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Wax Poetic


Wax Poetic - Wax Poetic - 2000 - Atlantic

Wax Poetic is a hip-hop project formed in 1997 in the N.Y.C. club scene by the Turkish-born music guru Ilhan Ersahin, who is still a member.An ever-changing cast of singers and musicians combine jams of urban electronica, acid jazz, and pop.Pop singer/pianist Norah Jones was a member before she recorded Come Away With Me.Ex-members include N'dea Davenport and Saul Williams.Current members are Thor Madsen (guitar and beats), Jesse Murphy (bass), Jochen Rueckert (drums), and Marla Turner (vocals).

This debut album is a trip-heavy mixture of jungle loops and sultry vibes of drum'n'bass. If you like Morcheeba or Skye Edwards you will probably like this recording.Norah Jones' cool relaxed vocals add a lot to the sound of this album.Check out the great urban grooves,"Technologie", "Purple Elephants" and "N.Y.C."


1. Intro
2. Angels
3. Driftin'
4. Selim II
5. Technologie
6. N.Y.C.
7. Rootgroove
8. Megaphone
9. Dreamin'
10. Bud
11. His Story
12. Don't Leave Him Alone
13. Purple Elephants
14. Interlude: Bass
15. On
16. Interlude: Guitar
17. Mother Earth
18. Changes