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Michael Harris

Michael Harris - Defense Mechanizms - 1999 - Imminent Music Force

Guitarist Michael Harris from Dayton Ohio, has been amazing audiences for over twenty years with his breathtaking axe-work. He is not a household name, but has performed and/or recorded with musicians that include Yngwie Malmsteen, Robert Fripp, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, and David Chastain among others. During the 90s, Michael’s band, Arch Rival, obtained record deals in Europe and Japan for three albums, with all the compositions mainly credited to Michael. Since then, he has released seven solo albums globally and has played on many more collaborative albums, including keyboard maestro, Vitalij Kuprij’s “Revenge” and “Glacial Inferno” albums. “Defense Mechanizms” is really a showcase for Michael Harris’ masterly guitar chops. There are many other guitar albums with more original compositions but inferior guitar. If you like great guitar, and are not too bothered about listening to more innovative song structures, you will probably get a lot from this album. Listen to some sound snippets from this album @ http://connect.pure.com/p#!/it/flow/store/release/172731-Defense-Mechanism and listen to Michael’s “Orchestrate” album. If you haven't heard the guitarists Guthrie Govan, and /or Shaun Baxter, please check out their work. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 119 Mb]


1 Defense Mechanizms 4:36
2 Tranz-Orbital Schizophrenia 4:54
3 Mind Or Heart? 3:48
4 Psychotic Biorhythms 4:46
5 Classical Conditioning 1:32
6 Eminent Domain 5:59
7 Collision Course 3:54
8 Tarantula 4:59
9 Call To Arms 2:32
10 Octavian: Heir To The Conqueror 4:36
11 Wolfgang Lives! 4:12
12 Through The Eyes Of Eternity 5:50

All tracks composed by Michael Harris except Track 11 by W.A. Mozart. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12 recorded @ Midtown Studio, Nashville during May - Nov. 1990: Tracks 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 recorded @ Refraze Studio, Dayton, OH during Aug. - Nov. 1989


Electric & Acoustic Guitar - Michael Harris
Gary Rigmaiden - Bass
Greg Martin - Drums


Michael Harris born in Dayton, Ohio is an American guitarist and composer. He is most noted for his work as founder and guitarist for rock band Arch Rival and for his primarily instrumental progressive guitar work. His later music is a fusion of progressive metal and a hint of classical music. He cites the influence of his father (a jazz musician) and mother (a classical musician) for his unique style. Harris formed the band Arch Rival in 1986 with Gary Rigmaiden (bass), Greg Martin (drums), and several other musicians. After hiring many vocalists unsuccessfully, the band found their niche in Michigan vocalist Steve Snyder. The group found a measure of commercial success, particularly in Europe and Japan via its first full-length album, 'In the Face of Danger' (1991). The band went on to release two more albums: 'Wake Up Your Mind' (1993) and 'Third Degree Burns' (1997), and a self titled EP in 2008. As Arch Rival's first album was released, Harris began to become more heavily involved in personal explorations of neoclassical and progressive metal instrumental work. These were primarily solo works, although sometimes backed with additional talent. His first solo album, 'Defense Mechanizms' (1991), was released to critical acclaim. Later albums include 'Ego Decimation Profile' (1996), 'Distorted Views' (1999), 'Sketches from the Thought Chamber' (2001), 'Words Collide' (2003) and 'Orchestrate' (2006). 'Orchestrate' is an exploration of a more purely neoclassical style than on previous albums. Progressive metal guitar heavyweight David T. Chastain partnered with Harris in 1992 to create a live guitar duo album, 'Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!!'. Harris formed a heavy metal band, Surgeon in 1995 to perform extreme heavy metal. Surgeon released its sole album, 'Encyclopedia of the Insane' (1996). The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion evolved from The Michael Harris Project, and has officially been Michael's live band since 2001. Currently Harris continues to develop his neoclassical and progressive metal career in solo projects. Harris has also lent his guitar skills to Ukrainian keyboard virtuoso, Vitalij Kuprij. He performs on Kuprij's albums 'Forward and Beyond' (2004), 'Revenge' (2005) and 'Glacial Inferno' in 2007. Harris recently formed a new progressive group, Thought Chamber. The band's debut release 'Angular Perceptions' was released worldwide to critical acclaim on Inside Out Music in April 2007, followed up in 2013 with a concept record entitled "Psykerion". Michael also formed a new metal band, Darkology, whose debut disc, "Altered Reflections" was released on RAH Records on November 16, 2009. Their 2nd record, "Fated to Burn", is slated for an early 2014 release on Prime Eon Media.


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Freg said...

I like this, Paul, and i thank you, but i really couldn't see myself listening to it very often. A guitarist with amazing dexterity but not a lot to say. I'll be very interested in future developments, though!

Cheers, my friend

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Freg. I get your drift. That's why I said "If you like great guitar, and are not too bothered about listening to more innovative song structures, you will probably get a lot from this album". In fact, although he is a skillful guitarist, you are right. Impressive playing, but maybe not an album for repeated listenings. TVM & TTU later...Paul