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Touch And Go


Touch And Go - I Find You Very Attractive - 1999 - V2

A great experimental jazz-pop album.Clever lyrics with excellent musicians and some good Latin and cool lounge touches make this a fun and very enjoyable album.If you're a jazz purist you may not like this album, but relax and give it a spin.You might just get to like it!


Straight to...Number One ... David Lowe, James Lynch, Vanessa Lancaster
Big Beat ... David Lowe, Steve Mellor
Ecoutez, Repetez ... David Lowe
Would You...? ... David Lowe
So Hot ... David Lowe, James Lynch, Grant Buckerfield, Vanessa Lancaster
Mein Freund Harvey (Sugar Daddy) ... David Lowe
Tango in Harlem ... David Lowe, Julia Fischer
Are You Talking About Me? ... David Lowe, Julia Fischer
Life's a Beach ... David Lowe, James Lynch
Thanks for Coming ... David Lowe
Would You...? [Trailermen Go to Rio Edit] ... David Lowe, James Lynch
Straight to... Number One [Dreamcatcher's Mix] ... David Lowe


David Lowe (vocals, keyboards, bass, drums); Alexa Motley, Julia Lara, Sandrine Henriot, Amaru Del Rio Romero, Ana Acicoly (vocals); Vo Fletcher (guitar); Sovra Wilson-Dickson (violin); Steve Mellor (clarinet, saxophone); James Lynch, Ted Emmett (trumpet); Andy Wood (trombone).


Ted Emmet (Trumpet), Charlie Gillett (A&R), Noel Summerville (Mastering), David Lowe (Bass), David Lowe (Arranger), David Lowe (Drums), David Lowe (Keyboards), David Lowe (Vocals), David Lowe (Producer), David Lowe (Engineer), David Lowe (Mixing), Tim Gordine (Editing), Touch & Go (Main Performer), Andy Wood (Trombone), James Lynch (Trumpet), James Lynch (Flugelhorn), Wilson Dickson, Sovra (Violin), Ana Accioly (Vocals), Jules Bromley (Producer), Jules Bromley (Mixing), Grant Buckerfield (Engineer), Cool Fish (Mixing), Jon Culshaw, Amaru DelRio Romero (Vocals), Gordon Neiki (A&R), Alexa Motley (Vocals), Steve Mellor (Clarinet), Steve Mellor (Sax (Alto)), Steve Mellor (Sax (Baritone)), Steve Mellor (Sax (Soprano)), Sandrine Henriot (Vocals), Julia Lara (Vocals), Vanessa Lancaster (Vocals)


Featuring the European hit single "Would You...?," "I Find You Very Attractive" (quotation marks included in the title) is for the most part lyrically built around the kind of catch phrases that people use as pickup lines at clubs and parties. So it comes as little surprise that these are matched to the kind of music you'd expect to hear at clubs and parties where such pickup lines form the backbone of conversation, and where bouncers are on hand to make sure that no one with the wrong haircut or shirt intrudes on the fun. This is a more curious and eclectic brew than many such discs, though, mixing sexy female spoken and sung vocals; jack-in-the-box samples, echoes, and effects; perky brass with vaguely Latin and swing jazz overtones; smoky cocktail lounge passages; the odd bit that wouldn't sound out of place on dub records; and more conventional modern dance percussion. When Caribbean accents are introduced in the brass, guitar, and rhythm, it's more akin to postmodern music to sip piña coladas to on beach cruises. It's clever, and the riffs are modestly catchy. There's also the nagging feeling that the music is aimed toward listeners who desperately aspire to nouveau riche chicness, but want to feel somewhat hip about doing so. The CD concludes with the Trailermen Go to Rio edit of "Would You..." and the Dreamcatcher's Mix of one of the disc's other tracks, "Straight to...Number One." © Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
Real Name: David Lowe, Charlie Gillett, Gordon Nelki, Vanessa Lancaster, James Lynch
Profile: Touch And Go is a co-operation between television composer David Lowe, veteran radio presenter and music journalist Charlie Gillett and co-founder of Oval Music, Gordon Nelki.
the group is completed with two performers: Vanessa Lancaster (vocals) and James Lynch (trumpet).

Touch And Go is the progeny of an unholy alliance between television composer David Lowe, veteran radio presenter and music journalist Charlie Gillett and co-founder of Oval Music, Gordon Nelki.

