Rock Department Head at Hohner Musikschule in Vienna, Austria, in 1994, and has been a full-time instructor at Musicians Institute in Hollywood since 1989. Barrett uses and endorses Suhr guitars, D'Addario strings, and Kaliphoria amplification. © http://www.monsterguitars.com/btbio.htm

There are quite a few great guitarists playing today who spend most of their time with lecturing, music tuition, and writing various guitar instruction books as well as penning articles for various music and mostly guitar magazines. The great, but somewhat obscure British guitarist Shaun Baxter is one example. His great "Jazz Metal" album can be found on this blog. "Throttle Twister" is one of only two albums released by the Louisville, Kentucky born guitarist and instructional author Barrett Tagliarino. The album contains eleven brilliantly executed instrumentals all with rock, metal, fusion, hard rock, and blues elements. You may notice the influences of great musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson, to name just a few. Paul Gilbert and Scott Henderson appear on two tracks on the album and the great Mr.Gilbert, himself has taken a few lessons from Barrett Tagliarino. If Paul Gilbert needs any tutelage then God help all the aspiring shredders out there! (lol)! Like so many guitarists on this blog, Barrett Tagliarino may just be one of the best guitarists you have never heard! Buy "Moe's Art" album and support great, original instrumental rock/fusion guitar. “Throttle Twister” is also available as a paperback with complete guitar notation and tablature. Check out http://www.amazon.com/Throttle-Twister-Vincent-Barrett-Tagliarino/dp/0980235316/ref=pd_bxgy_m_img_y [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 96 Mb]


1. Wrecked on the Sirens' Rocks 4:23
2. Throttle Twister 4:51
3. In the Fine Texas Tradition 4:40
4. Birds of Prey 4:42
5. Healer 4:34
6. Delta Queen 4:23
7. Suite Zero G 4:58
8. Dust Commander 3:37
9. Redheaded Rider 3:43
10. Devil's House Party 4:00
11. Welcome Your Overlords 4:48

All tracks composed by Barrett Tagliarino


Barrett Tagliarino - Guitar
Paul Gilbert - Guitar on Track 5
Scott Henderson - Guitar on Track 10
Alexis Sklarevski - Bass
Steve Welch - Organ
Jon Rygiewicz - Drums


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