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Lucian S. Tu

Lucian S. Tu - Oblique Effect - 2002 - Severe Recordings

Lucian Tu, (Co-Founder and Principal, Origin Guitars) is a Musical Instruments Industry professional with over 13 years of experience. Tu has a broad background in product design, product marketing, manufacturing, and business operations. Prior to creating Origin Guitars, Tu worked for Hoshino USA as Manager of Ibanez Electric Guitars. Tu established Lucian Tu Design (LTD) in 2004 and has provided Product Design and Product Marketing services to many of the Industry’s top corporations including: Universal Audio, Hoshino/Ibanez Guitars, Digidesign, Zoom, Fishman, Solid State Logic, Ultimate Support, and others. Tu also co-founded guitar effects company Damage Control in the same year. Tu started in the MI industry in 1998, joining Line 6 as the first and principal in-house Industrial designer. Ultimately, as Manager of the Visual Design Group at Line 6, Tu was responsible for establishing the original design style of many of the company’s most successful products. Tu’s considerable history and expertise in the Musical Instruments and Pro-Audio Industry has resulted in some of the Industry’s most striking and trend-setting product designs. Tu is also a guitar player and producer and has produced several albums including Oblique Effect released in 2001 and most recently Oblidian, released 2010. Tu holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Product Design with Honors from Art Center College of Design. © 2010-2013 ORIGIN GUITARS LLC. All rights reserved. http://originguitars.com/About.html

A new class of progressive metal!!! Oblique Effect sets a new standard for progressive music. This album is a masterpiece of unique song writing, jam-packed with driving emotion. Five stars all the way! If you are craving the absolute best in new metal, Oblique Effect is for you. © Billy Weston © cdbaby.com/cd/luciantu

Debut solo album from progressive metal guitarist Lucian S. Tu. The album contains thirteen potent instrumental progressive metal tracks with exceptional musicianship. Lucian plays some explosive grinding guitar riffs and soaring leads backed by a relentless rhythm section of drums and bass. The album features a number of guest guitar soloists including Jim Williams, Jeff Slingluff, Eric Kirkland. It is worth mentioning the exceptional guest soloing from Erik Norlander (Lana Lane) and Jimmy Williams (Steel Prophet). It should be said that these are mostly instrumental guitar albums in the progressive and shred metal vein. The sometimes mind blowing but truly brilliant guitar pyrotechnics on many of these kind of albums usually take precedence over the quality and innovativeness of the compositions. It depends on what you are looking for. "Oblique Effect" is an outstanding example of virtuosic guitar solos and techniques. If you are happy with that, then by all means give this album a listen. If you are looking for both quality in instrumentation and composition, then you would probably prefer albums like Wishbone Ash's "Argus" or Television's "Marquee Moon". "Oblique Effect" is on this blog for the quality of Lucian Tu's amazing guitar proficiency. Check out Lucian’s "Oblidian" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 123 Mb]


1 Intro (00:52)
2 Bifurcation (6:40)
3 Mirrored (5:20)
4 Cantankerous (4:37)
5 Piano Interlude (2:37)
6 Grey to Gey (5:06)
7 The Little Drone (2:17)
8 The Biomechanicals (6:17)
9 Deconstructive (3:37)
10 Zero Hour (5:48)
11 Home World (4:09)
12 Simulated Stimulation (5:11)
13 Armada (7:38)

All tracks composed by Lucian Tu


Lucian Tu - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming
Dan Bombassei, Dan Cohen, Eric Kirkland, Jeff Slingluff, Jim Williams - Guitar
Ryan Perkofski - Bass
Dave Fournier, Erik Norlander- Keyboards

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