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Tetsuo Sakurai featuring Greg Howe & Dennis Chambers

Tetsuo Sakurai featuring Greg Howe & Dennis Chambers - Gentle Hearts - 2001 - Victor Entertainment

Tetsuo Sakurai born 13/11/1957 is a Japanese bassist. To date, (2 March 2013) he has released a total of 37 albums as a member of Casiopea and Jimsaku and solo artist, and has also made 3 bass instructional videos. Tetsuo started playing bass when he was 13 years old. In 1976, Sakurai, with Issei Noro, founded jazz fusion band Casiopea in 1976. He released 19 albums while in Casiopea but later left the band with Akira Jimbo in 1989 over musical differences. Both of them then went on to form a new jazz fusion supergroup, Jimsaku. Jimsaku was active for nine years, until 1998, when it was disbanded and both Sakurai and Jimbo went on to pursue individual solo careers. Sakurai's third solo album TLM20, released in 2000, was recorded live in a concert with Casiopea members Issei Noro and Minoru Mukaiya, Akira Jimbo, and Kazuki Katsuta of Dimension. The fourth solo album Gentle Hearts, released in 2001, was recorded with Greg Howe & Dennis Chambers. The fifth solo album Cartas do Brasil was released in 2003 and was a vocal ballad cover album recorded in Rio de Janeiro with Djavan, Ivan Lins, Rosa Passos and other artists. In 2004, Tetsuo toured with Greg & Dennis. The following year, the tour live performances was released on DVD titled Gentle Hearts Tour 2004. Sakurai is currently composing and playing his own music as a solo artist with domestic and foreign musicians. – WIKI

Dont let the title kid you. There's little gentleness on this critically acclaimed instrumental rock fusion album by the great Japanese bassist Tetsuo Sakurai, best known for his work with Casiopea and Jimsaku. The album features killer guitar work from the phenomenal Greg Howe, with drums supplied by the amazingly talented and dynamic drum legend Dennis Chambers. The power trio also toured and later released the CD/DVD album "Gentle Hearts Tour 2004" in 2005. Great fusion and HR by A.O.O.F.C [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 102 Mb]


1. Samurai Faith 4:52
2. Brain Storm 6:05
3. Punk Jazz 5:54
4. Gentle Hearts 3:59
5. The Invisible Way 6:15
6. Maximum 5:16
7. Wonderland In the Sky 7:36
8. Dandelion 4:37

All tracks composed by Tetsuo Sakurai except "Punk Jazz" by Jaco Pastorius


Greg Howe - Guitars
Testsuo Sakurai - Bass
Masatake Ohsato - Synthesizer
Dennis Chambers - Drums

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