Charlie and Gordon have wide-ranging tastes in popular music and a fondness for something just that bit different. Paul Hardcastle’s 19 was one of their earlier successes. Having worked together on the Dreamcatcher project, the trio conceived a new concept based around largely instrumental jazz-based tunes with an ‘economical’ use of lyrics — quite unconventional by today’s chart standards.

Influences for the project ranged from The Champs’ Tequila and Mongo Santamaria’s Watermelon Man to Louis Armstrong’s Dippermouth Blues. Within a few days, Dave had put together Would You…? using a sampled vocal clip and trumpet jazz licks played by James Lynch, over a Latin rhythm.

Released in October 1998, Would You…? reached number 3 in the UK charts, remained in the top ten for a month and subsequently became a hit all over Europe and many other parts of the world. The single sold half a million copies worldwide, and was included on literally hundreds of compilations whose total sales exceed ten million copies.

Touch And Go’s album, I Find You Very Attractive followed up the success of Would You…? and included three more singles Straight To Number One, So Hot, and Tango In Harlem, all of which are widely played on radio throughout Europe, especially in Eastern Europe where Touch and Go is one of the UK’s best-known acts.

About The Performers

Vanessa Lancaster, Vocalist
Vanessa Lancaster began ballet classes at the age of 4, gaining success in exams at the Royal Academy of Ballet in London. Shortly afterwards she began drama lessons in her free time and auditioned successfully for the Corona Stage School in London where she was educated until the age of 16. Vanessa completed her education at the Lucy Clayton Finishing School in London which was followed by 8 months working in the USA.

In London, Vanessa has worked as a voice-over artist for numerous UK TV commercials and has modelled both on the catwalk and for beauty products. Her other television credits include Emu’s World for ITV and the James Bond movie Octopussy.

Vanessa began singing professionally at the age of 15 when she teamed up with brother Shaz to form a band called Boys Behaving Badly whose drummer later became a member of Jamiroquai. Vanessa was, of course, the only girl member of the group! Once her vocal talents were discovered, Vanessa became a much in-demand singer on the London recording session scene, which led to a world tour with Urban Species.

Having sung on numerous jingles for producer and songwriter David Lowe, Vanessa was invited to collaborate on a new project Dave was working on which became Touch And Go, whose records have now become hits all over the world. Vanessa co-wrote the Touch And Go songs Straight To Number One, Big Beat and So Hot.

James Lynch, Trumpet
London-based trumpeter James Lynch was educated at the City Of Leeds College of Music where he gained a first-class degree in Jazz & Contemporary Music and won prizes for Outstanding Performance, Brass and Arranging. As a former member of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain, Jim won the Newman Cup at the age of 17 for Most Improved Player.

On moving to London he joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain eventually becoming their lead trumpet player. Jim began his professional career with society dance bands in London’s Mayfair district before moving into the freelance areas of work such as musical theatre and recording. He has played in many of London’s West End musicals including Chicago, Starlight Express, Jesus Christ Superstar, Saturday Night Fever, and My Fair Lady.

In the world of pop music Jim has played in the big bands of Robbie Williams and for Babybird, Embrace, The Freestylers, Beverly Knight and also Missy Elliot. He has also played for Shirley Bassey and Michael Ball. Jim was brass arranger and first trumpet for the Spice Girls on their last UK tour, which was broadcast live on Sky TV from London’s Earls Court Arena. Recent clients include the Matthew Herbert Big Band, London rapper Dizzy Rascal, Engelbert Humperdink and opera singer Lesley Garrett.

Jim has played on many TV shows in the UK and abroad and his trumpet can be heard on many theme tunes and TV commercials too. Recently he played on the soundtrack and wrote four arrangements for the Kevin Spacey film Beyond The Sea. He has worked with composer and producer David Lowe for a number of years and can still be heard on the theme for BBC's Cash In The Attic. He was invited by Dave to collaborate on a new project, which eventually became Touch And Go. James co-wrote the Touch And Go songs Would You…?, So Hot and Life’s A Beach. © 2000-2005 KpNemo.Ru www.kpnemo.ru/music/2007/04/03/touch_and_go__1999_i_find_you_very_attractive/


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This link's gone. Ho hum. Most people probably don't care 'bout lounge music or similar but I enjoy anything that's well-composed.

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A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, Mike. A good honest opinion. It's not strictly "lounge" music. The album could have been more inventive, with a more "melodic" structure, but it does have some musical merit. It is not meant to be analysed too much, and this kind of experimental music is always a gamble. If it doesn't grab you after 4 or 5 listens, then it's obviously not your "cup of tea". Just try something different! Still, music has got to be heard, and thanks for your critique. TTU soon,Mike