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Uriah Heep


Uriah Heep - Acoustically Driven [LIVE] [IMPORT] - 2001 - Classic Rock Legends

Inspired by the MTV Unplugged series, the seminal metal band Uriah Heep performed live at the Mermaid Theater in London om 9th December 2000 in a rare acoustic performance. The Heep ensemble featured special guest Ian Anderson among others in this once in a lifetime event. Includes "Why Did You Go", "The Easy Road", "Echoes in the Dark," "More Fool You" and twelve more great tracks.The orchestral backing is brilliant, and The Heep have never sounded better.This is a stunning unplugged recording rated very highly by A.O.O.F.C


Introduction (0:47)
Why Did You Go (3:59)
The Easy Road (2:41)
Echoes In The Dark (4:44)
Come Back To Me (4:40)
Cross That Line (5:56)
The Golden Palace (8:17)
The Shadows And The Wind (4:30)
Wonderworld (4:33)
Different World (5:03)
Circus (4:21)
Blind Eye (3:37)
Traveller In Time (2:50)
More Fool You (3:30)
Lady In Black (6:15)
Medley: The Wizard/Paradise/Circle of. Hands (9:24)


Mick Box / guitar, vocals
Lee Kerslake / drums, vocals
Trevor Bolder / bass guitar, vocals
Phil Lanzon / keyboards, vocals
Bernie Shaw / lead singer
Special guest Ian Anderson

The Uriah Heep Classic Rock Music Ensemble are

Liz Cheyen Liew / first violin
Sarah Chi Liew / second violin
Saskia Tomkins / viola
Pauline Kirke / cello
String arrangements by Pip Williams and Phil Lanzon
Stefan Hannigan / uillean pipes and percussion
Melvin Duffy / pedal steel and slide guitar
Kim Chandler / flautist on 'The Easy Road', 'The Golden Palace' and 'More Fool You'
Pip Williams / additional acoustic guitar on 'Lady In Black'
Emma Robbins - Kim Chandler - Billie Godfrey / backing vocalists


Acoustically Driven is a fabulous collection of all the favs, except this time you get to hear how different they sound unplugged. Any song that was originally electric takes on a different personality when it’s toned down and rendered with different colors and textures in an acoustic setting. It’s comparable to taking a classic painting and grabbing your brush and painting right over the top of it. Most songs are strummed out on an acoustic guitar or pounded out on the piano before they reach fruition, so essentially what happens is the music comes around full circle. It’s always a pleasure to experience what a creator hears first hand in the development of a song. “Wonderworld” pulled out some memories from the attic for me, it was the first Uriah Heep album I ever bought, and from that point on I got everything else by them that I could get my hands on. All the songs sound really good unplugged, and the audience seems to think so as well. The group is backed by the “Uriah Heep Classic Rock Music Ensemble,” which consists of strings, including the cello, viola, and violins. Having that kind of back drop softens up the once rocking tunes and eases in the acoustic guitars and keyboards to make for a beautiful marriage between rock music and orchestration © Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, March 2002 © Copyright 2002 ProgressiveWorld.net Keith Hannaleck www.progressiveworld.net/uriahheep.html