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Triton - Boomerang - 1992 - Calling Card (Germany)

Fronting a trio with a guitar is a tough job. You need an ego the size of Idaho and an obsessive love of guitar. Next you need big skills and to know how to make the trio sound work. After all, when you play lead, the rhythm instrument vanishes and the music can sound thin. There are tricks a trio can execute to divert attention from the missing rhythm instrument, but playing lead without rhythm support is different from rippin' out a quickie lead over a full band. Well, here's a German trio that delivers the goods. I can't tell you how this rings my bell. All three musicians do the right thing at the right time all the time. AND IT'S LIVE IN THE STUDIO! - no overdubs. The music is dosed with funk, blues, Latin and a massive blast of metal. Two cuts add a soprano sax (no credit for the poor guy) and even sound jazzy. Franz Holzman on guitar has a Mahavishnu/Hendrix style that sucks me right in. Arnd Geise on bass and Jost Nickel on drums are already my favorite combo that I first heard on Matalex/Jazz Grunge. Together they make music that is smart, raunchy, loud, and complex. Every song is expertly crafted and precision delivered like a Gulf War laser missile. This is great music for rockers to get into Jazz, or even jazzers to transition into 'rawk'. © 2013 Trade Me Limited http://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/cds/pop-rock/artist-s/auction-406423294.htm

"Triton" based in Hamburg, Germany were at their most popular between 1989 and 1998. "Boomerang" is a very good, uncomplicated jazz-rock/fusion album with metal, blues, funk and Latin touches, and laced with some great fretwork from guitarist, Franz Holtmann. This is not a very well-known album, but it’s very enjoyable, and a very worthwhile album with a lot of merit. Check out Triton’s “Vivid Dreams” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 128 Mb]


1 Boomerang 7:06
2 The Griffith 5:39
3 Slow Motion 6:19
4 Lindwurm 5:47
5 Dreamtime 5:47
6 Sense of Five 3:55
7 V.U.P. 7:31
8 What?! 3:31
9 Wap Du Wah 5:02
10 Don't Bother Megravity 6:02

All tracks composed by Franz Holtmann except Track 7 by Arnd Geise


Franz Holtmann - Guitar
Arnd Geise - Bass
Jost Nickel - Drums
Wolf Burbat - Soprano Saxophone on Tracks 5, & 7

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